Georgia (Tbilisi, etc.)
About me, so you know where I'm coming from: average height, fit but not jacked, well-dressed (grey slacks, collared shirts, sweaters, trench coat, etc), SE Asian-American (but I also pass for Mexican or Indian), and mid 30s (but have been told by many I look younger). London-style day gamer. No night game or online game.

Been in Tbilisi for a few days. 360-day visa caught my interest, as well as mixed reports about the girls (LTR material, or sluts? Cute hipster styles, or lame Berlin hipster styles?). My first impression on them in one word: meh.

Lots of 5s and 6s. Mostly college students, hipster style (they almost all have the same black leather jacket and adidas sneakers), and almost no make-up. Average height more like 5'3 instead of 5'6. 

The color of their hair, skin, and eyes ranges from French-looking (pale brunettes) to Arabic-looking (brown brunettes) - basically reminds me of Italy or Spain. Noses can be an even bigger issue (figuratively and literally) than even Poland, and I'm not even a face guy. A small number of girls dye their hair blond, and a handful dye it pink or blue, or have it cut boyishly short.

It can be hard to open the rare 7+, because aside from winning the genetic lottery, she rarely stands out. Another oddity is there seems to be a dearth of post-college girls, as if they mostly move away once they graduate, save for the babushkas.

I get an IOI here and there from 6s and below, maybe due to the way I dress, and/or due to my non-native look. The massage promoters on David Aghmashenebeli Avenue seem to know I'm not a local when they run their bit on me in English.

Speaking of, English level is better than Kiev, but worse than Warsaw.

City itself has about the same development level as Kiev.

Daygame locations:
- David Aghmashenebeli Avenue, from around the Marjanishvili metro station, up to Queen Tamar Avenue.
- Shota Rustaveli Avenue, from around the Rustaveli metro station, down to the Liberty Square metro station.

Question for me is whether the girls' attitudes will make up for their meh style. If not, question then is whether to work to get a long-term visa in Kiev (heard they're cracking down on overstays), or use the Polish/Hungarian loophole to go back to Schengen Europe, or go elsewhere. Not too keen on SE Asia or LatAm, since I look like a local there.

Maybe it's my age and/or my current location, but for now, I really value how a girl puts herself together.
Cool data on a place not many people visit. I always thought the girls there were pretty conservative. Is that what you are finding?
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I thought Georgian women were rather pretty

could you post some pics of what the average girl looks like?
@20 - I honestly haven't been here long enough to nail that down. However, most of the girls I've met do live at home with their parents, though probably out of economic necessity.

@Julius - Here are what I think are representative samples:

Change her dress and top for jeans and a leather jacket:
[Image: 002-785x487.jpg]

Girl on the right would be on the higher end (the left would be a Russian tourist):
[Image: 4d0bbc26db9c.jpg]
I'm now in the process of getting the Russian 3-year tourist visa for Americans here in Tbilisi. Apparently it only requires border runs every 180 days. Only takes 9-10 business days here apparently, rather than about a month elsewhere, such as the US.

I'm following in the footsteps of this American, who did it here in Tbilisi last year:

One thing that has changed since he did it, is that you now have to submit your documents to a Visa Center, instead of the Russian Interests Section of the Swiss Embassy (no Russian Embassy due to a conflict with Russia in like 2004).

However, when I tried to pay the 85 GEL (about $32) appointment fee online using my American credit card, I got an error message, similar to the one I got when I tried to top up my Georgian SIM phone card online (I instead did it at a kiosk). My American debit card didn't work with the SIM top up online either, so I doubt it would've worked for the appointment fee online.

I sent them an e-mail saying I'd show up for my appointment anyway, since when I tried to book it again, their website said they already had my Georgian number (and they wouldn't let me proceed with that, or my American number).

Good thing I chose 14:30, since if the appointment didn't go through, their website says they accept documents without appointment at 15:00.

