Who is 20Nation and How Did He Pay For His First International Adventure?

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Who is 20Nation and How Did He Pay For His First International Adventure?


I’ve been writing on Swoop the World for quite a few years now and I haven’t gone a ton into who I am and where I came from. I didn’t have the typical American upbringing and I’m pretty sure it was what made me the horn dog I am today. You might also be surprised the unusual way I paid for my first international adventure.


Help me with my book

The following are 3 chapters from my upcoming book on my trip to South East Asia (at the request of a comment to my last post). You will get to know me and see how I was desperate enough to find a way to pay for my trip.

You will see the detail I plan on giving throughout my entire 4 month adventure in SEA and the tone of the book. I want this book to be great, so I want your input on how to make it even better.



Chapter 1

I sat in the hallway of my university watching students walk by. I checked out the women as they walked past. I didn’t notice the guys walking by, all I saw was attractive girl after attractive girl walk by.

Even though the weather was still quite hot with summer just about to end, the girls were still covered up. Where could I be that American girls weren’t wearing highly revealing clothing? A place so sexually conservative it hasn’t changed since the 1940’s. I was deep in the heart of Mormon country.

The beautiful girls who walked by wore shirts that didn’t go lower than their collar bones. It was a warning to all horny men that cracking this code could take months, years or, the shortcut most Mormon men make, a wedding.

A girl walked down the hallway towards me. She had reddish brown hair and a nice curvy but slim figure. She wore a low cut t-shirt that framed a pair of plump breasts.

Maybe this was a rebel Mormon girl. These are the unicorns that all horny guys living in Mormon country hope to find. The signs were there.

My eyes followed her as she came towards me and she took one of the seats that lined the hallway. There was only a chair between us and I could smell her perfume and it sent tingles up my spine. I knew I should talk to her. My heart raced as I thought of what to say.

“Excuse me,” I looked at her. “Do you have the time?” Not the greatest opener of my life, but at least it got the conversation going.

“2:35 pm.”

“Thanks,” I replied. “Are you ready for the semester to start?”

“Yes and no,” Her smile was warm. “I’m excited to make friends, but not excited to study.”

“Agreed. I’m just ready for something new,” I told her honestly. While saying this I couldn’t help but wonder if the monotony of college life was the answer. “What year are you?”

“I’m a freshman. Just starting. And you?”

“Ahh just a baby I see,” my signature smirk crossing my face.

The conversation kept going for another fifteen minutes.

“I actually have to go. It was nice to meet you,” She said.

“It was nice to meet you too,” my heart rate sped up again. I knew these were the last moments I had to ask her out.

“Are you doing anything this weekend?” I asked.

“No. Why?”

“You want to meet up?”

“Sure,” she smiled.


Saturday arrived and I pulled my car up to the front door of a big, white three story house.  Moments later the front door opened and she walked towards my car.

Damn, she was looking good. She was wearing tight jeans that accentuated the natural curves of her body and another low cut blouse. The sight sent a rush of dopamine to my brain.

This was going to be a good night.

As I sat next to her in the cinema, I hardly noticed the movie going on in front of us. I felt good just being in this beautiful girl’s presence.

“I have to make a move,” I thought.

My heart raced as I reached out and took her hand in mine. She looked at me and smiled, clenching her hand in mine.

As the movie went on, I touched her more and more. I knew it was time to go for the kiss. I felt fear, of course, but without fear there is no courage.

I took my right hand and turned her chin towards me., leaned in and went for the kiss.

The feel of her lips echoed in every inch of my body. I heard her breath catch and felt her entire body react to the kiss and knew she felt it too.

We spent a good portion of the remaining forty five minutes with our tongues in each other’s throats. It was a good sign, although even good Mormon girls loved to make out.

When they movie ended, we walked back to my car. “What time do you have to be back home?”

“Not for another couple hours,” she replied.

“I know where we can go.”


The two of us sat on the blanket I had laid out. We were on a mountain overlooking the lights of the city. The perfect temperature of the summer night, mixed with the view set the mood perfectly.

With my arm around her and head snuggled into my chest, I simply felt like a man. We started kissing again and I felt my jeans tighten; I wanted this girl so much.

