The PR. China Thread
I am starting this chinese thread so we can start to share our times in the world most populated country.

I have been living in China for the last six years and the country has changed a lot during this time. Foreign value is still high everywhere and except a lot attention outside of the big cities.
I am going to focus mostly in what is called the second and third tier cities for now on (big cites like Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou or Shenzhen are considered first tier, there is not proper definition of what is a first tier city, I am just using my global impression). For those first tier cities, as they are internationalized, the global rules apply- Behave with one of those girls like you would with a western girl, she will even be flattered by it most of the time. If you go to smaller cities, don't except too much excitement. It is possible you find someone there, but little nightlife outside of KTV and more traditional ways of thinking make it harder for short time travel. Speaking Chinese at a decent level will be a necessity.

Some problems you may have in second and third tier cities and some of the solutions I came with:

-The language: 95% of the bangable girls cannot say a word in English (or in any other language than Chinese) which can be a major hurdle in your day-game and even more with online game. For finding girls with decent level English skills, take a walk within a university campus or sit at a coffee shop. Some will automatically come to talk to you for practicing their English skills or for taking pictures with you. Remember that university students in China sleep in dorms and have a curfew (usually at 11 pm) and need to spend the night outside if they don't come back on time.

-”Rhallo!”: That's the way Chinese says “hello” to you. They often say it 5 meters after you passed them with some giggling. There is also a lot of staring and pointing, especially if you walk alone in the street. It can be annoying after a point but starting to get mad at it is the best way to ruin your time in China. In smaller cities, I have been a cause of road accidents as people were more focus on me than on the road. Never forget all the positive you can get from this attentions: if you go to hospital you will be allowed to cut the line (other patients will be even happy to let you pass in front of them), you will get free drinks in club as men will feel the value of having you with them far superior than whatever your drink will cost, when I go to a small restaurant I always get extra meat with my noodles as I supposedly need more because I am taller.
You will probably hear a lot of “WaiGuoRen”, which means “foreigner” or “LaoWai”, the Chinese equivalent of Farang or Gringo. “WaiGuoRen” is not negative, “LaoWai” can be used in a negative way but not always. Depends on the situation, how it is said and who say it.
You will need to accept that as a foreign man you will be first considered as a “MeiGuoRen”, an American.

-Any girls can turn into a stalker. It's getting better recently (or am I choosing better ones?) but it is not uncommon for a girl that you banged to come knocking unannounced at your door at any time of the day or the night. Many don't get the idea of what a ONS is and will consider themselves as your girlfriend, basically as your future wife if they are over 28. For less trouble, married women and more or less official mistresses are a good option. Chinese men are known for being cheaters and for fucking around with pros or semi-pros so they want their share of fun as well
Last year, I met a girl in a Starbucks in Chongqing that got 5 brand new iPhones from 5 different guys. Two hours of gaming and teasing at the coffee shop and the deal was sealed, she even invited me for dinner after the coffee and paid for the taxi back to my hotel.
Many of those women just want fun and often won't be difficult to get with a minimal effort. Most of Chinese men base their game on how much money they are ready to spend for a girl and as we all know: Game > Money.

- Hotels: All hotels officially don't allow guests in the room after midnight. Some close their eyes but some can be a big cockblock and simply refuse the girl to come. As most of those third tier cities don't get many foreigners, it is probable that the people at the reception remember your face and ask the girl to show her ID and basically do a check-in, especially if you bring her late.
China has hotels where you pay by hour spend in the room but most of the time they don't accept foreigners. You can take her to a room in a KTV but it can be intimidating for some and they may have cameras. It is possible that she will accept to take you to her place but don't count too much on that.
One of the easiest ways to get through the entrance of the hotel is to enter first and have her enter 1 or 2 minutes after and meet her back at the elevator.
In the afternoon or early evening, hotels are busy and won't really notice who you are coming with.

-Chinese men. The behavior of Chinese men toward foreigners cover the full spectrum of possibilities. Some may basically ask you to bang girl : two weeks ago in a club, one told me: “my sister never met a foreigner and want to play with you” (play in China is used for spend time, don't freak out if someone tell you “I play often with myself”). Some may invite you to their groups and offer you drinks after drinks. Some may feel threaten by you and try to make fun of you: one guy was thinking I couldn't speak Chinese and tried to make me say: “I am stupid”, I kept on playing innocent and saying “You are stupid”, after a while I said: “You are very stupid if you didn't understand that I can speak Chinese by now”: I turned the situation to my advantage and his group was now having fun at his expense (and he lost face, which is the worst thing that can happen to a Chinese). Some guys, taxi drivers, in particular, may even try to convince the girls to not follow you to your place.