Unrelated - if you're looking for an ok and decently priced lifting gym here, Power Max fits the bill. I go around lunch time to avoid any crowds, so usually it's just me and two or three other guys. Only a small storage/changing room and one basic shower, no lockers.
Showed up for my appointment today at the Russian Visa Center here.

It was unclear where I was supposed to go. But I said in Russian at the Russian Visa place on the first floor, "I think I have a reservation." The guy was amused I spoke any Russian. They then lead me to a guy checking reservations. Oddly though, he was stationed on the other entrance of the building, and nowhere near the street entrance.

As I guessed, my reservation did not go through. They then took me upstairs to the "Premium Lounge" (which normally costs 200 GEL or 74 USD). I handed my paperwork over to the clerk. The clerk pointed out that I requested a multiple-entry visa (which the 3-year American one is), but, that on the application, I put down a stay of only one night (which I had done to be in line with my tourist voucher). The clerk thought I needed a longer tourist voucher. I told her that I thought Russia always issued 3-year visas to Americans, but she did not agree. I then told her I'd get a longer tourist voucher, and left (and thankfully they didn't charge me).

When I got home, I looked into it a little more. It turns out that Americans should specify on the application a 3-year stay, with only the same start date as the tourist voucher, but not the same end date. So neither the clerk nor I seemed to be correct, lol. So much for the "Premium Lounge" being worth it.

While I could've gone back to schedule another appointment, I decided to give the online system one more try. This time it worked, using my American debit card.

Fun times. But hopefully better than trying to find and maintain a job in Ukraine, just for the visa.
Nice thread, man. I worked with a pair of women from the Caucasus region in a former job, and both were cute as hell. Something about this kind of look:

(10-19-2018, 04:33 AM)262 Wrote: [Image: 002-785x487.jpg]

It puts them into a really date-able category for me. They're good looking, but still totally presentable, you know? Like you could take her to Christmas Eve mass with you, and still smash her good a few hours later.

Good luck in Georgia, man. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread.
^ If you like that look AND quality (substituting the dress for jeans, and her top for a leather jacket, as I said before), then you'd like it here.

For me, pass.
Just submitted my paperwork for the Russian 3-year visa for Americans, here at the Russian Visa Center in Tbilisi.

Consular fee was 504 GEL (about 187 USD), paid by my American credit card. Also paid 5 GEL for SMS notification when it's ready for pickup (Georgian mobile numbers only). Finally, had to pay 10 GEL for an application edit, because the clerk said there had to be a country entry for each visa stamp in my passport (not just one for each country), which she did for me.

Also worth noting that even though I only paid for a normal appointment, they sent me to the same "Premium Lounge" clerk. Her name is Vita. I guess she's the only one there who speaks decent English. Thankfully, she didn't charge me for any premium service, since I had my normal appointment confirmation number handy, thus showing I had already paid.

It seems both the clerk and I did our research about the Russian 3-year visa for Americans since we last met. We both agreed that I only needed a tourist voucher for one night, but that on the application, I needed to request a multi-entry visa for 3 years, including the starting day of the tourist voucher.

I also brought a bank statement, in case proof of finances was needed, but she said she didn't need it. But, if they needed more documents, they'd call me.

Now to wait. Thankfully the weather here is good (70 F during the day, 50 F at night, sunny) and the prices are low (about 500 USD for an entire AirBnB apartment). Too bad about the girls.
Got a call from the Russian Visa Center. Turns out my passport number in the tourist voucher has an extra repeating digit in it (not sure whose fault it is). Have to get it corrected from the tourist voucher provider. Just sent them an e-mail.

More waiting.

Lesson: Check documents thoroughly.

Update: Got the corrected tourist voucher from my provider within the hour. Printed it for free at the Radisson Blu (where I printed all my other documents for free). Then went to the Russian Visa Center and to the "Premium Lounge." Told the security guard, "new documents" in Russian, and he let me in. Vita, the English-speaking clerk, saw me on the couch, told me to come over, and I handed her the new tourist voucher. After going to the back room to check it, she said everything was fine.

