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The Vietnam Thread

pm me your zalo number. go grab a beer sometime.

check if we eskimo brothers lol
China is arresting Europoors and Africans teaching illegally in China in every city left and right. My contact said they just did a huge raid in Shenzhen today.

I predict they're going to be coming to Vietnam in huge droves now. The teaching industry here is going to be devastated and utterly fucked. Dashie is going to be competing with Slavs for $5 dollar an hour teaching jobs soon, lol.
^ Paging Suits for some verification.

As for Vietnam and China, the future is tough to predict. Maybe folks will teach legally or do something else.
fucked around and now got potential problem.

visa expires next month.

passport expires in 5 months.

so must get new passport before new visa.

they said it takes 2 weeks to get new passport. if it arrives in 2 weeks i am fine.

if it takes early 3 im ok also. but if it takes late 3 to 4 weeks i am fucked.

wasted airline tickets and apartment bookings. overstay visa fine and possible banning from vietnam.
Viet girls have a creepy habit of taking your picture when you aren't looking or noticing.

Happened to me a few times. Anyone notice this

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