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Prep for weekend event - Manbeline - 08-14-2019

I'm going to one of those comic con style conventions in the next two weeks. I've been a regular there, but I wanted to start exercising a lot of game tactics. I usually reserve such things outside my hobby place, but since I am assured of my fitness level and dominance stance, I'm ready to flaunt a little in an environment where there's a lot of beta men and a lot of attention whores. I have the rundown of how to keep myself, but a little preparation never hurt anyone. So looking to get a little advising to make sure I keep my head straight and to make sure I keep my masculine cool there. This environment should be relatively easy for anyone who knows even a little about game, but I'm not going to pretend I know everything. Add to this if you can.

  • Never bring myself down to a level of needy from any girl.
  • I am always the most valued prize in the room. Simply mindset even if I really not.
  • Lead, do not follow.
  • Never give the girl a pedestal, no matter how hot she is. Each girl there is going to have some mental insecurity, and as long as that is true, it's very easy to not fall into their spell.
  • Shrug off all shit tests.

RE: Prep for weekend event - Suits - 08-14-2019

  • Have the best costume.

[Image: Wonder-Woman.jpeg]

RE: Prep for weekend event - mike - 08-15-2019

lols @ "dominance stance."

I think you're overthinking this one OP. Why would you act any differently at this event compared to real life. Just talk to everyone and have a good time. If you see a girl you like, talk to her and later get her contact info.

RE: Prep for weekend event - vybe - 08-16-2019

Well, just remember one thing you can't force anything. If i were you, i would put my best foot forward and go with a natural flow. You will only get better with experience, and anything you force will lead to undesirable outcomes. You should flirt and speak with women, but remember these events are for you to have fun. Just enjoy yourself, and hold your frame. Have a good time, and women will naturally be drawn to you.` Some masculine principles of game are good, but if you start forcing your interactions, or come on way too strong. Don't over think it, and don't women be the main focus. You will just push women away from you, so go with the flow and have a good time!