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(01-06-2020, 07:25 PM)SpecialEd Wrote: You wouldnt like my approach.

It's pretty basic. Diversification. Just as you want a mix of assets in other markets, if youre interested in the crypto space same principle applies. What I've noticed is baby boomers tend to get infatuated with a bright shiny object (btc before the bust) but I do admire your tenacity for hanging on while all your grey haired peers fled for the hills lol.

Wow... you really don't seem to be able to resist in terms of your lame-ass attempts at generalizations.

I surely agree with the concept of diversification, and that is an old geezer / sound traditional investment strategies concept.

One of the problems of attempting to apply diversification in the crypto space is you likely get diversified into crap that is already sufficiently diversified to have that value in bitcoin, because the others are largely already dependent upon bitcoin.  I am surely not opposed to some diversification, even in the crypto space, but largely the premise for the diversification is based on a variety of faulty assumptions in regards to what is being offer that might be somewhat sufficiently different from bitcoin in order to possibly add value or to perform in a way that is better than bitcoin with the unlikely assumption (that is frequently overly argued by the various shitcoin pumpeners) that bitcoin has some deficiencies.. which also seems to be embedded in your post to me... which kind of shows that you don't really understand what it is that bitcoin is offering... especially if you are distractedly focusing on nonsensical technology ideas rather than sound money ideas... 

But, hey, youngster, do what you are going to do... NO problema with that, and maybe your diversification choices will out perform my own... I am not competing with you.. and really each of us should be thinking of ways to compete against ourselves rather than competing with others, anyhow... at least in my self-asserted humble bumble opinion..

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