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Why the Forum is Down

So while we were trying to improve the website, we trusted Godaddy to move everything over correctly to the new hosting, unfortunately… they did not. Ever since the forum went down, we have been waiting for them to fix the problem that they created. We have had a lot of issues with them in the past. If any of you guys are looking for web hosting… use anybody except Godaddy.


Why We Have not Updated Swoop in a While

So I have been in USA working like crazy. Swoop has been good to me, it has funded my travels all over the world, but I want to have the money to do what I want in the future, so the last couple years I have been trying to advance my career as a programmer. The plan is to get a sweet remote job making bank and living in my favorite countries. As soon as I get it you guys will get to read about an epic Africa tour.


What stories are coming up.

  • I just got back from a month in the Dominican Republic. Seeing my kid and doing a lot of dating. I was getting laid like a champ and have some good stories.
  • I just passed 600 lifetime lays, so I was thinking about writing a post to celebrate this. I’ve also decided I can’t die until I hit 1000, quadruple digits!
  • My first Latin American Tour – My first Latin American tour was special. It was a year traveling around my favorite part of the world. I have a bunch of blog posts about it from the past and I’m thinking about turning them into a book.
  • My first Eastern European Tour – My first trip through Europe was also pretty amazing, it ended up in me falling madly in love(the only time in my life) and the story and how it ended is actually pretty incredible. So I’m thinking about writing about everything that happened there and then turning it into what will probably be my final book. Then I will have a book on each of the 3 pussy paradises.


My Future Trips

In a week I leave for a week and a half in Colombia. Can’t wait for that. Then next month I will be taking a road trip down into Mexico. The guy I was thinking about going with cancelled, so I’ll be doing it solo. I’ve heard the border can be shady, so I’m hoping I don’t get murdered on the way to the city I plan to visit.


The Course – How to Swoop Any Woman in the World

The course is still coming, I apologize for the delay, but I had to focus on my future. I’m meeting up with THC in Colombia next week and we will hopefully finish it up.


Get Ready for Swoop to Get More Active Again

I am getting everything under control and starting to date less in USA. That means there is time for Swoop. Get ready for some sweet future articles and a course that can teach any guy to get any girl.

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