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The Bitcoin Thread (price and other bitcoin related topics)
I have created this Bitcoin thread for guys who are primarily interested in Bitcoin or bitcoin focused topics.
There are a lot of “crypto” distractions out there.  Bitcoin and “crypto” are not the same thing, so let’s try to stay focused in this thread, at least try.
If there is not some kind of connection in your post to Bitcoin, then perhaps such post should be made in another thread.
A bit of personal background:
Personally, I found out about bitcoin in late 2013, and within a few weeks of looking into bitcoin, I started buying Bitcoin.
My initial plan regarding my bitcoin investment was to dollar cost average buy it for 6 months, while studying the space and to reassess whether I would continue with my Bitcoin buying plan after those first 6 months or to tweak my bitcoin investment plan in some kind of way.  Over the last nearly 6 years, I have been continuing to invest in bitcoin, study the space and to tweak my bitcoin investment plans and my activities around bitcoin.
Regarding my bitcoin experience.  I expect that there are going to be guys of all levels of experience, whether in bitcoin or otherwise who are going to come to this thread and either expect to brainstorm about bitcoin, to share their experiences with bitcoin or to ask questions about bitcoin.   Hopefully, guys who participate in this thread will attempt to help other guys, so in that regard, your level of experience in bitcoin should not deter you from being able to participate in this thread as long as you are interested in the bitcoin topic.  
Generally, what’s going on in bitcoin:
There has always been a lot going on in bitcoin, so there is never really any shortage of bitcoin topics or information whether current happenings or historical data.  It tends to be true that when BTC’s price is not moving very much or if bitcoin’s price seems to be in a kind of depressed status or in a downward trajectory, then many people tend to lose interest in the bitcoin topic. 
I don’t tend to lose interest, but hey, I cannot guarantee that there is not going to be times in which I just am not able to focus on bitcoin based on a variety of other things going on in my life.. which does happen, too.
In the past several months interest in bitcoin has increased.  Of course, in the past 3 months, largely starting on April 1, bitcoin’s price broke above $4,200 and has been on a kind of upward tear trajectory during those last 3 months.  There have been a lot of calls and suggestions that Bitcoin’s price is going to correct at some point, with a lot of waiting for such a bitcoin price correction, but instead of correcting, largely bitcoin’s price has continued to go up with continued upwards price pressures, with only a couple of short term price corrections during that time in the 15% to 25% range… and as I type BTC’s price is bouncing just above $11,250, which is more than a 150% price increase from its April 1 price of $4,200….and a new high point for the last year and a half. 
Things are currently great for those who have invested in bitcoin and continue to hold Bitcoin.
By the way, when I refer to BTC’s price, I refer to it’s price on Bitstamp, because Bitstamp remains a decent reference point and puts everyone on the same page in terms of a kind of reliable exchange that, so far, does not engage in margin trading that can screw up price performance and measurements of trade volume, and even though there are a lot of other places to look at Bitcoin’s price and to consider various aspects of bitcoin’s liquidation possibilities, it is also good to attempt to ground those various other price frameworks in terms of what is going on with the bitstamp price.
Surely, BTC’s price will be a fair topic here, as well as considerations of bitcoin development, adoption, FUD spreading or any current or historical happenings in the bitcoin space, including even talking about what kinds of liquidation options might be available (or vary) from location to location. 
Other consideration related to attempts at on-topicness in this thread:
To the extent that other crypto projects are discussed in this thread, there should, at least, be some kind of an attempt to relate that topic to bitcoin.  Yes, there are a lot of pump and dump projects that project themselves as being bitcoin 2.0, and bitcoin forks such as bcash and bcash SV, and other shenanigans around projects like that attempting to proclaim themselves as the real bitcoin or as a bitcoin replacement or a project that is fixing some kind of alleged bitcoin deficiency, and hopefully we are attempting to be smart enough in this thread to not get too distracted or derailed by those various other projects that might claim to be “related to” bitcoin, but in reality are not.  

Yes, some guys might believe that ethereum and bitcoin are sufficiently related or that litecoin or monero are not hostile to bitcoin, but they still are off-topic when it comes to this thread, and as a courtesy, we should at least attempt to stay on the bitcoin topic in this thread.
We have enough to discuss and consider in relation to bitcoin without getting distracted by nonsense sham projects and misinformation, right?  Of course there will be topics like "investment" that overlaps with bitcoin, and sure that would not be a problem to have some posts on "investment and investing strategies" that at least attempt to discuss how bitcoin can be considered within that kind of a topic framework.
I look forward to participating in topics of this thread and reading a lot of contributions from guys of varying perspectives (newbies and experts) who want to share information about bitcoin, whether positive or negative, bullish or bearish.  Hopefully, we can stick to facts, logic and opinions that are based on facts and logics rather than misleading talking points.  Sure, there will be times that we might need to sort through a certain amount of misinformation and NOT get distracted by detracting talking points that are NOT really as bitcoin as they might purport themselves to be.    

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