Where Do You Meet the Best Girls? Online, Day Game or Night Game

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Where Do You Meet the Best Girls? Online, Day Game or Night Game

In general there are big differences between the girls you will meet in different places. I have been with a lot of girls who I met in a lot of different ways and I have come to see very obvious patterns that can be very important for all men to know. I’ll go through each type of girl, starting with girls you meet online.


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Online Girls

First we will talk about girls you meet on online dating websites. These online girls can be very different of course, but here is the thing they all have in common… they get way too much attention.

This causes them to get big heads and think that their sexual market value is higher than it really is.
They get so much attention because it takes n0 balls to send a message to a girl online. I have sent tens of thousands of messages online and I don’t remember one that took balls to send. If I can do it so easily, so can every single other guy online. This is why girls get bombarded with more messages than they can read (especially hot girls).


Attention whores, sluts and normal girls who get poisoned

Many of the types of girls who end up searching out online dating websites (and apps) are girls who crave attention from men. They need men to tell them how pretty they are. By the way, don’t be one of these guys.

Another type of girl who searches out online dating websites is the slut. Like the attention whore craves attention, the slut craves the dick. She must be constantly looking for more dick to quench her appetite.

Finally. there is the normal girl, who might be slightly lonely (or bored) and checks out online dating. What ends up happening is they get bombarded with messages from men. They start to realize how easily they can find a guy, just by going online. What this causes is girls to be able to walk away too easily because (they can just login and have 10 more dates). They can also be less trustworthy because they have found an under the radar way to meet men.

This means that if you start dating this girl and then you get in a fight, there’s a good chance she will go right back to the online dating website where you met. She now knows she can go on a date whenever she wants and this is NOT natural. Traditionally women have had to wait to be asked out. The online dating atmosphere has killed that. Now women will have too many options and this changes them.


The best and worst online dating girls

I would say the worst girls are the ones who have spent a lot of time on online dating websites. These girls are usually either sluts, attention whores or both.

The best girls you can meet on online dating are the girls who are just on an app like Tinder for a couple days. Then, after receiving all sorts of sexual message, they get disgusted and delete it. If you get their contact info during that time, you have a good shot with them.

The other exception I found to online dating girls is when her parents are insanely strict. My favorite girl I ever met on online dating has parents who will barely let her leave the house. This is why she turned to online dating. It was her only link to the outside world. She was neither an attention whore nor slut. She also had no addiction to it. These types of cases are rare, but they do exist.



Night Game Girls

Next up, I will discuss night game girls. Night game girls are similar to online dating girls in that the two main types of girls that are attracted to clubs and bars are attention whores and sluts.

This is because men give women more attention in these environments. Generally, men go out at night to get laid and women go out at night to get attention. Of course, sluts also are going out at night to get laid.

This attention will also, like online dating, give the girls a big head. It will give them a bigger head than they should have because of the help of “Liquid Courage.” Liquid courage, also known as alcohol, gives more balls to all men who drink it. This means they will give attention to girls they would normally not even talk to.


What makes club and bar girls bad to date:

  • Too much attention
  • Alcohol lowering their inhibitions and raising their notch count
  • Constantly being hit on by men with a lot of experience with women
  • Good chance she is an attention whore or slut
  • Higher chance of her cheating on her boyfriend

The funny part is that most of these things make the girls bad to date, but great for sex.


How to spot quality girls in clubs and bars

In my opinion, the best way to spot a quality girl is to look for a girl who seems she is not used to being in bars or clubs. You can do this by looking at her clothes, how she acts and how many people all around she knows (club rats will know a lot of the staff).

The other thing to look for are girls in big groups. For the most part, a good girl will only go to a bar or club in a big group of friends. You can find completely normal girls this way.

On the other hand if you want to get easy sex, just look for the opposite. Girls who are alone or in pairs are usually much more slutty. Also, if they seem very comfortable in the environment, the chances of her being slutty go up big time.



Day Game Girls

Now, we will discuss girls you meet in day game. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term; day game is when you meet girls who are carrying on with their everyday lives. You could meet them on the street, in the grocery store, in a coffee shop, at school, at their work, etc..

Day game girls have the largest variety of types of girls because you’ll have the potential to meet all types of girls in a society. This means you can find the highest percentage of good girls (for extra good girls try church game ;)). Unfortunately, it also means you can meet the girls who have real problems. These could be anxiety problems, etc. that would keep them from ever going to a club or searching for a guy online. I have had a few experiences like this, but this is a very small percentage of day game girls. The majority of girls I have met during the day have been, by far, my favorite girls.


Day game can help you find girls with pure minds

You may wonder what I mean by pure minds. I mean, you can find girls who’s heads have not blown up from receiving more attention than is natural from technology and alcohol. Men can’t hide behind their computers or take some liquid courage to talk to a girl. It takes real balls to go talk to a girl during the day, and fortunately for us, these are balls most men don’t have.

In day game there’s also a good chance you can find the girls who aren’t riding the carousel of cocks. Most carousel cock riders hop on that carousel through online and night game. These girls who are still innocent, haven’t been damaged by all the pumping and dumping going on with the former category.


Day game can help you get the hottest girls

When you approach a girl during the day, there is no program (Photoshop) to help her be more attractive. There is no chemical that you take to get courage, but also makes the girl seem hotter than she really is. There is no dark lighting to hide how she really looks and she most likely didn’t spend hours trying to make herself seem as attractive as possible. You will be able to see the girls, as they really are.

This means you can only approach the girls worthy of your precious time (you can only bang so many girls ;)).

The next part of the reason why you can get the hottest girls in day game, is that their guards are lower than they will be anywhere else. Online, girls have high guards thanks to being bombarded with messages. At night, girls have high guards thanks to being approached countless times by drunk guys. During the day, where girls rarely get approached, their guards are down and they will give you a much better shot with them.


Social Circle

This can be just as good, if not better than day game, but it depends on your social circle. The two most common problems are 1) Your social circle doesn’t have high quality girls and 2) You just don’t have the quantity of girls needed to be able to choose the right girl. These can be fixed by trying to get into the perfect social circles, but that takes A LOT of work. Walking up to a girl on the street brings a lot more return on investment in my opinion.


To sum it all up

I would say, if you are looking for a girlfriend, to spend most your time on day game and some social circle. However, if you’re like me and want tons of sex as well, then night game and online game are GREAT. Clubs and bars are some of the easiest places to find easy sex, internet can be even easier (easiest for me because of the ridiculous amount of practice I have gotten). But when you are feeling the need for something with a little more meaning, go out during the day.

To leave you with my last piece of wisdom, I will say this… all men should be doing all 4 of these ways of meeting girls. But ideally, day game should be your bread and butter.


How you can better understand women and seducing them

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