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Haven't seen one of these on the forum yet. Let's use this for discussing locations and tactics, as opposed to real estate prices.

I'm primarily into daygame but I need to find some new locations. I find that many girls are often standoffish in the major game areas in downtown Manhattan.

I really want to check out the latina and asian communities in queens and brooklyn, but I wonder if there will be enough volume to make it worthwhile. Anybody have experience with this?

I also realised my game is suffering from not being direct enough, so I'm going to have to modify that. I've also slipped into bad habit from being in SEA for so long – girls here do NOT want any suggestion of a relationship!
If you're looking to Daygame in Queens your wasting your time,I speak from experience.The best variety as far as females in Queens is JFK airport.If you don't work there again its a waste of time. Brooklyn may be good for daygame if you stay in the hipster or young professional neighborhoods.That being said you might end up wasting your time there if you just randomly go expecting to get in some daygame.More of the attractive women living in nice places are ones who left Manhattan for cheaper rent.They more likely spend their free time hanging out in Manhattan.Also You don't want to roam around Brooklyn especially if you're not accustom to poorer urban areas which is a large section of the borough. If your expecting to see a lot of hot latin and asian girls in Queens or Brooklyn your expectations are too high.I've lived and traveled around both and you will find some but it's not enough to dedicate time to daygaming there.

"I'm primarily into daygame but I need to find some new locations. I find that many girls are often standoffish in the major game areas in downtown Manhattan."

I wouldn't expect anything else considering  from Union Square to Soho were and still are prime spots for Daygame bootcamps and amateur daygamers since about the late 2000's.I haven't personally seen theses guys when I was going to Manhattan frequently but I've seen videos on Youtube and most of the guys were horrible which is probably leading to the standoffish attitude but that's also a common attitude in the city.

If you're still using that pickup routine stuff you've seen online or on Youtube you're pretty much shooting yourself in the foot because girls know about it.I've ran into girls from overseas that knew about pickup before it started getting the media hype.

You're right about being direct but a lot of that direct daygame stuff is bs.Telling a girl you think she's attractive is not being direct.That being said telling girls you want to have sex straight out is not only dumb but redundant because most already assume thats your motivation for talking to them.
NYC native here. I agree with kc1082 in that large swathes of Brooklyn and also Queens are poorer and/or ghetto. However if you're looking for Asian girls, there are many Chinatowns in these two boroughs. However most are separated by long distances and you will most likely have to use the MTA subway to get from one to the other. The largest two Chinatowns in NYC are the Manhattan one and Flushing. Actually I think Sunset Park in Brooklyn is another big Chinatown as well but I have never been there, definitely going to make a trip out there when I get back. Flushing has more FOB girls and ones more from Taiwan and Mainland China, the community has been growing steadily in the last several years. Manhattan Chinatown has people mainly from Hong Kong and Guangdong province with some people also from Fujian. I personally find that people are friendlier and less stand off ish in Flushing than in Manhattan Chinatown, but I have not ventured out there that many times and have not really gamed there.

Thing is the quality of the girls is nowhere near what you would get back in China. I am currently in Shenzhen and see quite a lot of 6s and 7s and some 8s here although the average girl is more of a 5 or 6. In Manhattan's Chinatown which I have been to a multitude of times, I don't remember seeing anything higher than a 7 and most girls are 4 and 5s with some 6s around. Flushing from what I remember is a little better. Plus of course minus the FOB ones, it may be NYC but these girls are Americanized. They have a bit of attitude and expect clown game.

Bottom line is the quality concerning most Asian girls in both looks and personality is nowhere near as high as in China or other parts of Asia. Also Flushing and some other Chinatowns, if you are in Manhattan or the Bronx are a long ways away by public transportation. Other Asian ethnicities make up much smaller percentages of the city but for koreans, you could maybe try the area around Columbia University and Broadway for Korean students but there's not a massive amount of them there. Not too sure about ktown as it's a small community although maybe you could try gaming Korean tourists there. Also could try the area around Baruch college, a large percentage of the student body of that school is Asian.

