Los Angeles Thread
Share your contributions of LA. A native told me it's a city within a city. People could live here for years and not be familiar with other parts of the city. 

I'll mostly talk about Venice Beach but just generally speaking LA is very pretty. Everybody is nice and laid back. I remember the first time I saw the Hills near WeHo and my mind was blown. 

Cons: LA is expensive and the traffic sucks. I've worked with people that live out here and those are the biggest complaints. But aside from that:

Venice Beach is a bit challenging for a new surfer although you can pull it off if you're persistent. Compared to the waves in Oahu the whitewash crashes faster so your pop up has to be at least average to stand and the water is colder. I've been told Santa Monica beach is where celebrities like Victoria Secret models hang out and Rob Trujillo and Kirk Hammett surf. 

Venice Beach is known for the Muscle Beach gym, Venice Canals, and the Boardwalk (tourist trap).  There were a lot of hot chicks walking around. I've tried doing pickup but didn't approach enough girls to get them back to my upscale place. It also took me time to realize it but even if I did bring girls back to my AirBnB a mile away the hosts would have complained or cockblocked. 

I've eaten at Animal (expensive but good), Sugarfish, and Irori Sushi (Combo A). The sushi places were ok but not visit worthy. 

You'll find that a common theme with my travels is I've been to some pretty cool places domestically. What would make a trip fucking awesome is fucking at least 5 chicks hence why I eventually will go to Latin America this year or at the very least SEA next year. 

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