Before long we were laying down kissing.  My hand was around her waist and I started slowly moving it up her torso. My pants grew tighter as I nearly arrived at the plump breasts I had been fantasizing about.

Her hand grabbed my wrist and stopped me. “What are you doing?” she asked seriously. “I’ll only let my husband touch me there.”

My heart sank as I realized this was another good Mormon girl. The magic of the night disappeared and it was back to reality. The joy from kissing her the rest of the night was drowned out by the pain of my blue balls.


Chapter 2: Not Your Average Mormon Missionary

A couple days later I was back at my university. I was a bit old to be a university student. I had taken a year off after high school. A couple years later I had put my studies on hold to be a Mormon missionary.

This mission shaped the man I had become, but not in the way my very Mormon mother had expected.

Mormons men were expected to take two years out of their lives around the age of 19 and give it to god. During this time these missionaries are sent somewhere in the world with the sole task of teaching others and bringing them into the church.

Before going on my mission, I had dreamed about being sent to an exotic country on the other side of the world. I was intelligent and knew I would have no problem learning a language.

I still remember receiving my letter in the mail that would tell me where I would spend the next two years of my life. Japan? Brazil? Maybe somewhere in Europe?

Most missionaries wait to open this letter with their families, but I was too excited to wait another moment. I opened the letter and read what it said.

“You have been called to serve in the Mid West, USA Mission.”

My heart sank. The Mid West?

The news caused a nice week long depression, but I eventually shrugged it off and decided it would still be an adventure. I was ready to serve the lord, as they say, and it didn’t matter where that was.

They send you to something called the “MTC” or Missionary Training Center before they ship you out. Here you begin to learn all the things you need to teach on your mission.

Never have a I studied so much in my life. It was a dorm style life, where 12 hours were spent in some sort of study. Since I was going to a place where I would only be speaking English, I didn’t need to stay long.

When I finally got to the Mid West, life wasn’t much different. I would wake up very early every morning, eat, spend an hour alone, studying the bible, then an hour studying with my companion. Then, we would spend the entire day out knocking on doors and teaching people about the church.

It’s no wonder Mormon’s have such a strong work ethics, on my mission I spent 90% of my waking hours “doing the lord’s work.”

There is, however, one part of being a missionary that you don’t hear about back home. This part has such a gigantic impact on missionaries that it causes the most common sin that missionaries commit, the law of chastity or… being sexually clean.

While on your mission, you are not allowed to date, to kiss or even to hug women. You are not supposed to masturbate and it is nearly impossible to get ahold of any pornography.

You are almost never alone. Your same sex companion is always close by. When you do get a glimpse of an attractive girl in sexy clothing, your brain becomes clouded and all you feel is desire. You try to push away the thoughts, but it is a constant battle.

Imagine how you felt when you were 12 years old and you first saw a picture of a naked girl. I felt like that every time I saw a girl in a slutty top.

You may have heard the term “beer goggles,” but there is something even stronger, it’s called “mission goggles.” When you have been deprived of women for so long, every woman becomes sexy.

As the months of my mission passed by, I slowly started realizing I didn’t believe. It became harder and harder to contain my sexuality.

One day, as my companion slept, I took the keys to the car and drove a mile or two to a strip club we would pass by every day on our way home.

Going to the strip club felt so bad and so good, all at the same time, in short, it was amazing. Afterwards, I started hitting on every girl I was supposed to be teaching. Eventually, one of the girls I was supposed to be teaching ended up in the car I snuck out in late one night.

“What am I doing?” I asked myself. The next day I called the mission president and asked to be sent home.

When I got home, I felt like a new man. One thing that my mission had taught me was how precious sexuality was. I wasn’t a virgin, but I wasn’t far from it.

When I thought about my future, I felt more hopeful than ever. I was finally free from any religious obligations and I could finally start exploring the most magical aspect of a young man’s life… sexuality.

“I’m ready to start seducing women.” I remember thinking to myself.

Being raised in the Mormon Church, I had spent my whole life fighting these instincts. It was time to give in. My new life was about to begin

But then, I opened my computer and looked at porn. I basically didn’t leave my bedroom for the next three days.

