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Brazil or not for one week trip from US? - Lager - 01-19-2020

I live in Tokyo, but need to go for some time to US and I want to do one week trip somewhere south. The goals of the trip is to explore some unknown place and sleep with many decent looking women in their 20s.

There are two catches related to logistics. First, I will have only around 9 days. Catch number two is that I have to fly from the holidays directly to Tokyo. If I go to say, Brazil, then my flight back will take around thirty-ish hours, because I'm going to the opposite side of the planet Earth. This is under the assumption that I find good flights with decent layovers.

My background is that I'm mid 30s Eastern European guy, scrawny, balding, and below average looks. My game is weak. I don't speak any Spanish or Portuguese, and I'm not willing to learn due to the fact the I live in Asia. In the past I traveled to Peru and did well by pipelining on Tinder. Money for the trip is not a problem, but I don't pay for sex.

I am wondering what would be a good destination. A few places come to my mind:
  • Manaus, Brasil. Positives: I've never been to Brasil, so it's exciting; exploring Amazon seems like fun, I'm getting matches on Tinder easily and sources on the Internet suggest it's a pussy paradise. Negatives: rain season, difficult to fly to and back, and I don't speak any Portuguese.
  • Sao Paulo, Brasil. If I go to Manaus, I may want to check out Sao Paulo, because of the good connections to Manaus and Tokyo.
  • Arequipa, Peru. I did well in Lima, so Arequipa may work out well too. I don't like that it's in a country that I already visited.
  • Somewhere in Colombia. Everybody is raving about Colombia, but the hipster in my doesn't want to go to places that are mainstream.

Usually on a trip a little over a week I would try do two destinations. Ideally I would like to do Arequipa and Manaus, but it's really difficult to fly between the two. I am also open to going to weird places like Suriname or somewhere else where they might speak English.

What do you think? Where should I go?

RE: Brazil or not for one week trip from US? - Shaky - 01-19-2020

I would consider Cali, Colombia. I was there in May and it doesn’t have the feel you might get in Medellin, Cartegena, or Bogota. The women are beautiful, it’s not expensive, and you’ll have some exotic appeal because they don’t meet a lot of men from outside Latin America (or even outside Colombia).

I started a thread focusing on Cali and Bucaramanga somewhat recently; there’s a lot of info in there, from me and others.

If you don’t want to commit to Cali for the whole trip, Pereira and Manizales are a relatively short bus trip away and my friend met great looking women in both cities.

I would definitely use Latin American Cupid to pipeline.

RE: Brazil or not for one week trip from US? - Dash - 01-19-2020

I would pipeline brazil and colombia and see where you get the most interest and leads. Then go there.

You will have a cool experience in either place.

RE: Brazil or not for one week trip from US? - Rottenapple - 01-19-2020

I don't think Colombia is a good spot for a below average looks n game guy that doesn't speak Spanish. Peru is your easiest bet. Manaus could be interesting as well, but I've never been there. Cali is nice, but I wouldn't say its that easy at all. Nightlife is hard because of the table setup. Daygame without Spanish... Forget about it. So you would have to hope for some luck online, but there Bogota would be a better option for sure. Besides its also not a very beautiful city, is very hot and doesn't have any other redeeming qualities outside the girls.

RE: Brazil or not for one week trip from US? - Lager - 01-20-2020

I tried setting my location to different cities in in South America and I am getting matches in many places, but Manaus stands out as one of the easiest. I need to start chatting with those women to see if they are comfortable with English and to make sure that they are not pros looking for customers.

The advice about Peru for a below average dude with no Spanish abilities is spot on. I did well in Lima relying only on online game on Tinder and CouchSurfing. I may want to check out some other cities in Peru, but I think I prefer to explore new places.

I talked a few times with Colombian women I met at airports and on planes during my trips in Latin America. They were attractive, educated, and spoke good English. My sample may be bias though, because we are talking about travelers.

I think eventually everything will be decided based on the logistics of air travel. I really want to check out Manaus, but then it would be difficult to combine the trip with Peru. Colombia would be easier though (flight with COPA via Panama). The logistic of  going back to Japan is also interesting. It might be able to do a stop over in Ethiopia on the way back from Manaus, but that adds jetlag and makes the porting of the trip that can be expensed as business smaller.

RE: Brazil or not for one week trip from US? - Obermarschall - 01-20-2020

Try Peru for women but also check out some sites and do some activities while you are in Peru.
As for Brazil, if I were in your shoes...and I'd go to Manaus, idk if I would have much time left for women, as there is SO MUCH to see!
I remember a guy wrote a datasheet about Manaus where he said that many women were about P4P and that you couldn't rely on public transport. Just keep an eye on that.