Which country has the prettiest women?

Which Country has the Prettiest Women? Bodies? Race? Face? (Poll)

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Which Country has the Prettiest Women? Bodies? Race? Face? (Poll)

which country has the prettiest women

I have made many maps and other things that help out with this (best boobs by country, Easiness of Girls By Country, Hottest and Sexiest Girls by CountrBest Ass by Country, etc), but now I’m curious what Swoop The World readers think. Which country has the prettiest women? Which race has the prettiest women? Which body type is the sexiest? Which country has the best overall bodies? Which country has the prettiest faces? These are all questions I hope to get to the bottom of in these polls.

I’m hoping this article doesn’t get out too far, for sciences sake. I hope that it will only be men voting for what they genuinely believe and not women voting for where they are from.

I want to know what you guys think. I travel the world and seduce women for you guys, so I want to know exactly which type of women you would prefer to read about me seducing. This can help me choose my future travel itinerary.

These polls can help you decide where you should travel for your type of women. Voted on by fellow travelers. So please be honest.


Which country has the prettiest women?

By which country has the prettiest I mean, overall. Looks, body, femininity. The whole package. Vote your honest opinion.

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*Other, let us know if I missed any country you would consider #1 in the comment section


Which race has the prettiest women?

This is one that is difficult for me because (as most of you know) I really do love women of all races. Many readers will be the same, but for this poll just pick the race that you are most attracted to.

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Which body type is the sexiest?

Your preferences for body type play a big roll in how attractive you will find the local women. The world is very diverse and certain countries will be full of busty women, while others will be full of tall and thin women.

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Which country has the best overall bodies?

Now that you have said which body type you find to be the sexiest, go ahead and vote for which country you found to have the best overall bodies.’

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Which country has the prettiest faces?

And finally, which country has the women with the prettiest faces. This is something that could also be decided by preferences. Do you like your women dark and sultry or blonde hair blue eyed, or maybe you like the exotic dark look with bright green eyes. Let us know which country you think is home to the women with the most stunning faces.

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This is what makes the world special

I personally, thank god every day for the variety of women we have in the world. There are so many types of beautiful and this means there are so many ways to make me feel something and my heart to skip a beat. Finding out which country has the most beautiful women, shouldn’t make us just want to travel to that country, it should make us want to travel to that country and the next 10. We are lucky men to live in the world we live in today.


Which country has the prettiest women?

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