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Impregnating women and not having to pay child support?
Thanks for the laugh man, not made my morning, but not far from it. Sure it's pure trolling (hopefully, if not it's sick and being a coward, opposite of what you should be as an alpha) but I found it so over the top that it's hilarious. And I prefer to see that than people complaining.
First off you sound like a douche. Growing up not knowing who one of you parents is can't be easy for any kid, things are probably made worse when your mom has no good things to say about your dad because he bounced after making promises or was just a random fling. If you're looking forward to knocking up chicks who look different from you please keep in mind that mixed kids get treated pretty poorly in some countries. In some poor countries some of the more "good girls" tend to eventually marry a local dude, some of whom are not very accepting of bastards from previous relationships.

Sounds like your main concern is what if any financial consequences will there be. That depends largely on where you're from and where she is. If you're a US citizen then your kid will likely (so far Trump hasn't fixed this loophole) have a right to US citizenship. As such if your kid with or without a parent legally enters the US they will have a right in most states to ask for access to the social safety net. At that point you may be forced to pay child support to offset the cost of access to the safety net. If the kid's mom enters the country she may also be able to take you to court for child support. 

What do I think you should do? Wear a condom or get a vasectomy prior to your trip. If you just feel some odd desire to get a chick pregnant I'd recommend you don't. There's way too many poor people in the world and you adding more isn't going to help. Donate to a sperm bank if you just want to randomly spread your seed.
Cumming inside a girl is idiocy, particularly if you are gonna fuck her again soon. I want absolutely nothing to do with my own fluids, and they look much better on her chest and lips where it can be washed off or swallowed.

I'm now 38 and have dodged countless impregnating bullets. Before I go abroad again I'm getting the snip. I'm 99% sure I never want kids and if the 1% comes along (which would probably be settling down with a girl I really love and giving her a kid to keep her busy), I'll just get a reversal.
I would advise avoiding impregnating and abandoning women for the sake of your future children and lovers. However, I will answer on how would one theoretically impregnate women without being forced to pay for the children.

The only way I can imagine how one can impregnate women without financial consequences is to always run away as far as you can so that the women can't try to get money from you.

Essentially you have to hide your true identity from the women you sleep with and never let yourself get caught.

Become an untouchable drifter by disappearing from the grid when you want to leave the women you slept with.

Again, I would advise to avoid impregnating and leaving random women for the sake of a foolish fetish.
Listen; If you really want to spread your nasty genes then go to a sperm bank, jerk off in a cup, and you could impregnate hundreds of women who are actually looking for sperm. Although I do suspect you are some ugly-ass middle-aged truck driver, so expect your sperm will die in the tube.
lol username checks out

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