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  If you were in College again, what would you do?
Posted by: Christoff - 02-23-2017, 01:47 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (50)

Hello guys

I'll skip to the chase. If you were in college all over, with what you know now about life, how would you do?
in regards of:
Even if you would skip it or not.

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  What is London Daygame Model ?
Posted by: Alexander - 02-22-2017, 07:24 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (1)

What is London Daygame Model ?

Is it only work in London (Uk) or rest of the world, is it worth to learn ?

Just Curious to know !

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  Making Money - Location independent
Posted by: L'innovateur - 02-21-2017, 09:23 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (76)

I want to start this new thread: How to make money but location independently.

We all dreaming of living the life of travelling the world and still earning a decent amount of money. But how we can do this? I studied International business and i still didn't figured it out how i can do itt. Now i work location dependent ( Sales) and it's not possible to do this location independent. So i'm looking for in the future to be able to work location independent.

Here are the jobs so far that i know  where u have that location flexibility:

- Translator

- Graphic designer

- IT jobs ( web development, software development, software engineer,..)

- Consulting

- Writing ( bloggers, ...)

- Copy editing

If somebody have more ideas on how to work location indepently, you're welcome to post them.

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  What are some Alpha male characteristics you should adapt ?
Posted by: Alexander - 02-21-2017, 05:01 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (11)

I heard no one get better pus*y than an Alpha male. so, I'm curious to know what is Alpha male and Alpha Male characteristics that every man should adapt that also help to getting laid.

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  Your Top 5 ratings on countries with most "Conservative" girls
Posted by: Alexander - 02-21-2017, 12:15 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (9)

I know guys it's hard to Analyse and judge the whole Nation, but guys I'm curious to know "which countries according to you are more conservative towards dating and sex than others (Particularly top 5 or top 10 kinda list)

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  What is "Red" and "Blue" pill ?
Posted by: Alexander - 02-21-2017, 11:58 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (13)

What is "Red" & "Blue" pill concept ?

Can you Explain ?

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  FREAKS Stories
Posted by: baimu - 02-20-2017, 10:27 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (15)

Lets share here our funny/freaky/shocking stories with freaks  Smile


I matched with that Tinder pinay few days before arriving in Manila. She was looking alright, nothing amazing but as I had only a few days in Phili I wasnt going to be too picky.
As soon as I told her i was arriving the friday night at 2am, she offered me to pick me up at the airport and join her sister birthday party. I wasnt too keen but kept her on hold. She added that I cud also spend the night at her place.


One hour before leaving Taiwan, I still had nothing booked for the night in Manila, so I text the girl and told her that if someone was sober enough to pick me up at the airport, Id be happy to join. She agreed.

3 hours later, I arrive at the airport, and found the chick waiting for me with a chubby ladyboy (more boy than lady) and a tom boy. Well, thats lucky I wasnt expecting for a group of welcoming hotties !

As we make our way to the car, I find out that she is fairly tipsy. Im lazy to cancel the plan so I let her drive us to some poor area of Manila. We stoppe to get beers and food. Im paying for the goods and decide that I cant be too much of a tight ass since she invites me to stay at her place for free.

We arrive at her fairly nice house but against all hopes thats her family home, so I got to meet her dad. Clearly not my idea of a good pre-smashing warm up. We finally start drinking and at least I can enjoy some Red Horse, was 2 years since my last ones.

The ladyboy and tomboy leave around 6am, and my chick tells me "Before we go to bed, lets visit my dead auntie" Im like what the hell, thats a lot to go thru for a fuck, but I keep it inside and agree. We walk to a house nearby, enter in a living room occupied by half-sleeping relatives and stop in front of one of those coffin with an open trap that shows the dead auntie's upper body. Well, Im sure she looked better alive, but I keep that for myself and we shortly return to my tinder chick's home.

In her bedroom, I try to chase out of my mind her dead and alive relatives and we start making out. Real quick she asks me to eat her pussy, which I dont mind doing, but as soon as I start she says "Eat me but I dont eat you ok" Hum, thats a first! I groan and think "you can count on that slut.." I dont let the licking last too long and then shove my cock in her mouth. After one minute of that she unsurprisingly asks me to put it in her pussy. She got a loose cunt but except that offers a fair doggystyle root.

