Nude Pictures of Girls From Your Travels and Their Stories
I think it would be an awesome thread idea, to share some of our stories from our travels where we ended up with a naked picture of the girl. I'll start.

I was in Warsaw, Poland walking down the side of the street. Then I saw these big blue eyes, eyes bluer than the cloudless sky above. I thought back to my hundreds of approaches and went direct.
I caught back up to her "Hi, I just thought you were cute and wanted to say hi."
I ended up setting up a date with her, but she wouldn't do more than let me give her a peck on the lips.
Second date, we were able to make out, but she wouldn't go back with me.
Third date, she still wouldn't go back with me, she says she is not an easy girl... but I will not give up so easy.
Fourth date, I was able to come up with a good excuse to get her back to my place and after hours of LMR I was finally able to get this blue eyed girl.

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One thing with this thread, just make sure not to show their face, so we don't mess with any girl's life. But here, I will share a story and a nude pic.

Dominican Republic
I was meeting up with another friend to do a daygame session at a local mall. Before we even got in the taxi to go to the mall I see two girls walking by. One was ok... but the other... that body. I opened her with the first thing that came to my mind
"Hola, perdoname pero sabes donde esta x centro comercial? - Hi, excuse me but do you know where x mall is?"
She was friendly and answered my questions and I transitioned to a number close. It was a great start to a good night when I got numbers from two girls I would end up sleeping with, this was one.

It was pretty easy to get a date with her, it turns out she was a model (thanks to that body). She was also a really cool girl and after a 5 hour date, we ended up back at my place. I pushed for sex but then... she was on her period. Settled for playing with those great boobs.

The second date was much shorter and I led her back to my place almost immediately. Then... finally, I was able to get her completely naked and seal the deal. Enjoy the pic.

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