watermelon is the ultimate man fruit

Watermelon is the Ultimate Man Fruit

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Watermelon is the Ultimate Man Fruit

watermelon is the ultimate man fruit

A few months ago I was in Colombia. I’ll honestly say I had more pussy than I knew what to do with. Am I complaining? No, but this quantity of pussy causes certain problems. I was getting sex so often that I was getting exhausted. Then, Smooth Operator ‘Swoops’ in and saves the day “Hey 20, you should try Nature’s Viagra: watermelon.” I wasn’t convinced, but I respected his opinion and I would try it. It wasn’t until I started eating it daily did my mind get blown. All of a sudden I felt twice as horny, my erections were harder and I felt better after my workouts at the gym. I felt more like a man. Then, I started to do a bit of research and I found out that Watermelon is the Ultimate Man Fruit.

Special thanks to Smooth Operator for showing me the way.


Watermelon is Nature’s Viagra

Smooth Operator mentioned it to me, but it wasn’t until I gave it a try that I saw the results. After eating a bit of watermelon, I felt the effects immediately, especially in the bedroom. In fact, it was almost as powerful as actual erection pills (I’ve tried a few different types). The difference being Nature’s Viagra also happens to be completely healthy and have weight room benefits.

It also seems to up my sex drive. I won’t put this in a new section because it could have everything to do with blood flow. But I notice after eating watermelon that I get horny just walking past an attractive girl who I would barely notice before.


Helping build muscle

I have done a ton of research on how to improve my muscle gains in the gym. Watermelon being the best fruit for muscle gain was something I had read about before. I looked more into it and watermelon helps your muscles repair faster, essentially making the process of building muscle much faster. And we all know part of being manly is feeling strong.


It’s an anti-inflammatory

This goes with hitting the gym and all forms of sport. Anti-inflammatories help with recovery. Feeling sore the following day of a workout is one of the big down sides of working out, but watermelon has been shown to shorten this recovery period.


Countless health benefits

I read through a lot of articles about the benefits of watermelon. It seemed like almost too much information to process. There are so many benefits, instead of going  into them one by one, I’ll just give you a summary of what I found while reading:

  • Keeps you hydrated
  • Lots of Vitamin A
  • Plenty of Vitamin C
  • Improved heart health
  • Improved bone health
  • Cancer prevention
  • Significantly reduce blood pressure,
  • Reduces blood sugar
  • Improves skin
  • Increased pot


Before eating watermelon

You walk past a girl on the street. She’s a tall brunette. You keep walking.


After eating watermelon

As you walk down the street you lay eyes on a a girl come towards you. She has an attractive face with blue eyes that really pop. As your eyes move down you notice a perky set of breasts in a low cut top, revealing as much as she is allowed to in public. Her pale, white skin almost contrasts her black top perfectly.

Your eyes go further down and you notice her thin waste. Your eyes continue going down you her hips then come out of nowhere. She has an excellent hour glass figure. Your eyes keep going downward and you notice a small gap between her legs, very obvious thanks to her tight jeans. Further down and you see legs, legs, legs and more legs.

Your eyes finish on the high heels the girl is wearing. She walks so easily in them it surprises you, she was obviously taught to walk in them from a young age.

She walks past and you regret not being able to admire this girl for longer. You can’t help it, you turn around and watch her hips sway as she walks away.

Welcome to Ukraine… on watermelon.


The one thing to watch out for with watermelon

In my research I found that there is only one thing you should worry about. Watermelon’s are huge and you shouldn’t eat too much daily. I usually try to eat about 1/7th of a full watermelon a day (I am not a doctor). It makes it so I only have to buy one a week and makes it so I don’t get too much potassium (which is a good thing in normal quantities).


watermelon is the ultimate man fruit

Now that you know about watermelon, here’s what you should do

You just read through this article and found about a very healthy food and the ultimate man fruit. It’s time to get off your ass and go buy some watermelon. At the very least, take the time to put it on your grocery list. It’s worth it for the benefits with women alone (even helps with motivation).

After that help support SwoopTheWorld and check out our Ebooks section. There are many types of books dealing with women and travel that could help you get the girl of your dreams.





If you guys know of any other awesome foods

If any readers are aware of any awesome foods like this, leave it in the comments below. Discovering watermelon the powerful effects of watermelon was great. I am open to trying out new foods as well and, hopefully, improving my diet.

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