When we wake up, I got to push her away a few times cause we used the only condom we had. And on my way to the bathroom I meet daddy again, who tries to pressure me to get macdo for everyone. Luckily tinder slut takes my side and says I got no cash left. I decide to get the fuck out of there as quick as possible and get a uber back to Makati.

The cherry on the cake, a few months after, I text her about an other subject, and after reflirting with me, she tells me she is going to New York to live with her husband, that she already had when I smashed her in daddy's home. Apparently at the time, she told her father I was her husban's best friend. LOL.
Too bad for the new yorker, who's white, young and fairly good looking. I think he needs to read Swoop the world a bit..

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  Warsaw datasheet - Warsaw diaries
Posted by: L'innovateur - 02-20-2017, 07:05 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (14)


It will now be one month and half that i'm staying in Warsaw, Poland. Poland is often described in many other forums as one of the best countries in Europe when it comes down to girls .

I will share my knowledge so far:

Daygame options:  The green café nero coffeeshops are my favorite places to do daygame, the zloty terrace is good as well.

Nightlife options: 

-There is a bar street called mazowiecka, the best club for me there is Enklawa. This street is better to visit during the week ( a lot of students are there then) but it is usually a huge sausage fest.

- Capitole club: this is my favorite club, great ratio's , get there in before 12 , approach a few girls and you can't go wrong

-Opera club: this club sucks, a bit Porsche place with terrible ratio's

As soon as i visited more clubs, i will put more information.

Online game:

Poland sucks for online game, tinder will be the best bet but girls will flake a lot ( they are scared to meet somebody they never saw in real life and you have a lot of polish creeps in there). I got maybe 5% response rate and i meet up with maybe 1 % of them.

My stats so far:

Only 1 lay so far ( i'm working 5-6 days a week and all the rest go to gaming). My only bang came from daygame.

My general thoughts so far on the city and the girls here:

Most polish girls are really conservative and not easy to get laid. In Warsaw, you have a lot of ukrainian girls as well, that's a good point either.
I have to work my ass off for medicore quality and not that satisfying results( which was in asia so much easier, even in Korea), so it's a bit dissapointing so far.

Yes polish girls are friendly and approachable and they are not that annoying as western girls , although they can be a bit boring but they are not easy to get laid. Scoring ONS will be really hard, daygame will your best bet.

Warsaw: it's a city full of careerwoman, they are hard to date. Nightgame is tough here, girls here are not that handsome but don't get me wrong, it's still better then any other city in West - europe or North-America.  I will make up the final balance in july, but here are my toughts so far.

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  Day Game (Guide)
Posted by: Alexander - 02-20-2017, 10:08 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (16)

I'm from India, I'm new in Gaming (Day Game), I'm still learning, unfortunately I haven't approach any girl yet, First I want to understand the tactics related to game. 

I tried to read books about picking up chicks, but I haven't complete any of them (cause due to my studies) but all books have some common and uncommon things.....I'm really confused which advices I stick with.....so guys I need help 

Can you please post your own Day Game tactics so I can analysis them and make adjustments according to Indian logistics. 


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Heart Tinder game
Posted by: ViceHunter - 02-20-2017, 07:13 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (23)

What are your main strategies on Tinder? Clearly it is great for pipelining as you can set your location once you get Tinder plus. Also a lot of the girls seem to be sluts, as it is known as a hookup app. My usual strategy here in the Philippines is pretty basic, but has yielded good results.

I will open with "Hi, how are you", unless the girl has opened first. They usually say something similar.

I will then ask "Where are you from", and chat a bit more. After a little more conversation I will get their number and arrange to meet up from there.

I get the feeling this approach wouldn't work so well in other countries, however. I'm interested to know what works for you guys. Do you hide your age or distance? Smart photos? I don't hide my age or distance, but I do have smart photos turned on, and the order of my photos does change occasionally. The photos I have are mostly me alone, but I have a couple where I'm with male friends. Again, I'm curious which photos you guys have on there.

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