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Online Game in Eastern Europe - on_the_go - 08-26-2019

Im begining to put my mind to an Eastern Europian trip once this stint of work is over. I'm not a complete stranger to Eastern Europe, having been to Poland, Romania, Ukraine and Russia, but Ive never gamed there. In fact, I've not even got myself an Eastern European flag! My aim is to change that.

A bit of context - I'm British, 30 years, white, tall, workout but not ripped. Definitely not a model. Got myself 65 notches and 16 flags to date, so not a complete novice but no international playboy.

My main strength in online game. Having read the threads on Eastern European countries here it seems online is tougher than say SEA or Latin America, perhaps because white guys stand out less? Anyway, if online game is your strength where in Eastern Europe is best to get that flag?

RE: Online Game in Eastern Europe - captain_shane - 08-27-2019

Are you really going to visit a country based on which one is the easiest to capture a flag via online game?

I really envy you guys that have so much time to travel that you can go to a country with the specific intention of sitting on a couch swiping right.

RE: Online Game in Eastern Europe - on_the_go - 08-27-2019

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought this was game forum? Is it unreasonable to ask for advice on a trip and where your style of game works best from a forum full of guys who travel and game and so have knowledge on the subject?

If you want to have time to travel maybe create a life that makes you less bitter first?

RE: Online Game in Eastern Europe - Cheeky_Chappy - 08-27-2019

st Petersburg (Russia) is great was having 2-3 dates a day via tinder but don't expect to find a 7 or over, will be mostly 6's 6.5 on occasion.

RE: Online Game in Eastern Europe - Menard - 08-27-2019

I agree that online gaming is lame but I think the OP has a valid question that isn't always talked about. Online game differs slightly from place to place. The type of photos you use, the bio, the openers, it doesn't always translate from one place to another and you have to adjust.

RE: Online Game in Eastern Europe - Cheeky_Chappy - 08-27-2019

once you get good at online game. there #1 things that makes the difference is...…….. The city.
im in Beirut right now and the population is 1million. I can line up 3-5 dates a week. that's sounds good to most guys. but when you go to a city with 3,5,10,15 million you can get 3-5 dates a day. proving girls don't flake which invenbiility happens.

my game is the same in different cities in different countries but the results vary wildly depends on the city. 

if you wanna focus on online game i would focus on the major cities with the highest population.e g moscow i was collecting 10 whatsapps a day. compared to Beirut of a few a day. same game. different city. population might be #1 factor.

RE: Online Game in Eastern Europe - Menard - 08-28-2019

Well, in my experience it hasn't been that simple.

For context, I'm South American:

1+ million South American city, a bit remote - overwhelming number of matches and great conversion rate.
1+ million South American city, popular destination - decent number of matches, OK conversion rate.
1+ million European city, popular destination - crickets.
~500k European city, remote - OK number of matches and numbers, bad conversion rate.

I haven't been in Europe for long but online isn't really working for me. I don't think population number is the only factor that matters.

RE: Online Game in Eastern Europe - 20Nation - 08-28-2019

I get tons of matches in Eastern Europe, but I find converting them is harder than a lot of other places.

RE: Online Game in Eastern Europe - Originale - 08-30-2019

Ukraine or Poland

If you want quality definitely Ukraine....you can bang pretty high quality there but not on ONS...you need to go through some dates.
ONS are possible but quality will not be great