“Ok. Now I’m really ready to start seducing women.”


Chapter 3: Turning Dreams into Realities

Now, here I was almost done with University. The life I had envisioned for myself after coming home from my mission had never happened.

I should be fulfilling the constant voice in my head to sleep with attractive girls, but instead my life had become a search for the rare Mormon rebel.

I was unhappy. There was a constant feeling that I was missing out on something. I was stuck in a pussy purgatory. All I had to was close my eyes and every inch of my body would scream to me exactly what it was I needed.

I was in, quite possibly, the worst city in USA for getting laid. In fact, it is also the city that has the lowest average age of marriage. Coincidence? Of course not.

Guys get back from their missions hornier than they have ever been in their lives. Mormon girls are some of the most attractive women in the country. After getting back from their missions, these missionaries still have their mission goggles on. They see these hot girls with their goggles on and they look like real life angels.

It is very common that the first girl a Mormon missionary dates when he gets back, he ends up marrying just months later.

“It just felt right. I think god was telling me she was the one,” was a common response.

“It was love at first sight,” others would say.

But the truth, from a missionary myself, is this… any girl you meet after your mission will seem like the most amazing girl on the planet. Not because she is, but because you just spent the last two years of your life unable to touch or really interact with one.

As a straight male, it’s like being stranded on a tropical island with an old TV. You can still see women and you are able to see these women for those two years, but they are untouchable.

Coming back from a mission is like coming back from that island. You feel lucky to be able to even touch a girl.

Guys have these strong feelings after meeting a girl, then, the horniness sets in. They realize without marriage they can never quench this desire. That’s why Mormon engagements usually only last a couple months.

Couples have tried to get around this. There was a group of BYU students who went to Las Vegas and eloped. They spent the weekend having the sex they had been desiring for so long.

Once the weekend ended, they had their marriages annulled. They were able to outsmart the Mormon Church right? They only had sex after marriage. Wrong. The leader of the Mormon Church found out about it and ex-communicated all of them.

Why was I in this place where the thing I wanted most in the world was off limits?

I had heard stories about a place on the other side of the world. A place where not only would all women have sex before marriage, but where they desired Western men above all else; South East Asia.

I read story after story online about guys’ experiences there. It seemed unreal. As I read the stories I knew that these guys had to be lying. What they were describing wasn’t even possible. Or was it?

I wanted to find out for myself, but it was just a dream. I worked a part time security job and studied. I had a hundred dollars to my name. I had to apply for student loans just to be able to afford my tuition.

Maybe I would be able to take a trip to South East Asia once I graduated and paid off my student loans. That would be the responsible thing to do. Then, I would finally get out of Utah.


The following week passed by quickly. I was excited for the first day of class to start again. The possibilities for the upcoming semester kept me from a depression.

I arrived early to my first class of the semester. I took a seat at the back and watched the students file in.

Each time an attractive girl walked into the class, I would examine her clothing and the look on her face to try to determine if she was a rebel.

Each girl who walked through the door to the classroom, screamed good Mormon girl. I watched the girls come in; no cleavage, no cleavage, long skirt, sweater. Each time an attractive girl walked in, my feeling of hope shrank.

“Welcome to accounting, I hope you all had a great summer,” said a balding professor with a monotone voice.

The next hour I hardly heard anything the professor said. My mind was far, far away. What was I doing?

I lived close by and had a few hours until my next class so I went home. Before going inside, I checked my mailbox. I pulled out a stack of envelopes: junk mail, bill and an envelope I didn’t recognize.

I opened the unrecognizable envelope immediately and looked at a big check.

“United States treasury,” the top of the letter read. I looked to the right of the check. “$4800.00”

An idea popped into my head. I walked into my house and turned on my computer. Two hours later I had dropped out of my university, put an ad up to sell my apartment contract and booked a flight to Manila, Philippines.

I now had 5000$ and I was going to spend every penny of it on what I really wanted. I was going to go to South East Asia and, in just one week, I would know if the stories I had read were true.


I am working hard everyday to try to publish this book by September 1st. Leave any feedback in the comments below or email me at SwoopTheWorld@gmail.com

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