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(11-05-2019, 12:40 AM)billydingdong Wrote:
Quote: O.k... get the fuck out of here then and invest in your nonsense scam coin.  Your points are not relevant, but you keep making them over and over and over... Who cares about your shitcoin..?  Hardly anyone that is why you are cluttering this thread with you nonsense pumpening attempts rather than posting in some ethereum thread about how supposedly wonderful that crap is... and your actions show that even you, the STW ethereum pumpener, don't even believe your own bullshit... that is why you come here, continuing to try to get an audience.   [Image: rolleyes.png]

Apparently you care, JJG.  Wink

Let's consider the sequence of events:
  1. I posted my reservations as to why one can be reasonably hesitant to get into Bitcoin and what it's long term problems may be.

  2. YOU brought up Ethereum in response to these issues.

  3. YOUR response was littered with misunderstandings, and I set the record straight with actual documentation of my points.

Whether we're here or in the other thread talking about this stuff, I don't care so you can stop crying about it.

Great lame attempt to reframe your shilling and trolling as if it were somehow valid.   Rolleyes

Your reservations about bitcoin are premised on pumping your shitcoin(s), so any crying or whining only remains about your ongoing desires to talk about your bullshit irrelevant points in this here bitcoin thread when you don't even invest in bitcoin either as a long or as a short, but you merely come into these parts in order to attempt to clutter this thread with either irrelevant bullshit or stupid-ass talking points of various shitcoin projects that depend on stupid-ass talking points in order to attempt to get people to invest in their scam shit rather than into bitcoin... and also dissuade guys from wanting to research into bitcoin matters or to talk about the so many relevant kinds of issues in the bitcoin space that don't even have much if anything to do with your various coat-hanging snake-oil products (aka shitcoins) that are free-riding off of the various great, secure, immutable and censorship resistant aspects of bitcoin.

You made your point like 10 times largely amounting to how bitcoin sucks and guys should not invest in it, and how there are other coins/projects that are better risks and that I am dumb about bitcoin because I don't know about shitcoins sufficiently or whatever blah blah blah.... Great.  

We got your repetitive off-topic message, no need to keep saying the nonsense over and over... it's not relevant, even if you keep repeating it, and even if I have been trying to be nice to you to at least attempt to entertain some of your nonsense ideas in this thread, so now that you have posted a multitude of times, your points have been made and you can go run off and invest in your various shitcoins.  

Again, just in case you are not clear, we will discuss bitcoin here which also may involve a decent amount of irreverent and no need to research bashing of various shitcoins, whether your favorite shitcoin ethereum or any other shitcoin that purports to be either better than BTC or to hope that bitcoin is sufficiently deficient in some regard in order that such shitcoin can get some market niche or at least attempt to scam people into believing that there is some beyond shit value contained therein, and without any needs to give any justification for such bashing of shitcoins because we are talking about bitcoin in this here thread, not such anticipated to be bashed multitude of shitcoins, which also happens to include your favorite shitcoin amongst others.

Ultimately, whatever  nonsense points you are making or attempting to make to promote your shitcoin  (that might also involve making gratuitous distracting naysaying of bitcoin) rises to the level of irrelevant bullshit, at least in terms of this thread.  

So my alleged crying largely has to do with your ongoing insistence and wondering why you cannot just stop your dumbass troll / shilling and make your dumbass and largely irrelevant points on some other thread, such as the cryptothread (that I have already pointed out to you - and you know about it of course), or even make your own thread that would be how much you believe bitcoin is going to fail, and how I don't know anything, and just repeat whatever of your nonsense over and over and over rather than purposefully cluttering this thread with your repetitive shill/troll off-topic shill/troll talking point matters.

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