For Latina girls they are more abundant than Asian girls as Hispanics make up a large percent of the city ethnically. However a lot of the places you will find large quantities of them in are kind of ghetto and a bit dangerous. I personally don't venture into these neighborhoods all that much and Im not that attracted to Latina girls, preferring Asian and white girls as a bit of a distant second. So I can't really give too much advice on them particularly. If you want to try areas in Manhattan and are okay with them being more shady areas of the city, maybe try Spanish Harlem(East Harlem).

Also regarding relationships with girls, while many girls don't want relationships and aren't relationship material, you can find some if you have the right social circles or are in certain areas. There are a few areas in Manhattan where it may be easier to find some if you get some local friends that may introduce you to some girls. This is in areas like the Upper West Side though which has more families and more permanent residents and is not necessarily the best for daygame and mass approaching. The same could probably be said for some parts of Harlem. I tend to find that the girls who are more down with relationships or who enter relationships are locals that have lived in NYC for most of their lives. Again for relationships I still wouldn't recommend Manhattan again unless you don't mind living in the more ethnic areas of Harlem, but you may have more luck in Queens and Brooklyn if that is what you are looking for. I also imagine you could find some in Staten Island as well, but that place is terrible for day game and is pretty much entirely suburban. Also the quality is not that good there either compared to the other boroughs.

Again for relationship minded Asian girls one's best bet are probably the Chinatowns in Queens and Brooklyn and perhaps try making some social circles with people that live there. Personally that's where I'm going to hunt when I get back.

This is all from a newbie game wise though so you might want to take some of my advice with a grain of salt but this information is based off my own experiences and from what I have heard from my friends who are also NYC natives.

I'm actually going back in about a weeks time so I'd be down to meet up with other forum members in NYC depending on the day.
11Up added a lot more to what I said although I can't agree with some stuff due to lack of experience in those areas.If you're looking for quality Latin or Asian girls it's going to be hard but not entirely impossible.When it comes to meeting girls outside of my ethnicity I  have come to a point where I can't be with just anyone just because  they're different.I personally lean towards Latin girls and even some white and black girls when it comes to local girls.I haven't seen nearly anywhere near as many attractive Asians as any other group of women.The Asian girls i typically see are average or below in looks.I don't mind girls who are slimmer but they have to have some body which as far as me many asians tend to look like girls who haven't fully developed.As far as Latin girls the most attractive tend to be in areas I wouldn't hang out in due to the danger aspect and physicaly being an outsider.

As far as relationships you have to know what your requirements are in detail.A lot of guys throw out cliche terms like nice peronality without really defining what that means for them.My experience from living in NY for a large part of my life is that when dealing with NY women you have to be tough or they'll walk all over you.The sad part about NYC is that most guys think and act they're tough but are scared of women.My views on relationships contradict a lot of people I've met because they think constant  drama and disrespect are the norm in relationships.I  don't believe in letting women run every aspect of a relationship which I've seen in most guys who are in relationships.These guys believe letting a woman get all the say will avoid problems which Iv'e yet to see this work.A lot of women in NY although many claim otherwise arere driven by money when it comes to choosing a partner.Due to the reputation of the city as far as money women have an unrealistic view of money and relationships.A lot of guys fall into the trap of trying to flaunt money whether they have it or nor thinking it will get them better women.Tese women are mostly "better"  physically but have horrible attitudes.
I visited NYC for the first time years ago. My memory is hazy so the details aren't all there. I don't remember seeing hot chicks. I honestly don't remember if I stayed there for a day or two but overall I don't know why tourists go gaga for NYC. I don't want to plan a trip again. I've been to Vegas, LA, and Hawaii and I would love to go back to those places. Somebody told me you have to be rich and live in NYC to enjoy the city and I agree. That same person also told me when he visited he got ticketed for parking in the wrong spot.

I remember visiting Times Square and how crowded and dirty it was. I remember riding the train.

Pretty brief write up but overall didn't like NYC.

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