tips to seduce women 2013

Top 10 Tips to Seduce Women that I Learned in 2013

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Top 10 Tips to Seduce Women that I Learned in 2013

tips to seduce women 2013


I have spent the last year travelling and seducing women to a very high extreme. Even though this is not my first year going hardcore player, I feel like I have learned a ridiculous amount of useful tips to seduce women. 2013 was a great year for me and to help all of you learn from the time I have put in, here is my countdown of the Top 10 Tips to Seduce Women from 2013:


tips to seduce women


10. Women care more about friends and family thinking she is slutty than actually being slutty.

I really don’t think women care if they are slutty or not, what they care about is what the world thinks. Women know that they can use innocence as power. So, if you can get a girl into your room without letting anybody important to her know about it, you have made your job MUCH easier.

To know what kinds of other secrets about the nature of women there are check out The Key Logger: A Forbidden Glimpse Into The True Nature of Women.


9. Give into the smart phone era, don’t fight it.

Before 2013, I literally fought the Smart Phone mania. I used a shitty phone that just got the job done. In fact, I would actually try to use that to impress girls. However, after witnessing what an Iphone can not only do for your value and a DHV, but can do in terms of setting up dates (whatsapp, facebook, online dating apps), I realized how ridiculous it was to fight the Smart Phone era.

I bought an Iphone 5. I have gotten a lot of lays because of my phone, apps are getting huge these days and as a guy who loves to travel, the bomb ass camera that I always have with me is amazing (Whether for pictures of me, scenery, or sexy pictures of my girls).


8. Patience is a players best friend.

How I ended up learning this is the many times I started juggling 5 or 6 girls for harem game. What I noticed was how crazy some of the other prospects would start to be when I would really stall when we would meet up. I would do this because with 5 or 6 girls in a harem that all want to see you, you don’t have much time for new prospects. You combine that with the aloof messages you would send, because you really don’t need many new girls, and you’ve got yourself a desperate girl doing anything she can to meet up with you.


7. Girls you meet on the internet are just like girls you meet anywhere else.

I used to think that the quality on the internet is significantly lower than what you will find in real life, then I started pulling legitimate quality online. I was confused so I would ask these girls

What made you turn to online dating? You obviously don’t need any help getting guys.

The answers were almost always very similar

I was bored at work/home/school and wanted something to do, so I downloaded the app on my smart phone.

What types of girls do you meet on the internet? The types with internet access… so pretty much all girls.

Now that doesn’t mean that those girls are going to spend a lot of time on that particular dating site or that they are going to be easy to get on a date (because they weren’t looking for that to begin with) so that means you will need some legit online gaming skills to pull those girls.

Recently I met the rich daughter of a politician on an online dating app. She only spent two days with the app open before closing it, but I was able to get her Whatsapp before she vanished. She was a high quality girl, but she was only there for a couple of days because her curiosity was quickly satisfied.

I ended up meeting up with her and hooking up with her. For a few weeks she would come over when I called. I don’t see her much anymore, but I miss the bomb leftovers she would bring me that her maid cooked.

My point from this story… don’t assume there is no quality online.


6. NPI’s (Nude Picture Investments) are the best way to reduce flaking (but it’s also playing with fire).

As I have done a lot of online dating this last year, I have noticed that getting a girl to send you nude photos or to get naked on cam is the best way to reduce flaking.

Recently I have gotten pretty good at getting girls naked online (article on that coming soon). I started doing it just out of pure horniness as I was pipelining to go to a new country, but what I noticed when I finally got there was that not only were the girls that I got an NPI much easier to get to sex with, but they were probably 5x less likely to cancel a meetup date than other girls that I pipelined.

However, if you don’t get NPI’s the right way you can actually chase away a girl that already wanted to meet you, so understanding this is key.


tips to seduce women

5. You should do everything in your power to set up the date within walking distance of your place.

To understand #5 of my tips to seduce women, you must understand that a part of sex is being in the right place at the right time. You are a man and she is a woman, there will be some attraction. If you set up a date within walking distance of your house, you can use a number of excuses to stop by. The next thing you know the two of you are alone in your room, then alone on your bed.

From then it’s just braking through LMR (last minute resistance), which I will talk about in my next tip.


4. The most important thing to remember if you want to hook up with every girl that you get in your room is to make her want you, then to let her know she could lose you.

You should be spending the entire date throwing out DHV’s to get her feeling attraction for you and building yourself up *click here to learn how*. If you can get to that point, you should be able to hook up with any girl on the same date by simply hinting that you are a sexual man and that she could lose you if she’s not sexual, once you are back at your place.

Being subtle is key here. If she thinks you are trying to use this just to pump and dump her, this won’t work.


3. If you are alone, there is no perfect moment to kiss her. There are only girls who are attracted enough to kiss you and girls that are not attracted enough to kiss you.

Because I usually hook up with her the same day I meet her, this means that I will go for the kiss rather soon. I usually don’t go for the kiss until we are back at my place because it’s possible to scare her off if you make her think your intention is sex. However, when I do arrive I will go for the kiss very quickly.

I get rejected for that first kiss probably 75% of the time, but because I was able to read that they were attracted to me I simply have to say

Oh. You don’t like me? Ok.

This will only work when it’s clear she does like you, she will back track and say how she likes you, she just isn’t ready for a kiss.

I just always thought when two people liked each other they kissed.

You try the kiss again and she will always nearly always accept.


2. Girls will rarely punish you for pushing for sex, but they will usually punish you for NOT pushing for sex.

I have a very high close rate once a girl get’s to my room. I will ALWAYS push for sex, but it wasn’t always this way. Remembering getting friend zoned for being too scared to kiss the girl in my youth are memories too bitter to forget. Over the years I have learned this important lesson that has been completely confirmed in 2013: Girls will rarely punish you for pushing for sex, but they will usually punish you for NOT pushing for sex.


1. Putting in work is THE most important thing to getting laid.

The most important of my tips to seduce women is to put in the work. A dude with perfect game can talk to one girl all month and hook up with that one girl, but another guy with good game can talk to 100 girls and sleep with 30 of them in a month. The guy with perfect game got 1/30th of the girls of a guy with less game. So really, who is the better player?

I have gotten laid A LOT this last year, but it hasn’t been me just showing up and women throwing themselves at me. I have put in tons of time finding girls online, in the day on the street, or at night in clubs. I have spent countless hours on myself by working out, improving game and body language, and studying the local language so I can communicate better. This is the real key to my huge success this last year. Put in the work and you will get more than you ever imagined, that’s what I learned in 2013.



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