-Hygiene: Thankfully it's improving but for the first years I was in China, some girls didn't think it was a necessity to shave their armpit (or any other part of their body). In the South, deodorants are still not popular, even in a city like Guangzhou. Most of the students dorms don't have a shower and they need to go to the public bath so they often don't shower as much as they should. Except a student to spend a considerable amount of time in your bathroom.
In Kunming, Yunnan Province, I met this chick 20yo with long hair, pretty big boobs for Chinese standards, firm ass. After making out in a club full of cigarette smoke, I bring her back to my room. In a taxi, I started to notice a strong sweat smell that I put, unfairly, on the driver. Arrived in a room, we continued making out and I was undressing her, I had the unpleasant surprise to see that razor blades were unknown to her as well as her armpits were as hairy as mine and I am not even going to talk about her pussy. She was a little bit uncomfortable about it, but the alcohol and our horniness took over. The bang was great and the day after, she came back all cleaned up and all shaved up.

-Food: if you have spent any time in East or South East Asia you will already know how important food is around here. China is not different and one of the most common greetings “Chi le ma?” means “have you eaten?”. Almost everytime girls will offer to have lunch or dinner for a date or if they don't they will expect to eat at some points. If you are planning on having several dates during the day, remember that they often like to order a lot (dishes are shared) and if she invites, you don't have to finish. If you do she might order more thinking that you didn't have enough.
BBQ restaurants are really popular and have the advantage to be open all day long and don't close until late. They are also pretty cheap and you will have plenty of choice from the normal stuff (red meat) to the disgusting ones (goat eyes, bugs, and starfishes, probably the worst thing I have ever eaten). Try to check what your girl is ordering as they often go for BBQ garlic (good luck for not being disturbed by the smell after and it comes from a Frenchman). Those BBQs are great places if you are planning on eaten several times out the same day and a good place for checking that the girl you have found in the club is as nice as you think.
If you go to a club with Chineses or if get invite to one table, you will often see food on the table. It can be sunflower seeds, french fries or sometimes chicken feet. The most common, thankfully, are fruits.

-Smoking: Many Chinese men are smokers and if you spend time in a group, they will surely offer you cigarettes after cigarettes, even after refusing the first ones. Smoking is thankfully banned in clubs and restaurants but outside of big cities, the ban is not respected. Most of the time, your clothes will stink after spending time in a club. Not many girls are smokers but they will not refuse to have a cigarette in a club or at a KTV. In my opinion, cigarette breathes are still better than BBQ garlic breath in my opinion. If you smoke, don't be afraid of offering cigarettes to girls. It's a good ice-breaker and from experience, a Chinese girl who smokes is more often than not a good fuck.

Hope you have learned something. I am going to spend a month Northeast China soon, a place that never disappoints.
Nice. What cities have you lived in?
After reading this, I seriously want to explore this country now.

Awesome work, TigerT!
+1 Repped.
(04-15-2017, 04:50 AM)Dash Wrote: Nice. What cities have you lived in?

I spent the first six months in Beijing and since then I haven't really settled anywhere for a long amount of time. Places I have stayed for the longest are Emeishan in Sichuan, Qiqihar in Heilongjiang and Yancheng in Jiangsu. I spent most of this March in Guangxi province.

Next Saturday I am gonna go to Northeast China for a little bit more than a month. Really looking for my trips in the big cities: Shenyang, Changchun and especially Harbin. The best girls are there and Harbin is a very European looking city. Nightlife is also one of the best in China outside of the big cities. I will go in the countryside as well, not expecting as much fun on the girl side but the nature is gorgeous.
Great post TigerT, very complete report, merci!
Arrived in Shenyang and spent my first night there.

I have spent a lot of time in this city, my ex-regular lives in the city but now she is married, but I don't really know anything of the nightlife. I might go out tomorrow evening if I can find somewhere decent.

As a tourist, there is enough stuff to do to keep anybody busy for two or three days. I would recommend the Mukden Palace, a smaller and less visited Forbidden City (but not as good). It is the palace where the Manchu emperors of the Qing Dynasty were living before moving to Beijing. The palace shows also some of the former Manchurian life style, now Manchu basically cannot be differentiated from the Han majority.
[Image: 1f5b08599cdbaf1cf92aac1069e0ab45.jpg]
[Image: Mukden-Palace-1.jpg]

Zhongshan square has a huge statue of Mao and is probably the best area to sleep in.

