Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
Abidjan is the economic capital of Côte d'Ivoire in French spoken Western Africa. It's one of the best-developed cities in the region, but still almost nobody goes there (Abidjan airport serves less than two million passengers a year, most of them are migrant workers). The reason for this is very simple. While Abidjan is not totally fucked up, it's still a horrendous shithole. I dare to say it's even very underdeveloped in comparison to Jakarta or Manila.

The civil war ended some years ago. There are still some minor incidents in rural areas and frequent police checkpoints, but Abidjan is safe, as long as you stay out of poor districts.

Getting there
Westerners can get an e-visa (73 Euro). Few airlines fly to Abidjan, and air tickets are a bit expensive.

Abidjan is huge
Almost 5 million people live in Abidjan. The city is very big in size and everything is spread out. There's practically no public transportation. If you don't want to use shared taxis or shared minivans (which are very uncomfortable and slow), you probably end up using the taxis.

Where to stay
If you come for the girls, stay in Marcory district, preferably at Zone 4 or Biétry. Most expats reside there, and nightlife is best in that area. Interestingly, many girls told me they live in Zone 4, even if they didn't.
Unfortunately, Zone 4 is expensive. You pay much more for accomodation than in EE or SEA.  
Another good area to stay is II Plateaux (many embassies here) or Cocody which are more residential but still have some good bars and clubs.

Value for money
Bad news for budget travellers: Abidjan is expensive. The currency (west African Franc, XOF) is tied to the Euro at a fixed exchange rate of 655 XOF per 1 EUR.
- Hotels are way more expensive than in EE and SEA, and are shittier too. I stayed outside Zone 4 because of the cost and regret it now. But I still paid a whopping 30-35 EUR per night for those horrible hotels.
- As far as I saw, airbnb is not a good alternative in here (limited offer, pricey)
- I said it before, and will repeat it here. You need taxis, almost always. You could theoretically use public transportation, but then you'd spend a lot of time.
- Food and booze are cheap in the so called Maqui bars, but prices go up massively at nicer bars.

The girls
Well this is Africa, and most girls are black. The girls are sophisticated and polite. They dress nicely and you oftentimes can't see by her clothes if she's dirt poor or not. During the day, I saw not many cuties but at night it's better, some venues have real stunners.
I speak french, and it helps a lot. If you don't speak fluent french, your success in Abidjan would not be so good, I assume.

Sex is almost always transactional
In many African countries, people struggle to live (or even survive). A lot of girls, even those who don't work as prostitutes, want some money from a guy they have sex with. It's somewhat ingrained in their culture. I am 30 years old, in good shape, and don't do p4p. The following incidents happened to me with local girls:

- I meet a girl from online in a coffee shop during the day. I take her to my place where she resists for 30 min before letting me undress her. After the bang, she asks for 20$. "I'm not a whore, just need to survive", I heard her say.
- Girls asking for taxi money is a classic. But 10$, 20$ or even 30$ is still paying, in my point of view. If a girl tells me at night I would have to pay her taxi, I ALWAYS ask where she lives and ask how much the taxi costs. In my opinion, any amount above 5$ is too much for a taxi ride.
- Messages of some weeks after the last meetup: "I have a malaria now but no cash for treatment"  "My birthday is soon - what do you give me" etc etc.

Well this is Africa (TIA). People struggle to survive. Salaries are very low while prices reach western levels. I suspect that some girls would only let me bang them in order to have somebody in case of emergency.

How to game the girls
Be good to the girls - call it "confident beta", "nice guy game", "world game" or whatever. Act like a gentleman (no need to overdo it). Opening doors to the girl goes without saying. Make some compliments on her (but not her looks) - many girls act or feel shy. Few girls rejected my "invite" to my place after one, maximum two drinks.
If you like teasing girls (I love it), bear in mind that girls are a bit simple - not all of them understand a teaser and could be insulted easily. So you must test the waters first with a very light teaser.

Abidjan is not a fuckfest, but it's quite easy to get laid.

Health issues
There are various diseases that could fuck up your health, not only HIV. For example I would not care about mosquito repellents in SEA, but in Cote d'Ivoire I applied it several times a day (Dengue, Malaria...). Yellow fever vaccination is a must. HIV rate is approximately 6%. As a general rule, HIV rate is even higher in cities and highest among whores (if shoring is your thing).

The good
- Well developed (for Western African standards)
- Sophisticated girls
- Friendly locals
The bad
- Still a horrible shithole
- Expensive
- HIV rate, health risks
- Mostly French spoken
- Many girls see a westerner as an ATM
- Nothing to see or to do
- Ugly city

For black girls, there are surely better countries such as Brazil, Colombia and Dominican Republic.
Great data sheet +1 from me. I really like that this is a place really off the beaten path. These types of datasheets can really help out guys thinking about traveling here (myself included)
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Solid intel beentheredonethat, +1 for the datasheet from me as well; this info will be useful for when I'll finally travel through Africa: ABT 2018! (African Bang Tour 2018)

The part of transactional sex reminds of Cuban girls, where the grey zone between regular girls and pro's was also very wide.
(03-15-2017, 10:21 AM)TravelHardcore Wrote: The part of transactional sex reminds of Cuban girls, where the grey zone between regular girls and pro's was also very wide.

I remember the article on Cuba on your blog. I think it's not exactly that bad in Abidjan.
Most girls aren't pros in Abidjan. But sooner or later a lot asked me for a support, or they told me they're in an incident and do not have the money to solve it (curing Malaria, an operation, doctor visit, paying school fees).
In my experience, it's usually not a scam. Unemployment rate is high; waitresses make 4$ for a 12 hours shift, and last but not least: This Is Africa and shit happens on a daily basis. As > 90% of the population struggle to live and survive, and asking friends and relatives for support is not always working out, so I understand why the girls approached me so often.

Africa is definitely in a way worse state than SEA where almost every girl I met either has some kind of job that pays 200$-1000$ a month, or parents support. No Asian girl ever asked me to help her out.
Only country in Africa I can really recommend is Ghana. Friendly and feminine women. Congenial locals. Fantastic value for money. Of course you have the African problems like power outages, HIV, etc. But just think of the countless 18 year old kicking about due to high birth rates.

It's a good time.

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