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I don't know how to read this guy, Stephen Moore, exactly.

More or less in this about 1 minute blurb he is saying that central banks are freaking out about bitcoin, and he seems to be kind of freaking out, too.  Part of the concern that he expresses, seems to be an inability to really know how to stop bitcoin from doing its thing (or to control bitcoin - which surely is a built in feature in bitcoin rather than a bug), and Moore seems to kind of get it, in this little blurb.

But, I will point out that in this blurb he also seems to believe that any kind of meaningful monetary goal should be "stability" so he kind of seems to be downplaying the sound money angle of what bitcoin is attempting to address... at least in this short blurb.

(06-26-2019, 08:08 PM)SC87 Wrote: Before the latest rise above 6k I was hoping that the market would stay sideways for a bit until I had more $ to invest. It is what is, but I'm seething now seeing these gains that I'm missing out on.

Definitely kind of in the outside range of extreme cases in terms of what would have been expected  as compared with what actually happened.

Like I mentioned in another post, it took me a good year to accumulate what I believed to have been a decent BTC stash, but even for the next couple of years, I had continued to be nervous about whether I had accumulated enough.. so I understand that if any guy is in the early stages of BTC accumulation, then these kinds of radical price moves adds to anxiety over the situation and even possibly causing guys to consider whether his investment plan needs to be tweaked in some kind of a significant way.

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