The Secret to Never Let a Girl Affect Your Frame

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The Secret to Never Let a Girl Affect Your Frame

never let a girl affect

You may already know the 120 Body Language Signals that She Likes You, but from there, one of the biggest shit tests (or tests to see if you really are as high value as you seem) is when a girl does something to test your frame. She will throw something at you or say something that is meant to make you angry, shocked, frustrated or sad. These things come in many forms, but there is one thought process that can help you to blow these out of the water.

The Secret

All you have to do is look at her as a 5 year old girl. Through crying eyes your 5 year old sister screams that she you she hates you and never wants to see you again; you had just taken away her favorite toy. She told you she hates you hoping to manipulate you into giving her the toy back. Are you going to give it back to her? Of course not, that will just reinforce the behavior. Are you going to get angry and start yelling back at her how you hate her? She’s an immature 5 year old girl, that’s ridiculous. What you want to do is show her that what she said didn’t affect you at all. If you were in a good mood, continue your reaction in that good mood. This is the exact thing that childcare experts advise and it is the only way you should react. Not only will this 5 year old girl stop using this behavior to try to manipulate, once she calms down she will actually like you more because of the stability you give her.

Women do the same thing when they are older only it is not as obvious. They will still try to manipulate you to get what they want and you must treat them like the 5 year old girl that they are acting like. And the only way to do that is to not let it affect you.

“What were you doing posting on her wall? I know you are dating other girls. We are not going to the movies tonight, I can’t be around you.” She tells you.

There are three ways you can react. You can give in and tell her you will stop posting on other girls walls. You can get angry because you had been looking forward to seeing a certain movie or just to seeing her. Or, you can see her for the 5 year old she is acting like and be completely unaffected.

“You know how I feel about you. You think it over and I will find something else to do tonight.”

It’s most effective to do this over the phone where she can see from your voice that what she said meant absolutely nothing to you. Keep your big brother frame. Even throwing in some teases about how cute it is when she gets jealous is not a bad idea. Treat her tantrum for what it is and you will pass this test with flying colors. Remember that the less you let it effect you, the more power you show.

You should use the same thing in smaller situations. For example:

You message a girl on Facebook and you see that she saw your message and ignored it. You still have three options: You can give into her ignoring you and continue messaging her until she does respond. You can let her hurt your pride and get angry and say how you don’t put up with girls that do that. Or, You can see her for the 5 year old girl that she is at heart and see that her attentions and emotions are over the place. Just because in that moment she is currently more interested in a shiny toy or something her best friend told her, doesn’t mean that an hour or a day later you won’t go right back up to the top of her attentions. So you ignore the fact she ignored you, and see her actions for what they are, the actions of a 5 year old girl.

By choosing the third option you saved a prospect that otherwise would have been lost, whether from your neediness (continuing to message) or from possibly hurting her pride by getting angry. Instead you didn’t let her affect you and a week later she may lying underneath you.

Every time you feel a girl has made you feel needy, sad, or angry, imagine her cute little face without her two front teeth and reacting only from pure emotion and momentary desire as all children (and women) do.


You should never let a girl affect you in any way while trying to game her. If you would like to read some real examples of why girls are more like children check this out: The Key Logger: A Forbidden Glimpse into the True Nature of Women


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