This Study Should Change Your Online Dating and Texting Strategy

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This Study Should Change Your Online Dating and Texting Strategy

I was recently surfing the internet when I came across a very interesting study. Normally, one study alone is not enough to completely convince me of a concept, however the findings something I have witnessed in my own experiences. It’s also something that totally goes against what most men think. This is a study that should change your online dating and texting strategy completely.


Women find happy guys significantly less sexually attractive than swaggering or brooding men, according to a new University of British Columbia study that helps to explain the enduring allure of “bad boys” and other iconic gender types.



Why is this important?

I have lot of experience texting and with online dating, I wrote the book “Elite Online Dating” that has parts that hint at this study. This is important enough to change your online dating and texting strategy because it shows what emotions women are really attracted to.


Using brooding and proud pictures in your online dating profile

Using proud pictures(the cocky smirk) is something I cover extensively in my book, but using brooding pictures is not something I have covered at all. In fact, I’ve never even taken a brooding photo. Sounds like it’s time to put this idea to the test.


Testing out brooding photos

I took a new photo in my apartment bathroom. I was going for the bad boy brooding look. I had my shirt off and was doing a bad ass pose. After taking a video and selecting my favorite frame, I sent my new photo to a few women. Let’s see what their responses were:

Colombian girl: “Te necesito. Te deseo – I need you. I desire you” followed twenty minutes later by 10 naked pictures of her.

My Favorite Dominican Girl: “Wow….” she would later go onto to propose something “Don’t upload this picture to Facebook or Instagram, I don’t want any other girls seeing you like this.” In Spanish of course.

Finnish Girl: “Baby u look so hot! *10 heart eyes faces*” Then “Don’t upload on instagram. Just for me please”

As you can see… I would call the experiment a success. From now on I will start taking more brooding photos to add to my old go to pictures that were always some type of attractive smile.


What is a real cocky smirk and a real brooding look?

I have always had an obsession with body language (read my book The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language), I recently looked over my list of alpha movies and started watching The Vampire Diaries in Russian (without subtitles that’s how far my Russian has come). There is a character in these movies Damon, who every girl who ever watched the series developed a healthy obsession with. He is a good looking guy, but more than that, he has excellent body language. In this series, almost all you see him use are cocky smirks and brooding looks.

So, to teach you guys how to do these two looks, I’ll be using him as an example.


The Cocky Smirk

The cocky smirk is the most attractive form of a smile. It shows humor, but also says “I am the most badass dude walking the face of the earth.” To do a cocky smirk, smile slightly with your eyes and smile with your lips only. Pull one side of your smile slightly higher than the other. Results… dripping wet panties.

Online Dating and Texting Strategy Smirk  Online Dating and Texting Strategy Smirk


The Brooding Face

The brooding face is an intense look as if you are contemplating deep and dark things. It is the go to face of charming bad boys around the world and a must have in your online dating and texting strategy.

Online Dating and Texting Strategy Brooding

Online Dating and Texting Strategy Brooding


Using this concept while chatting

Now that you understand how you can use cocky and brooding faces to take your online dating profile to the next level, it’s time to look at how this information can help your text game. Online dating and text strategy go hand in hand, so you will use this in all situations.

In this study they talk about how brooding and proud men were by far the most attractive. What they also talk about was how happy men were not really seen as attractive at all. Now, think back to every time you have used a smiley face in a conversation with a girl. Then think: there’s a chance that every smiley face I used, if it wasn’t seen as a smirk, she imagined me in a slightly less attractive way.

Stop using smiley faces so often much

The answer is to not use smiley faces so much. I still use them, but only when they will be seen as a cocky smirk. The same can also be said of using ‘haha’ too much. If you are having trouble ceasing to use this so often (it was hard for me), just read over this study again and look how women simply didn’t see happy pictures as attractive. As guys, we see happy girls as super attractive (as the study confirms), so it’s easy to think that women see it the same way… they don’t.


Every guy reading this should take action and get a huge advantage over other guys

This is knowledge that only 1% of the planet really understands. The guys online who you are competing with, don’t understand this (excluding the guys banging all the chicks). Change your online dating and texting strategy, start taking brooding and proud pictures now. Then, stop using smiley faces and “haha’s” so often. Finally, reek the greatest reward on the planet… pussy.

Then, buy my books to get a better understanding. You can get all 6 of my books now for 60% off ( Just 27.99$) here.

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