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Can Pinays Get Mad?
One of Tezza's posts from his recent cunt hunt to the Philippines mentions some girls getting "mad" if he cancels. I started to think about my experiences with pinays in hong kong and the phils, and I can't ever remember one getting "mad" or "angry" in the standard westernized version of it. I recall my mom doing month long freeze outs on my dad and just feeling the anger waves rolling off her. I've never got that with pinays, despite the endless wrongs I have inflicted on them. Granted, they get crazy... oh so crazy. Like chop your balls off crazy. But its very different than the filthy bile river of anger that American women seem always on the verge of entering. Even when a pinay seems to be angry, I've found with a tickle or a kiss or a gift they will be immediate putty again. This is not the case with vindictive american biatches who carry their anger like a badge.

I don't know if that's enough of an intro, but I would be curious what others think about the capacity for true anger with pinays. Anecdotes welcome!
To us Westerners, they have more patience and are more forgiving. We hold the power in the relationship. Usually, speaking. Ive had some pinays tell me they burned all their Western boyfriends / husbands clothes or broke his electronics before when they got angry.

Now when it comes to other locals, they can for sure get mad.
I used to (almost exclusively) date one here in Manila. Originally from a wealthy family in the province.
Girl has been spoiled by her parents all her live, and therefore used to get what she wants. So this girl got mad a few times over really petty things when I didn't go with her liking. Usually she would just shut up and ignore me when she was mad. But 2 or 3 times she went all crazy. Kicking and screaming and all the like.
This was true anger. I have seen this only once with my ex-gf back in Holland (in my beta days), but it wasn't pointed at me.

Let's add a short anecdote.
Little background is required. So I have this American friend her in Makati. He fucks random girls from Tinder and the like. This girl knows that and doesn't like him.
I had a phone that has been repaired countless times by filipinos, so still a loose screen and no back etc. very fragile. This phone holds my google authenticator which i need to login to my crypto exchanges, where most of my total assets are at that time.
It's halloween. I'm doing freelance work at home, and very busy that day. Girl is supposed to come over that night. No plans made. Girl keeps nagging me on whatsapp, why I keep replying with yes, no and ok. Thinks I made plans with American, which i didn;t.
Later she comes over, is at my bed and I'm finishing some work at my pc. THen she asks if the American invited me for that night. He didn't. At the same time i get a message from him, hey let's go out tonight it's halloween.
Girl gets mad at me, thinks i made plans to go out with him, didn';t want her to come over and now want to get rid of her. Asks me again if het invited me, and i say yes just 10 seconds ago. Says I'm lying blabla. Wants to see my phone, and I decide to show her that he just invited me to shut her up. Tries to grab my phone but i won't let her. Almost breaks it trying to pull it out of my hand. I go totally mad, it takes a lot of trouble to recover your account when you lose google authenticator (believe me, it happened 2 weeks later to me). So I'm protecting my fragile phone from her. I saw it literally bend when she pulled it. You can imagine I also got a bit aggressive at this point. She starts to yell that i;m hiding shit in my phone. She went all crazy. kicked me trying to get my phone. Kept screaming and yelling, trying to punch me. And man this girl could scream. I bet my mom could hear it back in Holland.
Anyway i got hold of my phone, took a step back, and told her to get the fuck out of my house immediately. She kept yelling so I pushed her out.
An hour later she came back calmed down, apologized and wanted to talk it out.

So what had happened. This girl got hold of that guys phone#. I don't know exactly how, but I think I sent her a screenshot of a conversation with him before, before I saved his number.
She suspected me of not wanting her to come over because I was planning to go out with the American, but was scared to tell her. So when she was here, and didn't get the attention she wanted (i was still finishing work), she texted him asking if he had invited me. He thought I made up some story to her, so I could go fuck other girls, so he tried to cover by saying yes, we're going out tonight. Sent me a quick invite so I could show her.
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Wow @usmanican.. that is anger!  And totally fucking irrational which I have seen time and again with them.

It is notable how she returned quickly after and tried to repair. From what I have seen the anger does not remain long, and the makeup sex is always incredible.
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