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I convincenated myself to be productive this week and work on the blog, so I didn’t plan any dates this week. But around 4pm I get a message from a random number. She’s in my phone as “Hunny” but I don’t remember her:

“Go0d aftetn0on. How r u? I’m h0me killing time”

From the 0’s for o’s I can tell she must be young. Young Pinay’s think it’s cute to text like that.

“I’m almost done working, then I’ll go for a swim. Come join me.”
– “Where?” 

Bo0m. OK, I guess I’ve done enough work for today, I deserve this. I tell her to come meet me at 5pm. I figured out it’s a girl I met online but I can’t find her pic anymore: it’s a surprise party.

She texts me she’s in the lobby and as I walk in I see this cute super petite girl, 19 years old waiting for me. She’s barely taller then the bag of swimming gear she has brought along, she just looks adorable.

I take her to my room to change into our swimming gear. Even before we’re in my room I am holding hands with her. I -know- she’s into me and I estimate I could kiss her right there after only 3 minutes of interaction, but I play it safe and take her to the pool, pro forma.

My estimation was correct, she’s totally accepting all kino I project. So… no need to dance around the bushes, 1 min into the pool and we’re making out like we’re in back high school and I’m feeling up all the parts covered by her bikini.

I cut short the swimming: “You’re cold, let’s go take a hot shower.”

Back in my room, we shower, the lights go off, boom: zero LMR. The words that came out of this young girl almost made me blush. She’s talking about all the stuff she likes, e.g. she says she’s a masochist (are you even supposed to know that word?) and she’s telling me her fantasies (she likes to dress up in sexy outfits, she wants to do it in public) etc.

As I’m thinking, how could this be even better, she goes on: “I also really like girls. I’m bi.” – Jackpot.

I smash her again but then I have to rush her out because I made plans to have beers with Fisto and Sp5. In stead of the formal “When do we meet again” she asks me: “When will you fuck me again?”

This Hunny is a keeper.


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