The Bitcoin Thread (price and other bitcoin related topics)
Here's an interesting YouTube video that was just released in-full regarding a debate that took place between Nouriel Roubini and Arthur Hayes in Taipei on July 3rd.

There were some decent points that came out, even through a lot of the personal attacks, emotional outbursts and the somewhat chaotic discussion of multiple mixing of topics.

Personally, I think that Arthur Hayes is much smarter than he presented, but he let himself get drug into a variety of personal attacks including his opening statement outlining personal matters rather than a more bitcoin centered opening.    Arthur seemed to let too much discussions of his business, even though that business is built with bitcoin as a service but NOT exactly a reflection of bitcoin.  

The discussion of substance did improve towards the end of the video, and anyone with much of any knowledge of the bitcoin space should be able to recognize that Roubini had little of value to really say with his frequent and perhaps lumping of a variety of projects in with his criticisms of bitcoin to attribute and exaggerate the negatives to bitcoin, except maybe when he asserted that Facebook coin is not a crypto currency while listing reasons why.


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