[Image: View-of-Mao-Zedong-Statue-with-Heroes-in...ina-42.jpg]
There is also the local Korean Town, Xita, where you can find many Korean restaurants and shops. There is also a small population of North Korean in the city if you are interested in chasing this rare flag.
[Image: xt.jpg]

Got my first date last night with a girl I met in November. Didn't have to work too hard since I had made most of the work earlier, if not it would not have been a Same Night Lay. We had dinner at a Korean BBQ, few beers and she followed me to my room pretty easily. She is a cute girl, a little bit shy at first but turned into a wid beast once we start making out. Got a quick one this morning as well.

No date planned for today, I will have to improvise this evening
definitely on my list of places i want to go, but not near the top of the list
helping guys find the hottest girls at GuysNightlife
China, except maybe the North, cannot be considered as a pussy paradise. It is not difficult to get girls but it is getting difficult to meet them in smaller cities. As I wrote in the first post, many look for long term boyfriend and a foreigner passing by is starting to be seen as a loose of time. You won't have that in bigger cities but it seems to me that in Shanghai that the chicks that bang foreigners are a small group. Guys staying a long time get their girlfriends from work.
It still one of the best country to visit in my opinion.

Rest of my time in Shenyang was pretty uneventful, I spent my last two evening on TanTan chatting with girls from other cities.

Arrived in Changchun, not the nicest city to visit, but not bad for staying and probably for living.
Went for a beer alone in one music bar last night and got gamed by a skinny and tall girl. Pretty common looking except for a really nice ass and a long pair of legs.
I was sitting by myself, playing with my phone when a group of girl entered. One looked at me as soon as they passed the door and after a couple of minutes of looking and smiling at me, she came to sit beside me. We played one of those stupid drinking game they have in China and we were making out before she finished her first beer. I took her back to my hotel room but got stopped on the way by the receptionist. The bitch didn't let her enter without registering and my girl didn't want to do it because she was there only for a short time. The old guard of the hotel came to help us and try to convince the receptionist to do an exception but it didn't solve anything. My girl offered me to go to her place, telling me I couldn't stay overnight. I of course accepted (I always sleep better by myself anyway) and we grabbed the first taxi we saw. It didn't take long for her hands to end up in my jeans and after 10minutes we were in her room.
Few minutes after we were done, she told me to leave (a roommate coming back for what I understood) and I had to walk back to my hotel for about 30mins. The old guard asked me if it was good and offered me a cigarette. Cool dude. I always like those old Chinese guys, to me they are like the last real bros you can have in China.

Good thing is that I ended up getting some DM, rare thing in China for ONS
I am in Harbin now, the capital of Heilongjiang, the northernmost province of China. I will write a description of the city once I have time because it is probably one of the best place to go in China for girls and city as a Russian feeling, very uncommon for someone who has spent a lot of time in China like I have.

I made a beginner mistake about my online gaming, focusing almost exclusively on one girl (a 1.75m, 24yo, yoga instructor), but thankfully it is going well with her and I am now getting more contacts through WeChat and Tantan and by day gaming. I got groped by a 50yo old drunk woman last evening as well.
Hey, about food,
I went from SEA to china last year, and all the people Ive met told me "watchout with chinese food" and I did saw a difference in hygiene compared to thailand, vietnam etc.

Never got sick, but didnt take risks as in SEA

What's your view on this subject ?
Food has never been a problem. I have had two case of food poisoning incident but both time from non-chained foreign restaurants.

The best advice is to look if there is people in the restaurant or not. If there is, then food is fresh so no reason to worry about being sick. Another thing, try to avoid deep-fried food as they don't change their oil often
I have spent the last 5days in Harbin and I have been to this city several time already. I wanted to write a small guide of this city that I really enjoy everytime I am coming.

Where is Harbin?

Harbin is the capital of Heilongjiang province, the northernmost and easternmost province of China.
Heilongjiang province is slightly smaller than Spain and larger than Germany. Harbin is located at the south of the province. Located just under Siberia, the city gets really cold in winter and summer are shorts.
The city is crossed by the Songhua river

When to go?

In winter Harbin is really really cold, expect temperatures below -20°c frequently from December to February but at that period you will be able to see the Ice Festival (more on that later). In late October to mid-December, there is also a huge problem of pollution at the moment when people start to use their radiators.
In summer, Harbin won't be really warm (for SEA travelers) but pleasant. The first year I was there in summer, I had some problem with mosquitos at night around the Songhua River, but it seems to get better every year.
I would advise to go there in May or September, the weather will be pleasant and you will avoid Chinese holidays.
For your information, last Tuesday evening (April 25th) it snowed for a short time, melted snow because it was slightly above 0°c but snow nonetheless.

Why Harbin?

