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Can Pinays Get Mad?
One of Tezza's posts from his recent cunt hunt to the Philippines mentions some girls getting "mad" if he cancels. I started to think about my experiences with pinays in hong kong and the phils, and I can't ever remember one getting "mad" or "angry" in the standard westernized version of it. I recall my mom doing month long freeze outs on my dad and just feeling the anger waves rolling off her. I've never got that with pinays, despite the endless wrongs I have inflicted on them. Granted, they get crazy... oh so crazy. Like chop your balls off crazy. But its very different than the filthy bile river of anger that American women seem always on the verge of entering. Even when a pinay seems to be angry, I've found with a tickle or a kiss or a gift they will be immediate putty again. This is not the case with vindictive american biatches who carry their anger like a badge.

I don't know if that's enough of an intro, but I would be curious what others think about the capacity for true anger with pinays. Anecdotes welcome!
To us Westerners, they have more patience and are more forgiving. We hold the power in the relationship. Usually, speaking. Ive had some pinays tell me they burned all their Western boyfriends / husbands clothes or broke his electronics before when they got angry.

Now when it comes to other locals, they can for sure get mad.

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