The supplements that actually work - personal experiences
(09-25-2020, 09:42 PM)JsElysianEagle Wrote:
(09-25-2020, 06:48 AM)blackfriar Wrote: Testosterone cypionate...200mg/10ml vial.   $40-50 online.  Will be going back on...when I get some things straightened out.

Issue with buying these things online is always how to find a reliable source selling quality gear. There's a shit ton of sites out there but too many scammers selling underdosed or outright bunk shit. A quality source is a gem to find.

Really have to be an idiot to buy bunk gear. 

There's steroid review sites and forums. Best labs test their gear and release the results every year. Testosterone is cheap as a chips to make so no reason to fake it for a quick buck. Now if it's something like anavar - yea got to be more careful.

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