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Boyfriend Destroyers
I usually don't go for girls with boyfriends, but if one is motivated enough, what's your go to move?
You need to read 20's keylogger book. All girls are constantly looking for a better option. I think it is hard wired in there DNA. when I approach I never ask if they're single. I just assume it. But don't game a girl if you know her boyfriend or husband personally. A good go to line I use if I get the "sorry I have a boyfriend" I come back with "oh? Just one? I thought you would have 2 or 3" (smile)
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I remember the keylogger book. It taught me never to try a LTR, for example. Tom Terero had a good YouTube video about this that there are no good or bad girls only those that haven't presented with the right opportunity and those that haven't been caught.

I still read it from time to time to keep my white knight tendencies suppressed
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Yeah, you can take a girl from her boyfriend, but a lot depends on the situation. A girl can be in love and will still make you a backup plan if you are a clear upgrade from her current boyfriend. You have to read the situation and act accordingly. If she's not in love, obviously it will be a lot easier to get in, but usually it takes time and is more of a slow process.

Give her your instagram (hopefully you have been working on it to use it as a dhv) then talk to her more and more in an entertaining way (fun conversations, teases, etc). Then, when they fight or something, you will be the guy she runs to and there you go. And this is only necessary if its a good relationship. If its a crap relationship, it can go even more smoothly than this.

The key logger
Yeah I learned a ton from having the key logger. 9 girls out of 10, cant be trusted. 10 girls out 10 will lie to you. But, I also learned that maybe 5% of girls (or less) will be as loyal to you as possible (my polish girl only lied to me once in two years and it was a small thing). But my game with THE polish girl was tight and I'm sure thats part of why she was so loyal and honest (she was in love with me the whole time). So, yes you can't trust most girls, but there are girls that, as long as you game them well, they are just honest people and will be completely loyal to you.
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After reading 20's reply it sounds like a lot of work for just a maybe she will call you when her man fucks up. There are plenty of girls out there. Don't get hung up on one girl. She better be amazing
Like Shaen said, I never bring it up myself. If a girl wants to cheat or break up, she WILL. Whether you are that guy or the next one. If she's still in love with the guy, go for slow game. But better focus your energy on other girls.

My last date the girl had a picture of her boyfriend as her phone background. I saw it during the date but I simply ignored it. After I banged her I asked her if it was ineed her boyfriend.

Girl: "Yeah... it's my bf but we are in a open relationship"
THC: "Does he know that too?"
Girl: "Not yet, lol"
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Man I need to get on that IG game, I've been fighting it like an old man fights technology haha

I never assume boyfriend unless they explicitly tell me, that's a given. If I can't get them the first night I usually let them go. Been meeting way too many girls during the day interested with boyfriends and husbands.
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(02-20-2017, 05:33 PM)TravelHardcore Wrote: Girl: "Yeah... it's my bf but we are in a open relationship"
THC: "Does he know that too?"
Girl: "Not yet, lol"

Ahahaha slut got no shame.
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Haha I think that entirely depends on the relationship with the girl (some girls will date guys just because they know their parents will hate them). Which could both be decent strategies Wink
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My go to line is:

she: I have a boyfriend
me: SEXUAL EYE CONTACT + SEXUAL TONE "I don't want to be your boyfriend...(pause and eye fuck her)...but I still want to take you for coffee.

its 80% in the delivery and sub communication. (your eyes, your tone, your pause...)

your basically being honest and saying "I don't want to be your boyfriend but I still want to invite you out and try and fuck you"
1 in 3 girls say ok.

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