Resume waiting.
TL;DR - Got my 3-year Russian visa for Americans today - 180 day border runs. So I got the visa 9 business days from when I dropped off the corrected tourist voucher, and 2 weeks since I started this whole process.

Funny unrelated side note: The dude who owns PowerMax gym speaks better French than he does English. Probably speaks better Russian than either. Was funny to use my high school French again.

Visa Details:

Received an SMS around 10 this morning. But it only said a decision had been made. Also received an e-mail saying the same thing around the same time, so paying for the SMS wasn't necessary, though it was only 5 GEL (1.84 USD).

Picked it up at the Russian Visa Center at 3 this afternoon (pick-up is from 3 to 5 in the afternoon, as indicated on their website, and on their e-mail). But I picked it up not at the 2nd floor office, as indicated on the e-mail, but at the 1st floor office, as said by the clerk, Vita, when I dropped off the documents. You'll also know the 1st floor office is for pick-up, since everyone in line will have the same documents as you, given to them when they dropped off their apps (you'll need these to pick up your visa). Line was only like 15 minutes or less. To get your visa, you'll need to sign and write down your mobile number (I just gave them the same Georgian number I gave them before).

Finally, I should note that in between when I dropped off the documents and when I picked up my visa, they also had my passport (into which the visa takes up an entire page). So you can't leave Georgia during that time.

I'll likely be in Tbilisi until November 17 to wrap up some personal business, as well as see my AirBnB to the end, and maybe do some touristy stuff here.
I am planning on going to Georgia and Tbilisi for two/three weeks in July.

Great visa policy (one-year visa-free policy for French citizens and probably the same for most western countries' citizens) and cheap flights coming from Asia with Air Astana.
I have visited Tbilisi autumn of 2017. The city and the country has a special place in my heart and I feel like coming back.

However it must be noted that I went with a Ukrainian 8, from Odessa, so my experiences were better that if I went there alone.

I love everything about the country: the food, the architecture, culture, music, wine, amazing rich history and so much too see, uniqueness, nut the girls??
The girls are below average for an FSU country, you might find some successful slavic georgian mixes but apart from that not much of an eye candy.

My recipe for success, get to Ukraine first, stay there for couple of months, get a regular and take her with you, place is cheap and tickets from Ukraine are the cheapest also.

Once I was there I noticed the respect in the eyes of local dudes. They looked at me with my girl with a look of envy and admiration. As if winking to me "nice job man". No bad attention, no open compliments to girl or anything, just subtle looks.

If I even have a change I will go back. Still miss that Sakartvelo Saperavi
I am mostly interested in seeing something different from what I know (I have never been to the Caucasus) and getting some good wines. Not going for the girls, but I am probably still be looking at Tinder as soon as I am out of my plane.
But yeah, in my hometown there is a lot of Armenians and I am expecting mostly the same from Georgian: mostly average girls, none particularly ugly and a very few of the higher quantity (but they do exist)
Tbilisi is a charming enough city, although not the most exciting place. I also spent time in Kutaisi which was sleepy and dull, but was the gateway to some beautiful nature.

If I were to return to Georgia it would only be for the nature, I would try to avoid the cities. 

As others have mentioned, the girls are not up to much, I would have to take my own. 

The wine is good, the food is overly heavy for me though,I had to be very selective what I ate.
I would be interested in visiting for sure for nature and culture, but damn if those are the girls, then nope, gonna prioritize some other countries first. I had higher expectations for a former SU country.
(05-31-2019, 10:25 PM)Rottenapple Wrote: I would be interested in visiting for sure for nature and culture, but damn if those are the girls, then nope, gonna prioritize some other countries first. I had higher expectations for a former SU country.

Yes John Lennon even had it spot on.

"Well, the Ukraine girls really knock me out
They leave the West behind
And Moscow girls make me sing and shout
That Georgia's always on my mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mind
Oh, come on!"

Georgia's.........always on my mind. Probably only because of the nature and the katchapuri

Somewhere comparable and much better would be Balkans; Serbia, Montenegro, etc. You have that warmer Balkan atmosphere, people who speak great English, and hot women.

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