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Greece is the newest pussy paradise...
Dear Chistos,u made a huge mistake doupting my resources,im going one by one to saw u who 's honest,and who's (between us) does n't contribute to this forum better info.
apparently as Greek u may feel kind uncomfortable by what international press (all posted here by me are well respected sources, telling about Greece's current state) from famous chicks magazine (Marie Claire) to bbc,daily mail and also zerohedge (site dedicated to fin. info).....

first of all,i inspired doing my resource by listening to a close pal accounts over his trip to Greece,for almost 15 days him and a friend of him,had many encounters with sexy greek chicks.obviously after seeing his pics,my doubts were gone.till then,knew nothing about greece (few thinks that guess we all know,nothing special).such pics of horny beautiful sexy gurls made me wonder.....what makes a such a beautiful creature to go on bed with a guy who's chubby,bald and by all accounts not that attractive,we talk a guy who 's in the middle of his 50's right?

then i imagined and for a good reason obviously,that behind such attitudes,certain socioeconomic dynamics are responsible,for my pals success....and i was u saw,on my report i bring resources which all well established,and have been published by this planet's most respected media.on your last message u said,that there's probably some girls in greece quite desperate for exchange food with sex,excuse me sir,but such a case is not normal for a country who claims that's colombia,with all of it's problems never striked me such a if u red the article good,u have then see that talks about an oficial revue of Athens university....a city with 18.000 prostitutes
(according to study)

well enough with that.u mention that girls on posted pics aren't greek,and that comment pissed me off sir.because i only wanted to contribute to this forum better info....but let's get pics one by one....
on my first message i have include the pic of a young greek whore,the way it appeared on an article about p4p in greece.

all other pics to theyr majority are shown greek women....(at most there's a description below,which writes greek women on line....and u can also read theyr names)
is it false,that greece's most well paid model before crisis (julia alexandratou) has turned to porn actress? how normal is that....for a country that's rich as u normal is for an ex Miss of a national beauty contest,in whatever country to do the same,but in greece (nikoletta romanou)had made it.

u know it happens to have a subscription to play this case i have an access to its it a lie,that on julys edition 2010 for greek playboy (when greece's bancrupty started)main article had title :Emergency exit!!reffering to mass exodous of hot greek chicks outside the country in order to find employment (what type of employment,remains mysterious)

on my other refference regarding the mass exodus of greek chicks towards article written on greek playboy,we read the story of a greek chick named roberta georgiadi which she talks about how easy 's life there
and how incredible sex had made under the stars inside typical arabic tents....over carpets(and yes is the girl,in which appears on the front page of greek playboy-the one that is dedicated to mass exodous of greek chicks to the gulf states.

u didn't really said something chistos,over an article i posted talking about the influx of greek young ladies into london's sex that a sign that again has to do with a timy minority....or is a sign(sad) that talk's over Greece's current state of despair?

and yes the sexy greek girl i posted,on my last quite greek.i never thought (contrary to you) to start a conversation,by bringing false info.anyway in order to kick away any doubts over info i posted.

last day's hooker page :

and a new greek babe...who immigrated from greece....and for a good reason.....
[img][Image: 1459289179_staff_896_56fafc5b3e091_wm.jpg]sube[/img]

so dear Chistos next time u doubt someone be aware,that ur claims may not well the end is about forum's members to choose (based on facts)who is offering solid info....and who's claims false stuff (of course m talking about the two of us.
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Well, It's kind of weird to take reference on the stiuation of women from X country based on mens magazines.

Greece looks awesome, I want to go some day. Hows cost of living there rightnow, compared to Barcelona ?
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Beautiful country, good food but in my experience greek girls tend to stick with greek men. Using Tinder as a litmus test my nordic features didn't fly at all. Pretty much only matched with other tourists.
well,it's true that we can only imagine whats going on there (since the place does not belong to traditional sex tourism destinations)

would be quite important just see what greeks say themselves over such a thing.
a greek site mention that in Athens many chicks are doing sex for 5 euros!!!
while may not such a think includes the hotter ones,i guess in a city with over 18.000 hookers...
someone can have a huger variety to choose!

Athens nights,pic by a greek site.
[Image: g32.png]
greek hooker on a highway
[Image: greek_hooker_7.jpg]
There is a very limited number of prostitutes at the streets and most of the girls there are from other Balkan countries and Africa.. They are mainly at shitty areas/streets of Athens and there is lots of HIV and other diseases there.

Anyway end of discussion here because no one in this forum is interested in prostitution and paid sex. WE are all about gaming ordinary normal girls, seducing them infield solely depending on our skills that we have developed over the time, definitely not by paying them any money.
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Pussy paradise or not these girls can get it.
I know they speak Greek, but do they speak either English or Spanish?
It should be noted that just because prostitution is de facto or de jure legal in a place, doesn't mean said place is a "pussy paradise."

Just look at Germany or the Netherlands. More or less legal, but nobody goes there just for the normal girls.

I certainly wouldn't go back for them.

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