Top 10 Mindsets that Subconsciously Improve Your Game and Body Language

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So, I’ve been insanely busy with work, working on the seduction course and dating here in USA. So I won’t be writing an article today. Instead I will post part of a book I wrote: The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language. Most of body language and seduction actually ends up being subconscious (you can’t think about all these things while also talking and enjoying your date), so having the right types of mindsets is HUGE! Here they are, the top 10 mindsets that subconsciously improve your game and body language:

10. I don’t need to impress her, she needs to impress me

When you start looking at yourself as the prize, it will come out in your body language. Understand that she is lucky to have a shot with you. She has the chance to be your girlfriend. Maybe she will be able to prove herself to you, and you may choose her, if she’s lucky.

9. I am masculine and powerful

You are a man, no matter what society tells you. You need to feel that in every inch of your body. You are a masculine and powerful man who takes what he wants.

8. All women are attracted to me

Every girl is attracted to you; it’s just the way it is. She may have rejected you, but she is either a lesbian or in love with another man. If that were not the case, she would be into you. Some of the guys who are best with girls have beliefs that aren’t necessarily based in reality, but it works in their favor. Although I could argue that all women ARE attracted to me, at least a little bit.

7. I am the master of time

You are the master of time, you control time. You don’t need to hurry to be anywhere, because this is your world. It will give you James Bond like body language and a bunch of other perks.

6. I was born to be or have whatever I want in this world, this world is my playground

Be overconfident in private and confident in public. It’s not socially acceptable to be overconfident, however being overconfident while you are alone will make your body language be the very most attractive it could be. Constantly recognize the achievements of your life. Forget your failures, because they are only to be learned from for future success.

5. Life doesn’t owe me anything, so I will take what I want

Entitlement is what makes so many guys so lazy when it comes to girls. Good looking guys will sometimes get laid very little because they feel like they are entitled to getting laid without putting in any work. But it doesn’t WORK like that. You must put in the work, whether it be self improvement or approaching no matter who you are. Then you must fearlessly take what you want.

4. I don’t take life too seriously

You understand that life is meant to be fun, not something stressful that you are constantly worried about. Have fun and work hard and things will go your way, there is no need to worry. Even when something bad happens, things will fix themselves; all you have to do is laugh it off and wait for problems to repair themselves. Just think about it, how many girls have you heard say they want a guy with no sense of humor? Zero maybe? In the history of man-kind?

3. Cocky Funny

I am overly confident, but I play it off in a funny way. This mindset is an art and something I use a ton. It’s pretty great because you can say something cocky like “I am so fucking handsome.” And because you say it in a funny way it’s ok. The next thing you know she is thinking, “He is pretty handsome isn’t he.”

2. I can get any girl in the world

This one is actually true, you can get any girl in the world… if you game her just right. The problem is knowing exactly how to game her. The only way know how to game different girls is study and practice. But until then, you should go into every interaction confidently because you know that you can get her, no matter how hot she is.

1. Amused Mastery

Thanks to Heartiste on this one. It’s about being the master of whatever situation you are in, not getting rattled. Then it’s about being amused. You put them together and you have exactly how you should act when you aren’t sure how to act. If you aren’t sure how to respond to a girl, respond like this and 9 times out of 10, it’s a great response.

Start Practicing These

Internalizing these beliefs will do nothing but improve your body language. It will help your inner confidence as a person. Read  these over once a day for a month, and the way you view the world will start shifting, your body language with it.

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