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Moving beyond the tourist visa: Doing business abroad
I'm curious --- has anyone done business locally in a country they aren't from?

I see a lot of opportunity here in India, and am researching starting a "private limited" company and then hiring myself on a work visa.

There are a lot of complications though, such as:

- Requiring 2 people to start the company (single person company formations are not open to foreigners)
- Requiring a citizen to be a "director" in the company
- Lots of paperwork and document requirements (surmountable, but a pain)

On top of this, as a US citizen owning a foreign "corporation" with >50% US ownership leads to a complex tax situation called a "controlled foreign corporation" (CFC) from what I understand:

While it's way simpler to just stay on a tourist visa and work online, I'm drawn towards doing business locally...

Being a foreigner who is deeply involved with a country seems like it can lead to many lucrative businesses in the model of marketing a service in your current country to your former countrymen.

For example:

Americans exporting Panela from Colombia back to the US as a new fancy coffee-sweetener:

Chinese in the US w/ a multi-million dollar (illegal) birth tourism business for US citizenship

Y-Combinator startup helping immigrants in the US get credit

Helping foreigners start USA LLCs + Corporations and opening business bank accounts

Conceirge service for digital nomads in Chiang Mai

So in summary:

- Has anyone done business in a country they are not from?
- Any other examples of these types of businesses?

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