The supplements that actually work - personal experiences
My stack

Improves test and sleep

Supposed to be good for blood flow but I don't feel much from it. Supposed to increase load volume too

-vit D (i live in the PNW)
Invaluable if you live in the PNW or somewhere without much sun during the winter. Vitamin D is essential for hormone production and a lot other stuff

-Cordyceps (nootropic mushroom good for bloodflow)
Just started supplementing with this, I can feel a slight increase in energy and quality of sleep.

Makes your brain more smarter so you can think less dumber with big brain power

Racetams like piracetam will give you nasty headaches if you don't supplement with choline, and I don't eat enough eggs. Also loads


Can confirm lecithin and choline supplements increase load volume. I regularly shoot pretty stupid ropes. Recently got laid by sending a jerk off vid to girl where i finished with rope city.

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