Harbin is very different from usual Chinese cities for several reasons. The first and most obvious reason is the Russian influence that you will see in the center architecture, the way people drink (Harbin beer is one of the biggest brands of beer in China) and eat (one of the few places in China where you will find big piece of meat). One of the most popular dishes is the HongChang, the Red sausage, which has a similar taste to what you will find in eastern-Europe.
Many Russians work, study or travel to the city and you will see many signs in Russian.
Harbin and Heilongjiang people are some of the friendliest and easy-going Chinese people (even if they might look a little bit scary at first). Little bit of staring and pointing at foreigners but never in an aggressive way and you should get lot of friendly smiles as well.
Harbin is called the “Oriental Moscow” and it is one of the numerous city nicknamed the “Paris of the East”

What to visit?

As I wrote earlier, the Winter is the time for the Ice Sculpture Festival holds between January 5th to late February. Really cool thing to do but difficult to fully enjoyed if you have trouble with the cold.
[Image: Harbin_Ice_Festival.jpg]

At any time of the year you can go to Sun Island. A nice park on the northern bank of the Songhua river that you can reach by crossing the bridge or by small ferry (cost 2RMB one way). The park is nice and a good place for having a walk or a relaxing day-date.

Not far from it, you have the Tiger park, where you can see obese Siberian Tigers. I know before it was possible to buy a live chicken/ goat/ pig/ cow to give to the tigers and see them chase it for a while. Don't know if they still do that.

[Image: e283ee2686870ee78462b4a98d2acd78]

The most famous attractions in Harbin are the Saint Sophia Cathedral, which has been turned into a museum, and the shopping pedestrian street of Zhongyang Dajie. If you go to those places during the day or on the evening, you should manage to meet some girls without pretty much any effort as many might come to ask to get pictures with you, you should then ask for their WeChat to get, officially, the picture as well.

[Image: 800px-Saint_Sophia_Cathedral_Harbin.JPG]

[Image: central_street_1.gif]

You will also find several shops selling BBQ in one of the small street at the end of Zhongyang Dajie, not far from the Songhua river.

Where to stay?

That's maybe one of the biggest problems about Harbin. Two possibilities:

-Around Zhongyang Dajie and the Saint-Sophia for most of the visiting, there is also several bars and club. Easy place to meet girls and to convince them to come. If your girl comes from far, might be a long trip for her.

-Around the campus of Harbin Institute of Technology. Better location of girls to come (located in the geographical center of the city), less choice of hotel or stuff to do during day-time. You should find more clubs and bars and can meet some foreign students.

How to come to Harbin?

The city is currently upgrading the airport but it is still working. Most of the Chinese cities have flights to and from Harbin. Count around 2.30-3hours from Shanghai. I remember seeing flights to Korea, Russia and Japan, probably some flights to Thailand as well. A shuttle from the airport to the main train station area cost 20rmb and should take no more than one hour outside rush period.

By train, Harbin has at least 4 train station that I know of:
Harbin Train Station: the main one, currently in renovation, they actually destroyed the main building this week. Still working and most of the train leave and arrive from this one. It has also the most convenient location. You also have trains to Russia
The West and North train stations are located a little bit far and are used mostly for fast trains.
There is also the East station but I have never used it.

In the city, there is also one metro line for the moment, not very convenient.
Taxis are cheap compared to big cities in China (starting price is 8rmb+1rmb for service) but don't expect them to understand English.

How are the girls?

It is generally accepted that the women of Harbin are the most beautiful in China (usually it is either Harbin or Chongqing). They are usually taller than the rest of Asian women, girls above 1.70 meters are not uncommon, have whiter and better skin, decent sense of fashion. Like I wrote about the people, they are usually very easy-going compare to the Shanghai-area and funnier to talk to and be with in general. Problem is that they drink and smoke a lot more than in other parts of China. More and more ugly tattoos as well.
Finally moving to Qiqihar after having spend way longer in Harbin than I was expecting due to my work.
Qiqihar is one of my favorite city in China where "there is no reason to go but I like it anyway". Very friendly people there, maybe one of the few places where people stops in the street to offer helps if you look lost. Another cool thing is that people love to dance there and squares are packed with old people dancing on mornings and evenings (other cities in China as well but in Qiqihar groups tends to have around 50peoples instead or a dozen). Good BBQ in the city.
For tourists, the only thing to do will be Zhalong Nature Reserve, for seeing cranes.

I met some asian-looking Russian foreign students last evening and I will have dinner with them on Friday evening. Will see how it goes.
Wish I would have worked one year in Shanghai or Shenzen instead of doing 3 straight years in Korea.

