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As my handle suggests I live in Chicago at the moment. I can tell you a lot about this city so here goes: 

For those that have been living under a rock Chicago is a liberal hell hole. Yes this is the state a certain President that can't be named came from. Pretty affordable but the state is broke. One of the reasons why this state is a shitshow is because of a guy named Mike Madigan who has a lot of say in this state. They will be hiking up property taxes and lots of people are moving to other states. We have speed cams which are also known as "cams" as they are apparently called in LA. These goddamn tax cum dumpsters catch you for going over the limit in a school zone and you pay a $150 ticket. They're also progressively raising the minimum wage which in layman's terms means your sandwiches and food are going to be more expensive since these are low margin items and companies want more shekels. Kicker is they also raised the gas tax. I heard about a month ago that southern Illinois has been trying for some time to secede from Chicago. All I can say is good luck with that Wink

Groceries: We have Costcos, Trader Joe's, and Whole Foods. Our regional local brand is Jewel's which is generally where the poor people shop. 

Employment: I don't recommend working in food industry which is what I've done for years. There are jobs downtown and we're known for being a fast growing tech hub. I don't have too much to add here about white collar jobs since that's not my expertise. 

Public transportation is supposedly pretty good. I haven't traveled too much but have talked to people that have lived in NYC, LA, etc and apparently it's not that bad. Since the neighborhoods are so compact it's possible to travel 5 miles within 45 minutes even in rush hour. Contrast that with LA where I have waited in an Uber for 2 hours for 3 miles. What's utterly terrible with the CTA which stands for Can't Travel Anywhere is thugs will start shit with tourists. I've seen police stop the lines and delay the system. Actually about a week ago someone was stabbed to death and the CTA had to bring in shuttle buses. At night time (10PM and beyond) that's when the CTA gets sketchy. Some of my coworkers have told me of people jerking off on the trains and there are some real characters that ride during that time. I don't know if they still do it but years ago when I worked the night shift the trains would stop at the Grand stop for 20-30 minutes for maintenance work. General thumb of advice for anyone visiting is to be aware of your surroundings on public transportation ESPECIALLY at night. 

Safety: People get killed here all the time. I have met truckers that are scared to make stops here. If you come from a place like Hawaii this violence will eventually desensitive you trust me on this one. As long as you are aware of your surroundings and don't flash pricey items in public you will be fine. Also don't ever go to Martin Luther King Boulevard. I sometimes see people on their Apple laptops on the train and I wonder when they will be a victim of a dash and go. If living costs are rising and automation keeps ramping I can see the rich moving to more safe places as the poor get bolder. 

Foodie heaven: Plenty of good restaurants. My favorite is Au Cheval. 

Lots of fun things to do especially in the summer. Neighborhood festivals, museums, theatre, second city comedy. music festivals, Playpen boat club, auto shows, sporting events, championship parades, etc. Lots of universities to do pickup. U of I Urbana is a 3 hour drive away which I might do a report on one day. 

Winters: Everybody heard of the -50 we had months ago. The winters aren't that bad but they sometimes are pretty nasty where we get subzero temps. The salt the city puts on the streets damages the paint on your car so get used to washing it more often. 

This is a nice place to visit and some of the people I've worked with that live in the suburbs can kind of agree with that. With that being said I wouldn't recommend living here for the long term.
Chicagofire, I am down in St. Louis, Mo. I have a couple reps from RVF. I am working two jobs now, until I go on vacation to Europe in October. I fly out of Chicago. Will hit you up then. Maybe we can meet up. I fly out Oct 14.
are there particular streets/areas to do daygame. e.g high foot traffic. shops/streets where hot girls go/walk ?
(07-25-2019, 06:08 AM)blackfriar Wrote: Chicagofire, I am down in St. Louis, Mo.  I have a couple reps from RVF.  I am working two jobs now, until I go on vacation to Europe in October.  I fly out of Chicago.  Will hit you up then.  Maybe we can meet up.  I fly out Oct 14.

Maybe. I do have other projects going on and some of my family members are deathly sick. We can talk more over PM.

At CC: 
Mag Mile, the parks, bus stops, college campuses (especially if you look young and can pass off as a student), Whole Foods, food halls like Revival for office chicks on lunch break. I'm not familar with Wicker Park but other people can chime in on that neighborhood. If I'm not mistaken that's where the hipsters live. A good looking guy in a motorcycle could clean up in Chicago during the day time. Do pick up on a girl waiting on the bus using your motorcycle. It wouldn't hurt to know what type of woman you want. Since I'm available especially at noon I theoretically would be approaching students, tourists, and housewives. 

Thanks for the question, now that I think about it the city isn't bad for dating even if you don't like going out at night (like me).

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