Triple Up in Cartagena

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Costeñas are my favourite girls in Colombia. Colombian girls are already pretty up there but the Costeñas are even more fun loving, exotic and sexual.

This post is about a weekend trip I took to Cartagena recently. Cartagena is a Colonial city at the coast of Colombia. It’s a touristy but beautiful city. If you can handle the heat, it’s perfect for a short visit.

Online game is easy here. But you have to filter out the pro’s. Compared to Medellin, this is taking the weights off. I didn’t even pipeline for this trip and I had more girls than I could handle. On my way to the airport I changed my Tinder location and started setting up dates.

I’ve been going monk mode for a while to focus on business, so maybe that’s why I went a bit overboard. My first 24 hours in Cartagena, I tripled up.

1: The model

This is a great example of slow game. I actually matched with her in Medellin a year ago. She was there for fashion week but I didn’t get a chance to meet up with her.

We kept in touch occasionally. So when I told her I would be in town we finally got to meet. We met at a nice square with live music and drank some wine. She looked exotic, beautiful face, tall, and dressed stylishly. Moreover it was a fun date; we connected and things flowed naturally. We ended up at my place and made out. The LMR with her was off the charts, but using the LMR techniques, this was not an issue for very long. She had a perfect body, smooth skin… wow. Let’s say I can’t complain about my first night en la costa.

2: The pro

The next morning I got a text from a Tinder girl. From the looks of it, she seemed like a total pro: sexy & seductive pics in fancy hotels and on yachts, etc. I told her in a subtle way that I’m not looking for a working girl. She claimed that she isn’t one.

It was only 11am but she told me she wants to meet me right now, if I paid for her taxi. It was a 3 dollar ride, so I said, “sure, no worries”.

She arrived at the square near my place and was wearing her workout gym clothing. Putting all the clues together, I figured that this wasn’t a beat-around-the-bush situation so I bought some beers at the corner store and I took her straight to my place.

Assessment: correct.

As we got to my place, she went straight to the bedroom (because that’s where the AC is, right). I barely got a chance to open the beers and we were already making out.


She had a banging body and a bunch of wild tattoos. The p2p signs kept piling up. We chilled on the bed for while, and she was getting a ton of messages and calls.

I was getting texts from other girls as well, so we I got her a taxi.

3: The solid five

My next date looked like a solid 6 at least from her Tinder pics. But I forgot about the Tinder Risk Point. When she showed up she was a solid point less attractive. And for a 6 that’s a big deal. She had some good features though, but I wasn’t sure if this was a WB (would bang). I was definitely not gonna put any effort in it.

It turned out, I really didn’t have to.

THC: “Let’s go to my place, it’s too hot here”
Her: “Ok!” (no objections)

Once in my room, I’m barely engaged in her conversation and she picked up on it.

Her: “You don’t speak a lot…”
THC: “I’m tired.”
Her: “Oh, well… I can give you a massage.”

Okay… so it did escalate fairly quickly from there. This girl had her game plan figured out and went for it.

It’s not really ending a triple-up in style, but sometimes you just gotta play the hand you’re dealt.

4: Going for…

After I kicked her out, I still had 3 hours on the clock turn this into a quadruple-up (which hasn’t happened since the Philippines!).

It was definitely in the make. A couple of Tinder girls were still very down to meet, but they were kind of average looking.

But after the solid five, I had some negative after glow and didn’t want to risk that again; I needed some solid quality. I girl I had super-liked answered my message and last-minute confirmed our date. She was pretty and had a good girl vibe. This date was actually one of the most fun dates in a while.

But that’s a story for another time 😉

If you’re in Colombia, spend some days in Cartagena. It’s a lot of fun.


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