What’s your Re-Bang-Rate (RBR)?

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I’m working on a new e-book. As part of the preparation I made an overview of wacky stories and lay reports. Making this list, I came up with the Re-Bang Rate (RBR).

How do you calculate the RBB?

The RBR is calculated with the following formula:

RBR = (Girls you banged more than once) divided by (Total number of girls you banged)

My personal RBR

I made this calculation for myself and I was surprised by the outcome. I have a RBR of 30%

That means about 1 in 3 girls I re-bang; which is much higher than what I intuitively expected.

I have noticed that my RBR has gone up by a lot the last year. Compared to previous years, I would have much more one night stands where I’d never hear or see the girl again.

A RBR will also be influenced by location, in pussy paradises like South-East Asia, DR, etc. your RBR will likely drop because there’s just so many new pussy available for little effort.

What’s your RBR?

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