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Best cities for Tinder
Hey guys im looking to put a list together of all the best cities in the world for tinder.
but also list a city if its not great so if your wondering if its great it will be listed here too.

I define a city great for tinder by a few things:

1) high volume of women to match with e.g 100-300+ a day
2) with effort messaging can get multiple dates a week or even multiple dates a day. 

il start the list alphabetically:

Bangkok, Thailand - not the highest quality girls
Beirut - not great because you average swipeing is 20 girls a day. had few dates but not consistent 
Bogota (Colombia) - high volume of matches
Izmir (turkey) not good 30-40 swipes a day but struggle to get numbers.
Jakarta - many matches
Manila (Cebu 2nd), 2 biggest areas in Philippines.
Mexico City, was the best city in Mexico for Tinder.
Rio - great for tinder. consistent flow of matches everyday, multiple dates most days of the week.
Santo Domingo, by far the best in DR.
St Petersburg (Russia) - great for tinder. consistent volume of matches. regular dates most days.
Taiwan - lots of matches but bad date conversions

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