It's highly possible I will end up in an International School in China in a year or two.
Shanghai is good but crazily expensive now compare to the rest of China and the salaries for teachers is not following especially in Universities, from what I know. Most of the schools offers a furnished appartments.
Shenzhen is a wild place. I have been there only a couple of time but the impression is that there is mostly young people in the city, lot of women playing the second wife of HongKongese and that the money you can display is the most important thing. I wouldn't recommend it on first impression (and it is more or less what I have heard from Chinese as well). But I would like to have the opinion of someone living there.
I also lived over a year in China and i absolutly love the country.

My favorite city is Kunming. Great weather , no smog , handsome girls.

The easiest girls to get laid in China and especially Shanghai are the Abc ( american born chinese) girls. They are open minded and they love white guys.

The best game to get laid is : just nice, confident guy. You don't need to spit a lot of humour, like you have to do in the west. It fit to my character

Another annoying thing in China is: the visa issue. I had to leave the country a few times to Always re-apply for the visa.
Agree with what you write. Except for the smog in Kunming that starts to arrive. It's not as bad as many big cities but it got a lot worst since I first went there (2009). I still go every year and never regret it. Easily one of my top 5 cities in China and Yunnan province offers many great travel opportunities.

Never been with one of those ABC but I had what you will call a FBC (french born Chinese) in Wuhan last year. Easiness depends a lot of where you are and since I spend most of my time in provincial capitals or second level cities, my foreign value level is pretty high and with my decent chinese language skills, it goes through the roof.
Don't need humor because most of them understand only visual humor.
Two recent examples:
A girl keeps on sending me selfies of her at the gym. I asked if she lives at the gym and she answered me "No I live at my home".
When I took a plane for local flights, I was sitting beside a young and cute tour guide. She asked me, in chinese, where I am from, I answered: "I am French, where are you from?", she answered very proundly 'I am chinese". I pretend to be overly surprised and show that it was obvious and asked "Oh really? I didn't know", she answered again, "Yes I am chinese". The guy beside me understood me and tell her "he knows you are chinese, he asked which city are you from?"
Everything can happen in a coffee shop in China if you are a foreigner, story 34585:

I was offered to do some modeling for an art class at the local university next Friday. Of course, I am gonna fo it. Probably one of the simplest way to meet some art students. We have this expression in french: "Bring the wolf in the sheep hen" that fit perfectly for this kind of situation
hahah seems legit in China.

How long did you took to get fluent in Mandarin? And which sources do you recommend? ( Pimsleur, michel thomas, any specific cheap language schools?,..)

I took some lessons before at a mandarin School in Shanghai ,2 classes a week after my work. It was clearly a rip off and I nearly improved my mandarin. And what i noticed is that learning to read would be a waste of time. But being able to speak fluent should be possible.

And what you're saying about chinese girls can turn out to be stalkers. I can admit this 1000% lol. I did once the mistake to let a chinese girl live with me and damn she's a psycho. She saw me as her future husband, she would go kill herself if we would break up, became furious many times, she would wanted to do literally everything together( like if i wanted to go play football, first i would needed to get home to pick her up and then go to the football court), she would fight with other girls if she would seen me talking with them and start to make drama all the way. A rookie mistake i call it haha or the sex was just to good to kick her out because she was georgeous.

After i became fluent in Spanish, I would like to focus on Mandarin.
I am not fluent in Mandarin but I am at a level where I can manage all the think that matters to me: eating, transport, getting girls (day and night game) and things related to my work. If someone asks my opinion about our new president, I might be in trouble.
I didn't follow any classes because of what you said. Many foreigners I met during my trips to Beijing told me that the Chinese teachers were not good or at least that their teaching is not adapted to what people need and most of foreigners were pretty done after the 4th weeks on focusing on tonnes and it was better to study by yourself. That's basically what I have done and continued doing. I bought book methods (in French). For audio support, I would recommend looking on the as they offered some good, short and useful classes, at least at the beginning. I have used their methods for japanese and korean also.
Another advice will be to go in Northeast China if you are interested in practicing Mandarin. They use a pretty pure form of Mandarin, are willing to help and don't give up on trying to understand you if they don't understand the first sentence.
Another thing I try to do (and it might explain why my online game is below average) is that I try to use chinese as much as possible for texting. When I find a new word (through a translator), I write it down in my notebook and try to remember it.

About that stalker, it's a pretty common story, unfortunately. It's also one of the biggest turns off of settling somewhere. Even by living in hotels I have girls coming unnanouced at your room. I think it was in Qinhuangdao (Hebei province, just beside Beijing), a girl that I met the day before came to my hotel room with homecooked food.

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