How is poland in 2019?
Would anyone recommend?
was in 6 polish cities last april. can you be more specific with your question and maybe I can answer
Depends on what you are looking for. If you aim to find a 30+ MILF to marry -- they are fairly "OK" material compared to the West.

If you want a fuck fiesta with younger chicks -- I had the same experience as with the UK chicks. Just the latter are on average fatter and more likely to let you go raw.

I'm currently in Thailand and this is a totally different world compared to any Western country in terms of dating and male-female relations.
What would be the best city in Poland for long term living, and has the best looking women?
(08-14-2019, 10:07 PM)vybe Wrote: What would be the best city in Poland for long term living, and has the best looking women?

best looking women from my experience is in sopot but...its the hardest place to game...and only go during the summer probally wouldn't wanna live there long term or maybe you would. if you wanna live long term id visit all the polish cities and see if theres one you like best. 
warsaw and Krakow are probally the top. Krakow is more beautiful but warsaw may have more opportunities going on. some Ukrainian girls live in warsaw. Wroclaw is nice but maybe too small after 3-6months. 
Poznan is smallish but great if you like young student girls mostly 18-21.  
Lublin is very small only good if you wanna escape people and write a book. cute girls but not many.  
also depends what kind of game you want to run e.g Krakow has a lot of brits in bars so that might annoy you. maybe nighthgame would be better for you in poznan/warsaw. for daygame Krakow and warsaw are good. maybe warsaw is better cause higher population, online game I imagine warsaw would win again due to more girls using it. 
like I say spend 2-4 weeks in each city and see if you wanna spend longer there. don't just commit to 6months without getting a taste first. same with any long term living
How about Gdansk? What makes sopot difficult for gaming?
dont know about Gdansk was only I sopot. need to go back to Gdansk to try daygame there. but I heard girls have big tits In Gdansk.

I mostly daygame or street game at night. I don't do club game. what makes it hard is that most girls are not alone. so you need to approach girls in 2's and 3's sometimes more. some girls pretend not to speak English. encountered a lot more rejection and bitchyness there than anywhere else in Poland. if your into nightgame and love opening groups/speak polish you might do well.
but don't take my word for it check it out after 1st july is when girls break for holidays/finish exams. but...I woulnt go during sopot summit.
which is usually held once a year in the summer. as a friend of mine went during that time you have 50 guys on the street approaching and its quite a small place so messes it up for everyone really. unless you thrive In competition and girls being hit on several times that hour.

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