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Haha. One positive experience in Nam I can say is that one time I was riding in the rain and accelerated a little too fast. A speed bump was coming up and I braked a little too hard; ending up flying off headfirst over my handlebars. My leg got pinned under my bike as well. An older Viet guy stopped his bike and checked to see if I was OK. Even lifted the bike off my leg. Nice guy. Thankfully that wasn't on a highway or busy street, or I probably wouldn't be typing this.
Yea in fairness a couple bystanders did help lift the Moto off my leg. Im just raging a bit.
Dude looked french, the girl... Not sure
If any of you have to do regular longish journeys 30mins plus especially in rush hour I highly recommend getting into a decent podcast. Makes me a lot more chill. Hardcore history and history on fire have made a lot of unbearable journeys pleasant for me. I’m also not the type to sit around listening to podcasts so perfect time to do so. Probably saved me from countless accidents. Before I started getting into them I had half a dozen majority caused by rushing and having to ram on brakes, hitting the front one to hard and losing control.

Never seriously injured but fuck it’s violent when you slam the road at speed and the shittest feeling ever the moment before you know you have lost it.

Possibly will be single for Tet. Could be a lot more inter3ting adventures in future.
what is the significance of tet? gf moving back to hometown?
Yeah we talked about it. Still not 100% sure what’s happening but on a practical level makes sense. Seriously need to be more careful in future about getting into relationships and developing strong emotional bonds.

I would 1000x prefer to be the one who gets broken up with.
Yea, any decent human being isn't gonna want to or enjoy breaking someone heart.
(11-16-2018, 12:29 AM)Vic Vega Wrote: I might head back to Saigon in a few months, as the visa situation in the rest of SEA isn't too viable. I guess the only other country that matches Nam's easy visas is Cambodia, but Cambodia is too much of a shithole for me.

I'm gonna need to really the screen the shit out of apartments before I make a move.

My requirements will be

- Under $400 a month including utilities
- Fast wifi
- Elevator in the building - no fucking stairs
- No fucking locked gates after 10pm - come and go as I please 24/7
- No cockblocking jealous guards or front desk - pure privacy, otherwise fuck off
- Free motorbike parking space
- Very close to 24/7 Family Mart or 7-Eleven
- Close to D1/downtown, and good for fast pulls from coffee dates

Is this possible? Where should I scope out apartments other than FB (which is usually crappy)?

You can find decent 2br/2ba houses in D1 for 8-9 million per month that include AC, water heater, and a terrace. So probably 9-10m after utilities ($400).

You could probably get 5m if you go outside D1. Lots of bullshit with police registration, bullshit police fines, nosy neighbors, neighbors stealing shit, and your landlord. 

Police aren't gonna rip your door off if you don't answer though. My friend never answers and they just go away.

It's an option, but knowing how much you love Vietnam it's probably not the best option.
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Asking for Vietnamese lessons in the expat group works well and so does just asking at Nguyen Hue or 23/9 Park.

I just make sure they're single and hot. Go to a cafe in the evening, invite for drinks at Bui Vien, and then pull. Easy as hell and is currently 100% of my game since I'm busy with work.

Haven't learned any Vietnamese though. Still can't count to 10.

Also, there's this big FB group called BTNN. Basically where a bunch of VN girls go to talk about guys that pump and dumped them and Indian/Nigerian scammers.

100% sure that everyone on this thread is in that group.

Me and SpecialEd went out to Lush last night. One of the first times I recall going on a Saturday night. It takes longer to get packed vs a Tuesday night. At 11:30pm the small room was empty but later got packed. As the club was at or near full capacity, there was plenty of tail there. I noticed more hookers there on a Sat night vs Tuesday night. Seemed like 30% of the girls were working.

While there, I see Brodiaga. I admire his effort in the club. 3 minutes after seeing him, he has already approached and opened 2-3 girls, while I had been there 30-60 minutes already and made 0 approaches. Over the course of the night I see him open like 5-10 more. I had some small talk with some girls at the bar while I was waiting for my drink. But nothing substantial.
5/10 spam post. At least he kept it somewhat relevant.
My friend got a beer bottle smashed on his head on Bui Vien. He bumped into this kid's, probably 14 y/o and 90 pounds, piece of shit Honda Cub and didn't say sorry. 

Kid got really pissed off for some reason, his hillbilly looking mom slapped my friend, the kid grabbed my beer bottle of the table and smashed it on my friend's head. Thankfully a big Aussie dude clocked the Viet kid lol.

Two security guys from the bar next door grabbed rebar, or some kind of pipe, and fought our group in the street. Friend got a good punch in on one of the guards. Fight got broken up by some foreigners  before it turned into a "grab everything and throw it" type fight.

All this over not saying sorry. Stay safe at night when approaching girls out here. Viet dudes can go from 0 to murder pretty fast.

(12-04-2018, 09:42 AM)SpecialEd Wrote: 5/10 spam post. At least he kept it somewhat relevant.

Shit it's a do-follow link too. I need to start spamming the forum with my websites.
A 14 yr old Viet kid with his mom picking fights with a group of much bigger foreigners?

I know Viet guys are cunts for the most part, but that scenario just doesn't make any sense lol.
(12-05-2018, 11:52 AM)SpecialEd Wrote: A 14 yr old Viet kid with his mom picking fights with a group of much bigger foreigners?

I know Viet guys are cunts for the most part, but that scenario just doesn't make any sense lol.

It doesn't. Never seen anything like it. Don't think the kid knew we were in a group since we were all seated and my friend was walking back alone from Circle-K when the 'accident' happened. Doubt he would have picked a fight otherwise.

It was actually a pretty funny sight though... until he got a beer bottle smashed on his head. 

Now I always make sure to pay and deescalate any disagreements. Especially with the rougher looking Vietnamese men.
Fuck that shit. I've never had any Viet guys try to physically escalate with me, but if they tried they'd be going to sleep early that night.
I've had a few girls ask me why I don't live in Vinhomes.

If I did, then I think I could just do Philippines game and invite them straight to the complex. Get to see Landmark 81, the pool, the park, the mall, my balcony, my bed, my dick, etc. Pretty sure girls would drive far too.

It's like $1,000/month for a decent apartment.
vinhomes is pretty pimped out logistically. has everything all in walking distance.
It was in Bui Vien? Maybe they were trying to run a scam. Provoke foreigners into a fight and then get a hefty payout in compensation when police arrive?

Btw, is it true you can live in Masteri for $400 a month?
Can live at masteri for 350 a month (with roommate(s))

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