We Are In Haiti!

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We Are In Haiti!

You may have noticed that SwoopTheWorld hasn’t been doing the usual 1 post a day. That is because THC and I are in Haiti! The massive amounts of new posts will start up again when we return to the Dominican Republic in 4 days.

Here is some information on our time in Haiti so far:

We will only spend a total of 8 days in Haiti so we are really trying to fill our days with seeing things and chasing girls. On top of that the internet here is very un reliable and the constant power outages that Haiti gets makes it tough for us to write here.

The Girls
If you like black girls, Haiti might be a good place to visit. The girls here are also very sexual and having sex quickly doesn’t seem to be uncommon. Some of the girls here also have some WOW asses. 2 of the 5 girls I have been with so far have had two of the most amazing asses I have ever seen. So if you are an ass man… you might want to rough it in Haiti for a while. Although a word of warning, you probably will not enjoy dating these women. They will end up depending on you for everything (although one of the girls I was with was a rich girl with a nice car).

In Haiti women are easier to get into bed than in the Dominican Republic, but it’s out of necessity not out of value (although there are very few tourists here). Haiti is a VERY poor country, I feel like even though I can’t speak much French I can almost get my pick of the girls, and it doesn’t have a lot to do with game, just the fact that so many people here are just fighting to survive.

The Poverty
THC was eating some chicken on some steps and street kids starting swarming. He finished all he could eat and the kids were so happy just to be able to eat his scraps. It’s another level of poverty from Dominican Republic. Not to mention watching people take shit and piss all over (women included).

The Danger
It also makes the Dominican Republic feel safe. They say the most dangerous man is “a man with nothing to lose.” and with all the people here fighting just to survive, they really don’t have much to lose by attacking some white guy for money.

The most expensive shit hole on the planet
Haiti is the most expensive poor country I have ever been in. Haiti is set up like a tourist trap. Hotels and things that attract foreigners are hugely priced. It’s hard to find hotels under 100$ a night here in Haiti. It’s hard to find restaurants because most Haitians can’t afford to go out. The clubs are overprice and all full of pros. You have two types of women in these clubs: the obvious pros and the girls that are trying to pretend they are not pros.

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