The Bitcoin Thread (price and other bitcoin related topics)
(06-27-2019, 07:56 AM)SpecialEd Wrote: Starting to develop a 6th sense for peaks and troughs. Just sold a chunk at $13,400. Down to $12,300 at the moment.

Kind of astounded by the value increase though. I keep selling off as it seems unsustainable at least in the short term. But even with the sell offs my holdings are more than retaining USD value.

Fair enough.

There may be some short term opportunities.... that's for sure, as long as you are not attempting to play too BIG there seems to be some justification for some more correction.

I sell on the way up and buy on the way down, so I don't make any subsequent move with my holdings (for example I would not sell now because my sell orders start in the mid-$13k and my buy orders start in the upper $11ks - more or less).

Up is still preferred by me, but no need to fight it, either.. If she wants to go down, then so be it - make some lemonade with such lemons.

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