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Talkspace Review - vybe - 01-14-2021

During the black Friday sale, I purchased a 1 month membership of Talkspace last year. This is the review of the service.

Talkspace is an app or web based therapy service. The service usually runs for about 250/month. You must complete a survey, and then you have a selection of therapists. These therapists have been pre-selected from the survey. They cater to your specific needs. The good thing about Talkspace, if you don't like a therapist you can request to change the therapist. I've done it a couple of times during the 1 month period. 

How it works, you get a therapist in an instant messaging layout. You write basically a 1 or a couple of paragraphs explaining in detail what's your problem. The therapist will usually reply within 5 - 10 hours. I would usually get 2 msg's a day or sometimes 1. I would go into detail of childhood trauma, mental health state, personality traits, and so forth. Sometimes the replies would be cliché like do this and that. But sometimes the advice given to me  was useful. It really depends on your therapist and the relationship you build. 

My first was an older white guy from Kentucky. He was in his 60s I believe, was a music composer/therapist/family man and what not. He had wisdom, and made some valuable posts. One thing I didn't really like was the book recommendations. But they serve a purpose. I had this one non empathetic Asian women, when I went into detail of my family trauma. She replied "That's an interesting dynamic"... I reported her! Some of these "therapists" can be counts, but I just report them and request for another therapist. Some of the female therapists can be empathetic and understanding. Especially if someone is lonely and needs someone to talk to. 

They have other features like once a week you can call or do a video chat. But I never bothered any of them. 

I'd recommend it for anybody that wants to deal with mental health issues or needs someone to talk to. It's a great service.

RE: Talkspace Review - OldSojer - 01-14-2021

It seems pretty reasonable.

RE: Talkspace Review - Mister Happy - 01-15-2021

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