the sweetest girl in the world

The Sweetest Girl in the World

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The Sweetest Girl in the World

the sweetest girl in the world

I was in a brand new city in Eastern Ukraine and I still hadn’t bought my SIM card. I had a meeting with a friend in 30 minutes, all I had to do was get to a particular mall. The problem, I had no idea where this mall was. All I knew was that I could somehow get there by using the subway. At the time, I was annoyed I had been too lazy to get a SIM card, but later I would be happy because that evening is when I met the sweetest girl in the world.


Lost in the Subway

I found the subway entrance and figured out how to buy a ticket. It was 3 Hryvnias (about 11 cents). The escalator brought me deeper and deeper below the city and when it arrived at the bottom I immediately realized I was going to have to ask for directions. The first person who walked by was a teenage boy. I thought about asking him because of the time constraint on my situation, but then I thought to myself “Wtf. I’m 20Nation, I don’t waste opportunities like this to talk to beautiful women.”

I walked around for a few minutes before spotting a particularly attractive brunette girl sitting with her friend. As I walked over to the two girls I hoped the attractive one spoke English. Knowing my luck, it would be the unattractive friend.

“Excuse me, do any of you speak English?” I asked.

“Yes I speak a little.” I heard a thick accent. Lady luck was smiling on me today because the girl who spoke was the attractive brunette.

“I’m a little lost. I’m trying to get to this place.” I pointed to an image on my phone.

The attractive brunette stood up to reveal her thin body on a 5’3″ frame. She looked at the image on Google maps I was pointing to.

“You want get on different track.” she responded in a very sweet and feminine voice. I knew it was time to turn on the charm.

I looked her straight in the eye and used my well practiced, charming smile. My heart skipped a beat as she reciprocated the smile, but hers was even more genuine.

She tried to explain how I could arrive at the mall. Then, mid-sentence she said “If you want I can show you.”

“Ok.” I responded.

She said goodbye to her friend and went with me to find the other subway line. Her English wasn’t great, but it was much better than my Russian. She took the subway with me all the way to the mall and during this time we found out more and more about each other.

“What do you do for work?” I asked this sweet girl.

“I work with autistic children.” She responded.

“Wow.” I said, wondering for the first time if this really was the sweetest girl in the world.

“I worked something other before, but I was not happy. I changed job and now I am happy.”

Even the way she looked at me seemed sweet. Her eyes were almost smiling whenever I would say something. She was a bit shy, but not enough that she wasn’t engaging.

After 15 minutes or so, we walked out of the subway together and she pointed to a big building in front of us.

“That’s the mall where you will meet your friend.”

“Thanks for everything.” I said.

I knew it was time to go for the number. I stared into her eyes as I asked if she wanted to meet again.

“Yes. I would.” She said with her sweet smile. She seemed very happy I asked.


The Dates

I tried to set up a date and saw that she wanted this date as much as I did. We set it for the following evening after she finished work.

Winter had obviously arrived as I walked toward our date location. It was cold enough to see my breath and my sweater coat was obviously not enough.

She was already there when I arrived at the meetup location. Her sweet smile spread across her face as soon as she saw me. I knew it was going to be a good date.

I was right and time with her flew by. By the end of the date we were walking together, very close together to help keep warm. We walked through a park and I stared into her eyes. Then, went for the kiss.



Time Away from Each Other

I was only in Ukraine for 10 days, so we were only able to meet 3 times. She wouldn’t do anything sexual, but it matched the sweet, innocent nature of this girl, so it didn’t bother me much. It was difficult to say goodbye, but I already had my tickets. It was time to go to Latin America.

I was gone for about four months. I was in partying and traveling with friends in Dominican Republic and Colombia while she was in Ukraine working with little autistic children. We would message almost every day and she would tell me about her day at work and how cute the kids were. I could expect pictures of her playing with little autistic children about once a week.


The Return to Urkaine

Four months later I returned to that city in Ukraine, mostly because of her. This girl seemed to be everything I said I wanted in a serious girlfriend. She was very attractive, caring, honest (after experiencing and writing my book The Key Logger, I got very good at seeing how honest girls are) and… she was the sweetest girl in the world.

She was there waiting for me when I arrived. She had set everything up for finding an apartment and she was with me every minute to make sure everything went well.

I ended up with an awesome apartment with a near perfect location for a great price. All thanks to her helping me. Everything seemed to be going well, except that I felt something inside of me… boredom.

I ignored this feeling because I knew that it came from spending the last few months sleeping with a new girl every day or two and being with THC, doing a lot of partying. I also knew this girl was special and that I couldn’t just throw it all away.

Weeks went by and Easter arrived. She surprised me with Ukrainian Easter cakes and I explained to her the American tradition of hiding chocolate eggs around the house for kids to find. That night I walked her to the metro and when I returned to my apartment I saw a message from her.

“I hid 3 chocolate eggs somewhere in your room. Good luck finding them).”

Sweetest… girl… ever…


What I had been ignoring comes to the surface

I was with this sweet, attractive girl, but I still craved the excitement and adventure I felt in Colombia. Sexually, seducing a new, attractive 18 year old every few days is pretty much impossible to beat. One day, she did something to make me angry (not a big deal) and I ignored her for the next week.

When I met with her a week later, I saw it in her eyes… everything had changed. I tried a bit to fix things, but with this overly trusting girl, breaking this trust destroyed everything. It was over and the sweetest girl in the world was no longer mine.


What is going on in my head?

To this day I look back and I wonder why I threw away everything I had with this near perfect girl. Is my lifestyle too addicting to let go of? Did I push her away because I knew we could end up in a serious relationship? Or maybe I didn’t think I deserved her?

One thing was clear, how I felt towards her changed after my trip to Latin America. I had tried to fix it, but I couldn’t.

When you date as many women as I do, every once in a while you meet one who is really special. The last girl like her I had met was THE Polish girl about two years earlier. Meeting these special girls is the great part of my lifestyle, but the bad part could be that it is so addicting that even when I meet these amazing girls I can’t give up the lifestyle.

I don’t know the answer and my future plans still involve a lot of travel, sex and adventure (quick trips to the Baltics then Middle East and Asia). My dad was only able to settle down when he got older and his hormones and looks started going down. I can only hope that when that happens, I will be dating one of these really special girls. And now I know I’ll always wonder what would have ended up happening with the sweetest girl in the world.

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