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Need Help... Please
yep any pharmacy
I 100% disagree that all Filipina women fuck the same. Just read the latest article from Cebu. They range from terrified and shaking to riding your cock like a rodeo star.  I have never had the diversity of sexual experience (except maybe in Brazil) as in the Phils.

Once you get it down, you'll start hunting for friends that are DTF together. You'll be surprised how easy it is.  If you're into it, first step is something like this.

"Meet me at the mall at 7"


"Bring a friend"

"Really, that's ok?"

"Of course. I want to get to know everything about you"

"Great, I'll bring Gretta"

"Send a pic of her"

They always send pic

Either "cool, she's hot"  or "no, pick another friend"

You will have to take it from there, but you want to build the potential of a 3 way early, but also begin pitting them against each other. The girl will respond to the competition to her own friend, yet the friendship/sharing loyalties will eventually get you in bed together. The key is to very subtly build this tension/potential during the date, but not too obviously. If you make it obvious what you're after, they will shut it down. You need to keep them on the edge guessing about which one you want. Once you get them back to your place (same strategies you would use for solo dating) you crank up the heat. I usually do this by isolating one and begin making out. NEVER go further than kissing before bringing in the other one. If you've built the tension correctly, the other will be jealous and join.  Once you are kissing them both, the game is over.  Don't necessarily expect /encourage/demand they do anything to each other. If it happens great, if not, just go with it. Setting this up is a whole different game.

Good luck!
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Wow Kpop if that shit works with Filipinas that is awesome. Reminds me of a time, but did not work out. I was having a small party at my house. One girl was there that liked me, and she brought her friend who was hotter. I was sitting, had one girl on each side. We were all getting really friendly, laughing, sharing same drinks, sharing same cigarette, with both girls. I was thinking a threesome might happen, if I could get them in a room. Then I started kissing and making out with the hotter friend. The other girl saw this, got jealous, pissed off, took her friend and they both left. Okay they were American girls, maybe harder, but still I have not managed to get a threesome going.
I think pinay girls are naturally hornier than most other girls. It doesn't mean there arent a lot of virgins with little experience and also many you will meet online with a ton of experience, but from what i've seen... those girls love sex.
Jason those strategies would rarely or never work with American bitches. Of course I could never get more than one of them in a room I could tolerate. Asians, especially Pinays and Indos are more naturally bisexual. Not that they're just ready to munch down on box, they just don't have the same pre-determined conceptions about everything that American women. Have you noticed American women seem to have an opinion on evvvvverything?  Pinay women just seem to go with it, including getting naked with each other Big Grin
meh, i disagree with just about everything kpop says in every thread lol

the odds of having a threesome are low, the odds of you wasting your time on a boring 'date' with a third wheel are high

and even if you get one 9 times out of 10 it is going to be one girl hiding under the covers or in the bathroom while you bang the other and then maybe switching.... not a terrible way to spend an evening mind you, but them actually interacting is going to be extremely unlikely
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yea, i concur.

i wouldn't be counting on having a 3some.

might would entertain the thought IF the girl tells me she is bi and has some girls in mind who would like to get freaky.

however, ive been going to the philippines for awhile now, and never had a girl come out and tell me all that.
Day 3/4:

It’s been a wild few days. Met up with girl 2 at night on day 3 after I had spent the day exploring Manila. This girl has a great body. Really slim and tall for a Filipina. She’s the worst kisser in the history of time though, seriously it’s ridiculous. Anyway, at night on day 3, she met me outside the lobby of the Airbnb and after a quick chat we went upstairs. We just talked for about 3-4 hours until it was time to go to sleep since we had to get up at 3am for the bus to take us to Puerto Galera. Got the lay after a lot of cuddling etc. Granted we had been flirting a lot for over a week so I was expecting it.

So after about 4 hours of travel we arrive in Puerto Galera on day 4. It’s just been an all day fuck fest I’ve lost count and I’m exhausted. It’s almost 5pm now and we’re heading out to get dinner.

I also haven’t checked tinder for a few days but today I opened it up and since I’ve got tinder gold I can see who liked me and I’ve got 49 likes... I’m convinced now if you stayed here for 6 months your dick would fall off. It’s just unbelievable.

I’ve got photos I can upload (not showing face) but I don’t know how could anyone help?
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make an imgur account. then link or embed the pic.
Great news Tezza!  Happy to hear things are going well.

How is Puerto Galera?  I've never been there. How is the pulling potential for a solo traveler?
Thanks Dash and K pop. I will try to uploading some pictures.

Honestly it’s not good for a solo traveller. Its fairly quiet during the day and at night it does come alive but there isn’t many young Filipinos or tourist girls to bother coming here. Lots of lady boys too.

Still a great place to come and see and it’s a nice change from Manila.

I’m heading back go Manila for a few more nights today. Staying in Makati.

After that would you go down to Cebu?

And not sure if I should try and bring a girl with me from Manila OR just meet a new girl in Cebu to bring to Bohol or Coron etc still haven’t decided yet.
PG is a sexpat town
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DONT bring a girl from Manila--if you bring one she becomes your responsibility. Cebu city is absolutely crawling with talent, and if you meet a nice one there you can bring her to the many beaches around Cebu. 

If you wanna do something weird, take the bus a couple hours south out of Cebu City and swim with the whale sharks in Oslob. Its probably not very ecologically conscience, but its quite a trip. Then you could go further down and take a ferry to Dumaguete. This is my favorite city in the Phils. Rent a motorbike and cruise around and up to Valencia, where the air is better. University game in Dumaguete is absolutely dynamite!  The girls there are so nice.
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Thanks k pop really appreciate it man

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