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20Nation and THC in the Philippines
(01-05-2018, 07:06 AM)beefey Wrote: If you're staying BGC you're the prize... Sure there are really well to do chicks whos daddy is loaded but most don't have much.

I had pretty good luck with Tinder but you gotta look out for the semi-pros. I banged it out with one of them with the explicit understanding she was coming for sex and leaving, no money. After she gave me some sob story about her mom that was probably a lie... I fried her eggs out of the kindness of my heart.

[Image: kaixl0.jpg]

Hey eskimo brother I banged that chick. I just thought she was a slutty girl. Came straight to my place at like 11 pm. Never asked for money though not even for a way to get home. Maybe she has realized she can get money banging foreigners since I met her.
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Just got my second bang for the year, girl was under 90lbs and the smallest I've had.

I need help guys with a system. I was going to daygame, but it seems unnecessary. I did pick up a number yesterday, but it was because I was about to meet that girl and needed to warm up. Only made me a little late. I have loads of msg on Tinder, Bumble and just started using Badoo. I have over 20+ msg on Badoo and filtered it to 18-22 yo. I also have mass likes even though I put in my profile I can't see who likes me bc I'm not paying for that service. 50+ on tinder filtered to 18-22yo. And lots in queue at 3mi distance only. Bumble is a little dry, but still have 20 convos and matches almost every day.

Basically Im swamped and these girls all talk on different systems, some normal text, viber or whatsapp. I then have to go back and look through the msg to see what we talked about so I don't ask again. Its getting confusing. Anything you guys do to make it simpler. I do have age figured out all girls are currently 18-22 but I must have 20 convos going at any one time.

One positive is my bad text game just a couple weeks ago is so much better. I'm screening hard and girls aren't putting up a defense. I'm also escalating through text and laying a lot of ground work so these girls know the deal and they're playing along. Lots of teasing. That smirk emoji is your best friend.

Any help is appreciated.
Learn to work with Excel sheets. It will automate priority with numeric or alpabetically.

Name - age - app (whatsapp/viber) - her location (where she lives) - Attractiveness (1-10) DTF (0,1 or 2,). Let me explain the DTF collumn.

DTF 0 means not sure if she is DTF or not, still need more information, need more escalating, need some warming up to take them to DTF1/DTF2.
DTF 1 means she is DTF in the right circumstances, meaning maybe need a few drinks or coffee date, some girls need to meet u first and little talk before they going home with you.
DTF 2 means 100% DTF, they will go straight to your place without any LMR.

Hope this helps mate. Good luck.
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When I first started traveling to the Phils I would use different "systems" to keep track of talent, willingness, blah blah.  If that sort of thing is intriguing to you, then do it. There are plenty of systems on this site and all over the net. I have found that in the Phils they are absolutely unnecessary. There are so many willing girls I just do the shotgun approach. I find some hot ones in my queu at a given moment and send a mass message to meet me somewhere. I just go to the designated spot and inevitably one or some show up.  Then I just see what happens. What do with a gaggle of girls who don't know each other is advanced game, but trust me it works out if you know what you're doing--or usually even ify ou don't. Almost always somebody or many come, and if they don't I just move to daygame. Metro Manila is so crawling with willing women it doesn't even matter. The last few times I used very little online game because when you meet in person, theres no chance of secret internet fatties, flakes, or other bullshit. You know what the score is immediately. You can also easily assess DTF aptitude.  Last time I was at Greenbelt I bought a few bikinis and just walked around asking girls if they wanted to come over to swim. They laughed so hard when they said "I would but I don't have a swimsuit" and I pulled out some. I did this like 3 or 4 times and had a girl or girls coming over within 30 minutes each time. One time I talked to like 15 girls before one came, but out of those I probably got 5 or 6 numbers. These girls just wander around the all with nothing to do, and the prospet of swimming in a fancy apartment with a foreigner is interesting to them.

  I need to be honest here. In the Phils I really don't care that much if its a 6 or 7 or even 8 if her body is good.Yes I do like the challenge of trying for a 9, but there are so few of those that I don't bother much. I actually look more at body language and the way a woman moves, which is more indicative of the quality of lay. That's of way more interest to me than the shape of her nose.
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if you are a busy person then day game is a waste of time, it is very slow and you don't get much for your time.... if you have nothing better to do then its a great way to kill some time
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Really good advice guys I appreciate all the insight.
I use a class system S class is a special girl, A is a great girl, B is decent and C class just seems bangable. I love comparing girls to cars, so this always helps Wink And it's so easy to add a letter next to a girls name in your phone. Even if she sees the C, you can just be like "Oh your last name isnt Cassel?"
same as above but with numbers, the rare 9 or 8 get a number next to their name, the 6's and 7's dont
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Do the hookers get an H or a $?
(01-13-2018, 08:20 PM)20Nation Wrote: I use a class system S class is a special girl, A is a great girl, B is decent and C class just seems bangable. I love comparing girls to cars, so this always helps Wink And it's so easy to add a letter next to a girls name in your phone. Even if she sees the C, you can just be like "Oh your last name isnt Cassel?"

lol sometimes I get the question "why do I have a 7 on my name ?"
You guys let the girls see your phone contacts and chat apps? I'ts none of their business, even if they are not just pump n dump and be a GFE for a few weeks. It's all about respect and boundaries. My phone is my private stuff, no other person is suppose to see unless I give permission.

Never have had girls looking into my phone, without asking first. They know their place in our relationships. Guys, make sure u let the girls know and set boundaries, otherwise they gonna get in all your shit, including making copy of your passport.
Naturally when you're bored laying in bed and chatting other girls they may see your phone. Who gives a fuck?  I have never ever had a girl actually care about this. 20 or THC wrote in a thread one time that its actually good for a girl to see a stray hair from another girl around your place. This is so true, and also applies to phones. The jealousy brings them closer. No I don't hand over my phone. But a little over the shoulder action never hurt anything.

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