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(03-14-2020, 11:05 PM)Contrarian Expatriate Wrote: As a counterbalance to the shameless shilling driving Bitcoin holders into ruin on this thread, this guy has a good understanding of what is ACTUALLY going on.

Don't feed the Bitcoin SHILLS (no names of course)!

Did you even watch the whole video, Contrarian?

Yeah, it's an 17-minute video and the guy (the crypto lark) is irritating as fuck in the first half of the video or so, and both seems to be so excited about everything going down and the extremeness of the panic everywhere in the market across asset classes.  So, beyond the title of the video, crypto lark seems to be engaging in a bit of a parody and exaggeration, including the title of the video, which you, Contrarian, seemed to have missed because you likely did not watch (or understand) the whole video, and you were merely trying to find something that would support your doom and gloom nonsense or your waiting for $2k prices that don't seem too likely to happen (even if their odds are currently higher than they were last week).

Surely towards the beginning of the market, he seems to be making some of the same intellectual mistake of asserting that none of this has happened before - especially the context of all markets crashing together, which sure there might be some truth in those kinds of assertions, but it also seems to be overly exaggerating.. because bitcoin has had wild ass corrections in the past, and sure no two corrections are going to play out the same.. but even this correction is not really out of line of the various currently valid bullish BTC price prediction models of stock to flow, four year fractal and scurve adoption based on network/metcalfe effects.

Crypto Lark also seems to consider ethereum to be something to buy at these prices... (which maybe a bit of a fuzziness in his thinking, even though he could be correct in the short term, ethereum is likely NOT a very good longer term asset) but he does also seem to be both a HODLer of bitcoin and someone who is buying more BTC at these prices rather than selling, understands that bitcoin is likely sound money and there are a decent number of folks who are NOT selling their bitcoin or going to be shaken out of their bitcoin .. even with further price falling, if it happens.. look at the 12-minute or so mark in the video and thereafter where he makes some of the case for bitcoin.. but sure, who knows exactly where the bitcoin bottom is going to be or how much bitcoin is going to be correlated to the rest of various market assets upon recovery?  presuming that some kind of recovery comes at some point.

Furthermore, crypto lark seems to have recorded his excitement in that video on thursday night, which was (so far) the maximum of the bottom of this particular correction, so he had not yet seen the subsequent bounce on friday.. and the more or less stabilization on saturday within a bit of a higher price range in the lower $5ks, for now, not that these subsequent price moves would necessarily change either his apparent dramatic attempts at excitement about such price dropping across all markets.. because seems that a lot of markets have kind of recovered together on friday.. so we will see how they play out when they are opening on monday (if they open).. bitcoin markets do not tend to close.. even though some exchanges might run into various bugs or even have some closing issues, but the whole of bitcoin trading does not shut down.. and there are likely to be trading avenues with bitcoin, even if some exchanges do end up temporarily (or permanently) shutting down.

At first, I conjectured that the fat lil fuck might be you, Contrarian, but he actually seems smarter than you (in spite of his kind of fag-like drama), and he both already holds bitcoin and seems to have been buying on the way down, including attempting to figure out how much BTC to buy at these prices and how much to maybe wait for lower BTC prices, if they come... 

In the end, who really knows about either whether the bottom of $3,850 is "in" for this cycle or if there are going to be some BTC buying points in either this lower $5ks area or in the sub $5ks that might be prudent next points to buy BTC... 

Ultimately, my system related to BTC does not engage in substantive attempts to figure out these kinds of ongoing short-term BTC price move matters beyond merely trying to make sure that I still have some cash available on an ongoing basis, if I need to buy more BTC or if the BTC price continues to go lower.  We will see, and yeah, it could take months (or maybe even a year or longer) for these market dynamics and correlation (or lack thereof) matters to sort themselves out.... and how bitcoin will perform relative to other asset classes in these kinds of interesting times does still remain an ongoing question to continue to observe and to perhaps stay tuned.. and to figure out what your stake is going to be and how to play such stake, allocations and all of that and of course, attempt to make informed contributions to this thread without panicking too much in these times.  Is it possible?  Is it possible?  Perhaps.

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