The supplements that actually work - personal experiences
(09-25-2020, 10:13 PM)floridaman Wrote: OP was about testosterone which is rarely bunk. My bloodwork has never let me down.

I don't often mess with the other compounds but again it's just a matter of doing your due diligence. Plenty of mass monsters walking around. Ask them where they get their gear. They buy it online too. Or they source raws online and homebrew. Point is it's all bought online lol.

You were making it sound like you flip a coin everytime you buy test online lol which is not true.

I was always talking about PEDs in general from the get-go, not just test as I already clarified in my post above. Good for you if you've found a reliable source for test alone, but when I cycle I prefer stacking it with something else.

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