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Ideal Age Range for Visiting Certain Destinations - Gwapito - 08-22-2019

Hoping to create a bit of discussion about what you guys believe the ideal age range is for a guy traveling to different cities/countries/regions. These should just be ideal ages, not hard rules. 

Let's take Southeast Asia for example - party islands such as Koh Phi Phi, Koh Phangan, Gili Trawangan and even certain parts of Bali are ideal if you are under 25, whereas a city like Manila are probably more suited to an older crowd as the age difference doesn't matter as much. 

Likewise in Europe a 40-year-old baller is going to have a lot more success in a city like Kiev than he would in a place like Magaluf or Zante.

Obviously there will be people that say age doesn't matter but there are definite advantages to being a young guy or an older guy in different parts of the world. 

So with that in mind, what are your ideal age ranges to visit different parts of the world?

RE: Ideal Age Range for Visiting Certain Destinations - Dali - 08-22-2019

Here's a portion of a similar post I made elsewhere regarding ideal age range for certain destinations based on my experience.

American college towns - Most of these are awesome to visit any time that you are reasonably college-aged (18-25). Take advantage if you have many friends who are attending other schools and visit them, they won't be there forever. My experience is based mainly on West Coast + UF. It is cheap as hell, and if you're not from the area you have natural exotic value which helps you with competing with the top guys at the school.
Spring Break spots (US/Mexico) - Do this before you're 25; if you're American, preferably while you're still in college. The scene is pretty trashy and it will definitely be hard to relate to people or fit in when older. If you missed it, don't worry too much, there's plenty of better places to go.
Las Vegas - I actually think this can wait until late 20s/30s. Definitely give it a shot anytime after you're 21, especially if you live close, but don't have your hopes too high as a younger guy. Vegas nightlife swings older than most party destinations (I would say ~29/30 is average age at most nightclubs) mainly because it is very expensive if you want to ball out. You will notice that the best-looking girls tend to be with older guys. I couldn't pull table scraps in Vegas until I was like 23, most girls would laugh me off on approach. My game was worse, sure, but my age didn't help.
Miami Beach - Similar to Las Vegas. Not saying you can't enjoy it as a younger guy, but you'll probably enjoy it more when you're older, have better game, and can afford the $20 drinks without flinching. Even more so than Vegas, I typically see the best looking women with guys in their 30s and 40s in Miami.
Music Festivals (EDC, Tomorrowland, Coachella, etc) - I would recommend going initially when younger, but there's nothing wrong with going to festivals in your mid/late20s and older IF you actually enjoy the music and scene. If you are only going for the chicks, it'll be harder to handle the grind of the heat/crowds when you're older. I personally love festivals and all kinds of music (house, "EDM", etc) and plan to keep going to festivals for the foreseeable future. Have yet to feel out of place.
Extreme sports (skiing, cliff jumping, etc) - Similar to the above, where you should try as many things as possible when younger, and if you enjoy it, keep doing it until your body says no.
Cheaper EU party destinations - Think Ios, Ayia Napa, Magaluf, and some others that I haven't been. The younger the better, basically. You can probably still swing it when older, but for shorter periods of time.
Pricier EU party destinations - This includes Mykonos, parts of Ibiza, Cannes, Marbella, St. Tropez. You can definitely do this when you're older, as long as you have the energy and the money. I went to Cannes and St. Tropez as a 20 year old and got zero play despite staying out till 7am most nights, then went back 6 years later and crushed it with half the effort.

RE: Ideal Age Range for Visiting Certain Destinations - Gwapito - 08-22-2019

Damn good info @Dali.

What would you say are ideal locations in Europe to hit up when you're around 25?

RE: Ideal Age Range for Visiting Certain Destinations - Dali - 08-22-2019

^ Honestly man, at that age you're pretty much good anywhere besides the grimiest youth places (which aren't really the best choices anyway for quality time and quality women). I'm only a little bit older, and just finished off a month-long trip through Europe where I had a blast at every stop.

I would pick a destination based on what your personal preferences are (do you prefer beach bars or beer pubs? do you prefer Scandi, Spanish, or Slavic girls?) as well as your bankroll (Ios is much cheaper than Cannes, for example) rather than what fits your age best.

RE: Ideal Age Range for Visiting Certain Destinations - El Puto Loco - 08-22-2019

Take it with a grain of salt. I have been hunting in the late 90s when I was in my 20s all over southeast Asia and was quite successful. I believe Asia still remains the place where younger guys are more successful with similar-aged or younger girls I would even venture to say that Western Europe and Asia nowadays are very similar in terms of age gaps between girls and guys.

When it comes to Eastern Europe unfortunately I don't have enough experience on that but I do have lots of knowledge in South America and Caribbean islands.

I believe in general that Latinas are much more interested in mature guys within a mature age range, even or should I say especially younger girls are very attracted to older guys. I am not talking about sugar daddies or provider relationships, I'm simply talking about these kind of girls love to have a mature conversation and are very attracted to that. They want somebody to look up to and can help them solving problems in their minds. The girls I have met in Latin America so far had never been about money but about the possibility of support them in becoming independent from their families and sometimes fucked up brothers.

Your game have to be really had on but you can hit up lots of these girls. Comparing that to Asian girls who truly don't care who you are as a foreigner and don't really want to know anything specific about you. They are too much in love with Instagram, Facebook and the others.

Another perspective I gained over the years is the fact that in more dangerous countries younger girls looking up to some sort of security and safety from an older guy who might be able to make wise decisions for them.

Don't worry I'm not a wise college professor or anything like that I'm just giving my perspective from over 27 years of hunting and endless amounts of girls.

RE: Ideal Age Range for Visiting Certain Destinations - zatara - 08-22-2019

Dali's post is good for the party spots.

For more general regions/normal cities, my experience is age difference is far more of an issue in the Anglosphere than anywhere else. Then a bit less so in continental Europe, less so again in South America/Eastern Europe, and finally the least problematic in South East Asia.

So theres definitely a rough hierarchy of regions to focus on as you age if you're traveling to game the locals. Its much better to hit up US college towns as a 23 year old than Bangkok - not because you won't have a fun time in Bangkok, but just because you can still go to Bangkok at 35 and have an amazing time. But at that age the US college towns are out. So best to hit the "age appropriate" areas while you still can.

RE: Ideal Age Range for Visiting Certain Destinations - Cheeky_Chappy - 08-22-2019

age definatley plays a part but also experience. a guy in his early 20s can be more travelled and experienced than a guy in his 40's 50's etc.
find what your target market is.
are you 18 and love milfs? Ukraine/russia can be gold for hot milfs
are you 40/50 and love 19 year old models. Ukraine can be good for that also.
ideally do party islands from 18 to whenever you get bored of them.
I think there are certain places you wanna wait til you get more experience before you go. eg. st Petersburg in Russia I wouldn't recommend as your first trip. but hey if you love Russian women when your 18...go for it.
comes down to whats your thing? and is it working for you?
theres gonna be guys who love asia girls can kill it in manilia when there 18 and when there in there 40s 50s.

if your young and go and women don't respond to you. maybe go back some years later.
if your old ad women don't respond to you. maybe pick a different destination or get a coach to see if your game needs improvement.

but as a general guideline id do the party islands when your young and backpack with buddies. around Europe before your 26 as after that it doubles In price on the eurorail.

if I was in my 40s/50's Ukraine is great option. providing your game is to a certain standard.
if your games not great maybe SEA would be better for you or you love easy asia girls.

I know different guys of different ages and different guys love different cities. even if there are of the same age.
it comes down to what you like
experiment with different cities and environments and naturally over time what your into can change or maybe not