Instagram botting journey with jarvee
Currently using Jarvee, started about 10 days ago with :

- 50 follows / day, incrementing +5 follows / day everyday.
- 75 likes / day, incrementing +5 likes / day everyday
- 75 unfollows / day, incrementing +5 unfollows / day everyday.

- Proxy : My own residential IP address. I ordered a raspberry pi 4 (new model) to make a Squid proxy. Will ip-forward from my router towards my raspberry pi to make it accessible from the outside. Once that's set up I'll get a Windows Server VPS, transfer jarvee on it, and use my rasperry pi as the proxy so that i don't have to let my computer turned on 24/7 (moreover I use a virtualbox because jarvee doesn't work on macos).

- Pictures : A dozen pics that I took from my computer. Mostly selfies and outdoor pics. I have bought a new phone with a good camera so I'll take new better pics soon.

- follow sources : filipino / indonesian famous people / cosmetic accounts, SEA hashtag-locations, various hashtags like #thaiwoman. I'm imitating what Unom posted here :
- like sources : every new follow will get a like, the rest of likes are from my feed

Current results :
- followbacks : about 10% -> currently gaining 10 followers / day but the ratio is getting better now since I've imitated Unom's follow sources
- engagement : about 10% but some pics it's almost 20% and growing (because I think some people don't followback but will like my pics)

Goals :
- I'd like to reach 800 follows / day. Some people say (included Vinny and people on blackhatworld) not to go above 300 / day. Because they use shitty proxy in Asia. I think it'll be ok if I use my own residential proxy.
- better pics
- engagement ratio of at least 5%. Will join engagement groups / buy likes later once I've reached 30k if I have to.
- create my own 4g proxies and bot about 10-20 ig accounts, 1 per proxy. Cheapest 4g subscription in France is 8 euros / month. That would mean investing about 100-200 euros / month to grow the botted accounts. Investment of 2000 euros / year, if they reach 30k-300k and the sponsored posts are $0.01 / follower, one post per month -> 300k-3000k * $0.01 / month = $3000-$30000 / month. $0.01 / month though is optimistic I'm just making guesses according to what I've seen searching on google.
I still have to check if I can use just one raspberry pi for 10-20 4g cards and configure squid to forward to the dedicated 4g card for each account. Not sure if that's possible. Else would have to buy 1 raspberry pi / 4g card -> $25 * 10-20 = $250 - $500 upfront
Update 30 July

- received my raspberry pi. Setup squid proxy + authentication / ip forwarding. Will add ip acls later when I have my VPS ready.

- checked my jarvee stats. The last few days my followback ratio has reached 15-20%. Mostly girls I'd say 70%, a good part of them are cute . That means I could normally reach 3000 followers / month if I manage to do 800 follows / day : 0.15 (followback ratio) * 0.9 (adjustment after people unfollowing me) * 800 (daily follows) * 30 (30 days in a month). Estimation of costs to reach 30k followers -> (2 (warming up months) + 10 (months to reach 30k))* (30 (jarvee cost) + 10 (VPS cost) ) = 480 euros. (also can add fixed costs of 60 euros for raspberry pi)

- masturbated thinking about the chinese girl I fucked yesterday. She had a very tight pussy (had only one sex partner before me) and was pale and pretty. I enjoyed squeezing her nipples hard

- today got flaked on by a french girl (30 years old white, cute on pictures). She was texting me well days before and today she just left the blue check mark when I texted her about logistics for tonight. Bitch. I'm thinking about putting her phone number on a whore website
Update 31 July

- setup my Windows VPS and transferred Jarvee to the VPS. I feel relief I no longer have to keep my laptop on 24/7. Added my proxy from the raspberry on Jarvee. The whole transfer was smoothless and took me 10 minutes. Checked the logs on my squid proxy : hostnames are all and (seems like jarvee checks every X minutes on bing if the proxy is still working before doing new bot actions)

- went to take botox at a dermatologist in Paris for the first time in my life. I don't really need it but I had noticed a few wrinkles had begun to appear since 1-2 years. Let's see how it goes. Just trying that for fun.
(07-30-2019, 06:59 PM)pussylicker Wrote: - Bitch. I'm thinking about putting her phone number on a whore website

Do you realize how pathetic you sound when you wrote this? I'd say the bitch is someone else and not her judging by the behavior.
Update 1 august

- Realized that I completely forgot to disable X-forwarded-for and via headers in my proxy. Meaning that it was leaking my VPS ip address in some HTTP headers. Now it's fixed.

(08-01-2019, 01:04 PM)Cattle Rustler Wrote:
(07-30-2019, 06:59 PM)pussylicker Wrote: - Bitch. I'm thinking about putting her phone number on a whore website

Do you realize how pathetic you sound when you wrote this? I'd say the bitch is someone else and not her judging by the behavior.

You see, immigrant : as a native French man I expect the native French women to be polite and respectful of my oh-so-more-important-than-hers planning. I only have one slot available per night. If she wastes my slot, she wastes my time. I have zero patience for those little cunts. Someone has to teach them respect.
Can we ban this cunt already? For fuck sake mods
Update 1 august part B)

Well, I've been in a very bad streak as I got flaked on tonight by another white 23 years old french girl. That little cunt had already canceled our meeting a few days ago. Well, the other girl I talked about yesterday can consider herself lucky. I'm going to concentrate all my hatred on this new other girl who flaked me 2 times HARD. We texted this afternoon. Tonight she called me to confirm she was going to leave. Just after she asks if I can send more pics of me (I already had very good pics of me on my dating profile). Then 15 minutes later she said she cancels and I should not wait for her.

It happens I had been checking Scrapebox tutorials today. I'm gonna buy it and to train myself on it, I'll bot-spam hundreds of blogs with a little whore announce with her picture and her whatsapp & phone number. I'll also manually put an announce of her on famous French whore websites. I added this task on my calendar for this weekend... will wait a few days so she can't be sure it was me.


(08-01-2019, 06:23 PM)churros Wrote: Can we ban this cunt already? For fuck sake mods

Shut up, loser. Go back to RVF.
Fuck, you’re really autistic.
(08-01-2019, 06:25 PM)pussylicker Wrote:  I got flaked on tonight by another white 23 years old french girl. 
You've learned an important lesson my friend. Don't trust the white man. 
Update 2 august

- Nothing special. My followback ratio has diminished to 10%. I'm still learning why it varies so often although I've setup jarvee to prioritize high-followback sources. Today I removed follow sources from Latin America as they seem to consistently underperform compared to SEA. SEA location hashtags : about 10% followback ratio, SEA famous people account : vary between 5-25%, I'd say 15% on average, Latin America : Medellin was at 10% at first but it's gone downhill since. Other cities like Lima and Bogota have been a disaster at 0-5%.
Update 3 august

- I discovered that over the past few days Jarvee was stagnating at 110 follows per day. After analyzing the logs, I discovered that it was taking action breaks that were longer than what I programmed it to. I have no idea why. So I reduced the breaks and it works now.

- Sent a message to all the girls in my followers that I found cute. Messaged 17 girls. Received a reply from 13 of them, almost all of them seemed receptive. Given the success of this first test, I'm thinking about adding Paris to my follow sources, and see if I can fuck girls from my sources. Let's first raise my follow count to 1000 and I'll try that. I need to feel confident with at least 1000 followers so that I don't ejaculate prematurely.

- I registered on a whore website for french girls, to put the other cunt's phone number. But I discovered I must pay 80 euros to register. So instead I tried on Vivastreet, the french craigslist. And those fags have deleted the whore registeries since last year! So in the end I could not avenge myself. I must find another idea.

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